Friday, October 23, 2015

Floral Flashbacks

High Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Autumn 2015

In Toronto's High Park, autumn flowers and fall foliage
still exist in happy harmony, but very soon, most
leaves and all petals will take their final bow, and the
landscape that is their stage, will have its final curtain call.

Special Delivery

And so, I took a trip down memory lane, and along the
way, gathered a bunch of bouquets to remind me of all
 those times when these dainty, floral darlings delighted
 me with their vast and various cast of characters!

A Mother's Day Bouquet

This bright Mother's Day bouquet I chose for
my mom last year beautifully complements the
crockery behind it, don't you think?

Forever Fall

A close up of one of my favourite decorative
 plates, which has repeatedly presented me with
delicious servings of whimsy when I crave it,
which in my case, as you know, is constant!

Pretty petals in paintings are precious, and even
though I cannot breathe in their fragrance, they
 are always a breath of fresh air for the soul.

A Rooftop Refreshment

Fresh fruit and flowers from my  summer garden
on the island whet my appetite for al fresco fun.
Scents for the Senses

The sweet scent of narcissus in this early spring
also transports me to the hilly meadows of Crete,
where these wild flowers cheerfully dot the
 countryside for weeks with their happy faces.

A bunch of silk blooms warms up stone and stucco
walls, as its reflection softly glows in the mirror.

Open shelving in the breakfast room back home
makes space for seasonal, fresh flowers, in
  addition to the permanent pretties on plates.
A Mother's Day Bouquet
Ultimately, having access to flowers, whatever the season, calms me, so, when I came across this flower delivery website, I was pleased
 to discover that local florists can provide stunning bouquets,
 (and bundles of inspiration), to you and yours, all year round.

Thanks for accompanying me on my
floral flashback, in the middle of fall!


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  1. That Spot of Tea photo is absolutely gorgeous. Deb

  2. Poppy, this post is food for the soul. I'd love you to come and share with us at Five Star Frou-Frou again? Love, Mimi xxx

  3. I love that our photos can preserve our garden flowers and bouquets for the cold winter months ahead. The second photo of the fall bouquet is stunning. Have a great evening.

  4. A look back to your lovely bouquets does make us dread autumn's final curtain call, dear Poppy. I'll want to visit this post again about January when I think Spring will never come again. Thank you so much for arranging it so that we can click on the photos and go back to the posts these lovelies are from. Meanwhile, may you enjoy autumn al fresco treats and when winter sends us all indoors, there are floral substitutes such as the whimsical marvelous assortment of plates on the wall to satisfy our craving for Mother Nature's beauties.

    Bloom Nation....I'll have to save that!

    Lovely, lovely post, sweet friend!


  5. That was lovely! Beautiful flowers lift my heart especially when I see them at this time of year when there are few flowers left in the garden.

  6. Poppy - Beautiful photos. Especially love that painting of the yellow roses. Yellow roses are my very favorite and that is a gorgeous painting.

    thanks for sharing.


  7. The stone and stucco wall, and the reflection of the flowers, is intriguing and so beautiful!

    Autumn is indeed waning, and these lovely photos reminds us that spring will follow and share its own beauty in due time.

  8. Beautiful... I love the green cupboard. xoxo Su

  9. Beautiful photos Poppy! I love your creative photography. Have a great weekend. Lynn

  10. Poppy,tak kolorowo u Ciebie, kwiaty, owoce, kolorowe serwisy, meble, lustra i obrazy. Wszystko niezwykle energetyczne i wesołe, mam nadzieję,że to oznaka szczęścia. Życzę pieknego weekendu:) Beata:)

  11. Lovely pictures and lovely flowers! Your post gives me so much inspiration Poppy...
    Have a great weekend, take care!

  12. There is something about flowers isn't there to brighten a gloomy day and cheer the soul. I see Australian bottlebrush in your "special delivery" bouquet. Enjoy! and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  13. I never tire of beautiful flowers whether they are growing outside or painted or on fabric. :)

    Your blog banner sure is pretty too.

  14. Hello Poppy, what a gorgeous flashback. Flowers do make us happy. A lovely post and images. Happy Friday, enjoy your weekend!

  15. i was mesmerized by your aunt's house...
    the rainbow walls... the stone... the simplicity and beauty of old things...
    arranged lovingly by you.
    it spoke to me.
    i followed the links back to the posts... each a story in beauty!
    and this new little post is a gift.
    it has uplifted my heart. thank you poppy.

  16. Love, love this....I have an insatiable floral appetite. Thank you for the feast my fine friend!

  17. Poppy,
    I find flowers gently grace our lives and rewards our soul. I love your saying "delicious servings of whimsy". I want to live the rest of my days with "delicious servings of whimsy"! Loved the Narcissus and I'm crazy in love with your Aunts stone walls in her quaint home. I read both posts linked to it, stones and stucco - such beauty. Our row-house is stone in front and the back of the house is bottom half stone and top brick. There is something heart felt for me with stone and all the nuances in the stubtle tones and shades.
    I enjoyed this pretty post Poppy have a fun Fall weekend.

  18. Poppy the flowers are all so beautiful. And they don't necessarily need to be real. Sometimes just looking at a painting is enough to evoke the scent of the actual flower. I noticed the narcissus that I too have in my farm every early spring. I bring home bunches and bunches of it and the house is transformed into a flower shop. Thanks for sharing these stunning photos with us and for giving us your precious prose.

  19. Poppy, Seeing all your beautiful flowers makes me wish we were just going into summer and not headed to winter. :) I miss the smell of all my summer flowers. I did bring in a bouquet marigolds, because they were so pretty...but as you know they do not smell good at all. I liked all the dishes...I have always love pretty china. Blessings to you and yours, xoxo,Susie

  20. Color, color, color, I love color and where better to witness it than in a bloom!

  21. Oh how I loved your "last curtain call" description of fall.. indeed winter is coming, but I look forward to it too, am I silly or what? I love all seasons, but fall just may be my favorite! Your amazing pictures of beautiful fall colors in Toronto, and blooms of flowers - always a beautiful thing to see! Enjoy the last bit of fall dear Poppy! :)

  22. As my summer flowers are quickly fading, it was great to be able to enjoy yours in all their splendor!

  23. Dearest Poppy,
    Flowers in a vase, a painting or garden always brighten my days and lift my soul.
    We transitioned from unbearable to heat to a deluge of pouring rain, so these tender and uplifting flowers are just the ticket for this Texas gal.
    Have a lovely weekend dearest!

  24. Dearest Poppy, everything is absolutely gorgeous! I really love your blog and your heartwarming posts!

  25. This is such a beautiful post you have written. The fall bouquet is my absolute favorite. And, I love your china collection. I too have a "dish addiction" so I love seeing your special plates and teapots. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Pat xx

  26. All lovely images, Poppy. I enjoyed seeing your display of teapots, teacups, and plates too. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

    Autumn blessings,

  27. Hello dear Poppy, hope you are enjoying the colours of fall in Toronto and the coolish weather which accompanies it. Flowers surely brightens up a dull day. Your collection of bouquets are simply uplifting, reminds us of warm sunny days.
    Hope you have a good week my dear.

  28. Hello Poppy,
    I really enjoyed looking at all of those pretty floral arrangements. Yes flowers can really brighten up a house. I hope you are enjoying autumn.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  29. Hi Poppy,
    So enjoyed all your floral pictures, as I am a flower girl myself. Can never have too many flowers!!
    right?? Thanks for dropping by to visit and for your lovely comments over at my blog this past
    week. Thanks for sharing all that beauty with us.
    Blessings and have a great week ahead hon,

  30. Dear Poppy, Flowers are such a delight to the soul. I can't imagine a world without them. Your floral flashbacks are beautiful. And that green cupboard in your home always makes me smile. It's just perfect!

  31. Poppy these floral bouquets are all lovely and I do remember many of them from your blogposts. I really like the last bouquet and am trying to figure out what type of flower/leaves they are. I hope you are having a lovely fall.

  32. Gah!! Oh how I wish you were just a hop and a skip away!! Loved all of your photos!!! Happy days to you my friend!

  33. Hello Poppy, High Park looks to be in her prime. The flowers and imagery is so vibrant and alive I can almost smell the roses

    Helen xx

  34. Good morning Poppy.
    What a nice way to start my day!Your garden flowers and bouquets are so lovely! I like your display of tea sets too! The image reminds me of my favorite books painted by Sandy Lynam Clough.
    Have a happy day.

  35. Hi Poppy, I am late, so late, but I am arrived finally, at last ;) The bunch of silk blooms against the stone and stucco walls, with their beautiful reflection in the mirror was my absolute favorite of all of these memorable beauties that brings you joy, and sweetness and gentle reminders of so many things that have been special for you and also many to us, whom have enjoyed your shares as well. Love to you Poppy with lots of Kentucky hugs~

  36. I love flowers, too and right now am enjoying a lovely bouquet of autumn flowers from the market on my kitchen table. I love the display of plates on the wall in your Mother's Day bouquet post. Have missed you, Poppy...thinking of you and hope you're doing OK. {{hugs}}

  37. Beautiful flowers lift my heart. This is so beautiful! I love the photos! Your post gives me so much inspiration. Thanks!

  38. Oh, my I love the tea cabinet! Beautiful! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  39. Beautiful pictures, Poppy! I'm really enjoying Autumn, but there's nothing wrong with a lovely look back :)


  40. Such pretty pictures! I love the fall bouquet you made! Thank you for sharing the loveliness on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Poppy :)

  41. So beautiful colors!!!! I decorated my home with colors this fall and I am so glad!! Hugs :)

  42. Beautiful flowers. I really think they are a necessity in our lives, don't you? :) My favorite is the Mother's Day bouquet with the beautiful plates behind it. Just lovely.

  43. I'm glad you shared these dream images Poppy. Thanks for sharing them at Five Star Frou-Frou. Will you join me again this week? Mimi xxx

  44. Hi Poppy, I have been following your Blog for a while and decided it was time to tell you how much I enjoy your colourful photos of flowers, pottery and most of all the countryside of Crete,
    Many thanks, Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!

      Wow! Thank you so much for your very sweet comment. It's a gloomy Saturday morning here in Toronto, but you've just brightened up my day!:)) I do miss my home, the island, my friends, and the magical countryside that is Crete, but am enjoying my time with my daughter and extended family, here in my hometown.

      Thanks again and hope to see you soon!

      Have a lovely weekend,


  45. What an enjoyable post. I loved all the images since I adore flowers! It's been a good year and now as we prepare for everything to rest it's nice to look back. Those hydrangeas are gorgeous!

  46. This wonderful eye candy cheered me up, Poppy. It is very gray and windy here today and I was craving a bit of color. Happy Wednesday.

  47. What lovely bouquets! I really like the Rita's Roses painting.

  48. I'd been saving your post until after our harvest was done and guests had come and gone, and today in the quiet morning hours, I savored every word and picture! Beautiful photos and lovely words - reading your posts is always a treat!! Hugs, Jackie

  49. Such lovely photos of lovely subjects.
    Always a pleasure to visit you, Poppy.

  50. Beautiful pictures! Love them all!

  51. The floral flashbacks are beautiful. xoox Su

  52. Most of the time, photos of florals just do not do them justice, but.....yours are always stunning, Poppy!

  53. Now that most of the leaves are off the trees, it was a special treat to enjoy your bouquet of floral photos!

  54. Flowers of any sort are for the heart are they not?
    It's so pretty over here, I am not sure why I live lifelessly colour less ? So need to post some flowers come spring....I have to say the stone walls of the Contessa home, oh, oh! oh....has me I'm Awww! So could live in this space.

    Thank you for a sharing.... I hope to see your holiday postings soon.



  55. Hello Poppy, I can't really say that I am a "floral person", but these are wonderful pictures, so colourful,.
    Just love that "Dramatic" last picture.


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