Saturday, February 11, 2017

Credenza Extravaganza

Hello, all!
Well, after a month of cleaning and clearing, I was getting dangerously rather cranky and then, well, I completely conked out! I must say, multi-tasking is one of my fortes - isn't it every woman's (?) - you know what I mean: simultaneously delegating the dirty stuff to the washing machine and dishwasher, dinner doing its thing, simmering on the stove, thus, leaving me hands free to mop the freshly vacuumed floors, while I get the latest deets on all the drama in Canada during a conference call with my mom and sister!


Yet multi-tasking isn't all it's cracked up to be. In fact, I recently read that in the workplace, it actually leads to more mistakes! Since I was desperately craving some creativity, I devoted all my concentration on decorating the credenza  and found it was the perfect pick-me-up perk!  Excited about restyling it with a few new cuties from Canada, like the cool, cow creamer, above, I made sure not to even think about focusing on anything else (like back breaking bath tub scrubbing, for example!) until my project was completed.

For the most part, I worked with what I had, like the 
sweet, butterfly candy dish that sat in the sun room 
for a long time, and the dainty, floral teapot,

which used to be displayed in the 
glass cabinet in the kitchen, above.

The same goes for the white, scalloped edge, French 
dishes, setting a foundation on the bottom shelf. 


They were stacked on the kitchen's open shelving for years.

This latest arrangement, to me, is fresh, light and cheery. It screams sings 'spring' to me. Those of you who have been following Poppy View for a while know that the credenza usually changes with the seasons. 

Case in point #1: Christmas!


Case in point #2: bursting with summer blooms.

So, until spring actually does arrive, at which point I will joyfully pick narcissus, geraniums and freesia from our garden, to fill empty creamers with splashes of floral fragrance, the breakfast nook credenza will be on stand by, unlike me, who's already got a lot on her plate!

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  1. Whatever season, your credenza -- I don't think I really knew that word before -- looks beautiful and so appealing. Do you keep it nice with a feather-duster? I know that any open shelves I have suffer neglect and very quickly become less fresh and bright.

    That green color seems to be the perfect background for all of your lovely treasures. I will look forward to seeing the upcoming flowers, but in the meantime, thank you for this spring-y post!

  2. I've always loved seeing your credenza and how you have it arranged. You have a nice collection of beautiful dishes!

  3. Oh how pretty! I just discovered your blog and I look forward to coming back and visiting. :) Kit in Montana

  4. Dear Poppy... I love all the things you did for your credenza no matter which season it was decorated... but yes, this last one had been fresh and airy! I love it!

    Have a nice Sunday ahead!

  5. Your credenza is so pretty looking and like the lace you added to the one shelf. I love how you decorated it and with the pretty colors dishes...It makes me long for spring.

  6. Love your credenza Poppy. Looks so pretty for all the seasons.
    Happy Weekend.

  7. Oh Poppy I don't think I knew how much I missed that credenza of yours until it wasn't a part of your posts. How wonderful to have it back. I have to tell you that during our on again/off again house purchase it was the credenza that gave me hope. . .the promise that one day I too would have a Greek credenza like yours. The laugh is that I did end up with a Greek house, but no credenza!!! I'll just have to keep admiring yours!!

  8. Love it! I guess it is called different things in different countries! "Credenza" is a different thing here in the US! I call mine a "Welsh Dresser"! A "credenza" is a completely different piece of furniture......Here is what we all know!! WE LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Hi Penelope,

      You say 'toMAYto', I say 'toMAHto'!:)) Indeed, this piece of furniture is called different things in different countries, and because mine was built by my husband and our carpenter to look as much as the picture I had been holding onto for years, until we were able to get the project going, I wanted to remain true to the original, which is an Italian design by a company called Minacciolo. Here is a link to that photo/description of my Welsh dresser that was duly baptized 'Credenza', in honour of its origin.

      Happy Tuesday! Hope it's sunny in your beautiful California!


  9. Your credenza looks fresh and green, ready for Spring!


  10. Poppy I full get you. I cam back a week ago and am still in the process of putting away my Christmas stuff. Your home is bright and airy and looks all ready to greet Spring!

  11. What fun to change up a beautiful spot in your breakfast nook! It looks wonderful all the ways you have styled it. I love your different collections of dishes. I don't have a credenza, but I do have a floor to ceiling plate shelf in my dining room. I haven't changed it in years. You have inspired me!

  12. Having that credenza must make you one happy lady. I know it makes you lucky!

    (Love the scallop detail on the open shelving).

  13. Always with happiness I visiting your lovely blog!
    Have a beautiful day...

  14. That looks wonderful- so cheerful and cute! I love projects like that and always feel so good afterwards!

  15. oh my. the sunlight streaming in on that table! so beautiful.
    and I love the COLOR of it all. it's so happy.
    and I also love how you put little paintings and pictures in with china.
    it's a wonderful textural change and makes it rich indeed.
    I used to always multitask when cleaning and rearranging at home too.
    once bob came home at lunch and asked if we were moving! LOL!
    I always had everything back in order by the time he got home. :) XOXO♥

  16. This may be my favorite credenza look yet :-) Looking forward to the addition of spring flowers.

  17. So pretty! I have always loved the color and the sweet trim lining the shelves. It definitely adds that something special. I hope the cleaning is done and now you can sit back and enjoy the pretty! :)

  18. It looks very fresh and light, Poppy! Love all your pretty tableware. I wish I could multi-task as well as it sounds you do - I tend to do the opposite and hyper focus on things. I'm with you on the anticipation of Spring, it can't come quick enough. xo

  19. I love your soft green hutch and all the floral dishes whisper to me "spring is coming!"

  20. The colour of your hutch/credenza has always made me smile. It's so pretty! And how fresh it looks now with all the blossoms and white dishes on it. Perfect for welcoming spring. My own hutch continues with the red and white theme since Christmas, but Valentine's Day is this week and then it will change, too.

  21. I can imagine all the difficult work of cleaning that was there for you to do, but to enjoy cleaning and decorating the credenza, a joy indeed! It turned out so lovely, and I love your new little cow creamer, it is dandy-fine! I hope that you are feeling more settled in now, it is so much work to clean up a place that hasn't been lived in for a while. Hugs to you today dear friend, have a lovely Sunday!

  22. You styled it perfectly - so cheerful and light and bright and pretty!

    Well done, Poppy!

    Have a good week and a happy St. Valentine's Day! Hugs! ♥

  23. Always love looking at your warm and welcoming home .... that credenza is a treasure in every season.

  24. Love your credenza's new look (I'd call it a sideboard if it was in England or a buffet here in France, it's painted such a great shade of green that goes with whatever you display on the shelves, the ideal piece of furniture to have.
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  25. Oh what fun to see your credenza in different seasons. I really like the style of it and you've filled it nicely. Have a great week and Happy Mosaic Monday to you.

  26. I think you did get a very nice balance of things that show it all off well. Of course I still LOVE seeing everything in different seasons...especially Christmas! I get in the mood and work and work...and then I stop! lol Enjoy your week! Hugs, Diane

  27. I can well believe that they now understand that multi-tasking has drawbacks and probably doesn't boost productivity. Although just as you said, we often have to do just that. But taking time to putter on a project such as your delightful one, Poppy, where you unleashed your creativity on this gorgeous piece of furniture is the dessert of our household tasks, isn't it?

    I love those scalloped edge white French plates! And I love each of your seasonal arrangements, in their own turn.

    Sending love to the creator of all these lovely displays,

  28. So pretty! I love all the florals together. I just says 'Spring!'

  29. I am in love with the floral dishes!

  30. Aha! Live and learn! I have been a decorator for 46 years.....and now know that a "credenza" varies from country to country! Live and learn! And I will never stop learning! Thank you Poppy for teaching me!!!

  31. It looks wonderful, Poppy, whatever you call it! It must be satisfying to have one corner of the house looking gorgeous, and inspiration for the rest. Spring is nearly here!

  32. It is a gorgeous piece of furniture and what a great collection of porcelains. I like all your season choices!!! Hugs and kisses :)

  33. You have so many beautiful collections Poppy and no matter the season your style is always lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  34. Always beautifully styled and layered! Love your china collection - so cheerful and charming. xoxo L

  35. Love this hutch! You always style it perfectly! Thank you for sharing. You are one of the fan favorites at The Sunday Showcase from the Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to the Showcase. Have a great week! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  36. Your credenza looks beautiful - isn't that the best kind of therapy. Why does everything else seem like so much work, but rearranging our favorite and treasured pieces is relaxing? <aybe because it looks so good when your done!!

  37. What a beautiful cabinet and it is so wonderfully displayed. The color really shows off your lovely china items. :)

  38. That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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