Monday, April 3, 2017

Shelf Life

Hello, everyone, Happy April!

Can you guess what I've been doing?

Yup, taking more pics of wildflowers, but
this time, I thought I'd bring some home

 to create a cheery, spring vignette.


I needed to sweeten the kitchen,

with something other than the aroma of baked goodies
- my cozy, wintry pastime that packed on a few pounds!

 Voilà! A fresh buffet of eye candy, 
pretty and completely calorie free!

I simply cannot get enough of these daisies. They're my
 custom concoction of Vitamin C, (that's 'c' for Cuties),
but these lovelies are also a by-product of Vitamin D - 
sunny skies, that in turn, encourage aerobic exercise.

The effect on my physique is not yet evident; for that, I'll
 have to wait, unlike the instant results on my kitchen shelf,

 where rows and rows of springtime petals managed to
lighten my spirit and plant a warm smile on my face.

 Now that winter's technically over, 
what melts your heart about spring?

Thanks for visiting!
Have a wonderful week!


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  1. Good Morning, Poppy! I love this happy post. So colorful. I think the daisy is the happiest of flowers. Have a fun filled week.

  2. Wow, how colourful and summery your shelves are today,love the mix of flowers and ceramics, perfect!
    Happy Mosaic Monday.

  3. Wish I could find some that pretty! I love that you love color like I do.

  4. You do the right thing filling your home with lovely flowers.It is a known fact that flowers, through their shape, color and scent , help people feel better, heal faster.Flowers have a positive effect on our well being.

  5. Such a colorful, joyful & happy post! Enjoy your week among the meadoes!

  6. What a lovely and delightful way to greet April, Poppy! Your photos are so beautiful, and I absolutely love your background and header. Green is my favourite colour! :)

  7. That red cake plate is smile inducing!! :)

  8. The flowers made your pretty cabinet and china even more bright and beautiful!

  9. What a bright and cheery post...just what we need today! I love your pretty colors and seeing the flowers growing outside. Enjoy your week sweet friend and thanks for brightening mine today! Hugs, Diane

  10. Hello Poppy,
    Your post is a breath of Spring. I share my love for this season with you. Your wild flowers are simply beautiful. I am in Provence, France and the wistaria is in bloom here.
    Fondest wishes and thanks for this cheery post
    Helen xx

  11. Poppy what a nice way to share your spring vignette with us. The way you went down the shelves. Today was a horrid day, all rain and thunderstorms. Your pretty vignette is just the thing to brighten up my mood.

  12. Hi Poppy, visiting from Mosaic Monday. Love your spring flowers and how you displayed them. Makes me smile to see all the flower sunshine! My granddaughter was born the first day of Spring and that melts my heart! Have a good week!

  13. Shelf Life has never been a more beautiful subject than here at Poppy View! What a bounteous choice of blooms you have at your fingertips there, Poppy--or if not fingertips, at the tip of your wandering toes. Even if you haven't noticed a huge melting away of the results of winter pastries, Health with a capital H must be entering every pore while you tramp about the hillside and valleys gathering these blooms. Loving the looks at your shelves, sweet girl! And your new banner picture--you should make postcards!

    A happy and blessed April to you,

  14. What a colorful, delightful post, perfect for welcoming Spring!

  15. Dewena's right. But let's take it a step further and say your photos should be in magazines.

    It was horrid today in Asheville, but these perfectly gorgeous blooms would lighten the hearts of the most grumpy curmudgeon amongst us.


  16. How sunny and cheery ! Happy flowers !!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Cindy.

      Have a lovely week,


  17. hello poppy, your spring is absolutely breathtaking. I hope you don't have allergies like i do .. all the blooming flowers here have made me sick. I love your daises so beautiful

  18. Oh my goodness, Poppy! Your display is absolutely darling and daisies are my favorite flower :)

    I need to shed a few pounds myself. Good luck to us both!


  19. YOU are spring personified!
    i would dare anyone not to smile through this entire post!
    isn't color a gift? and to have it so wild and free.
    the fresh air and the sunshine just fill this beautiful shelf showing! LOL! XOXOXO♥

  20. Your floral decorating is the cutest! I can imagine how uplifting it is to see all the spring flowers and an abundance of sunshine! In the spring I am always so happy to see my plants emerging from the ground. The tulips are on their way up (though the days have been gray and rainy lately) and that makes me very happy!

  21. The flowers and your shelves are beautiful! Perfect for April!

  22. I love all that color! It is so cheerful and uplifting. Daisies are one of my favorite flowers. :-)

  23. I love, love daisies. And how you arranged them. Here we are having heavy rain but the trade-off...browns are turning green!

  24. Those daisies melt my heart and I have to have some in my garden! Your shelf is so bright and Springy now. Some green is starting to pop up here and I am looking forward to wearing some Spring clothes, since gardening is still a way off.

  25. Oh my gosh I love this post...yellow flowers are my favorite ...wonderful Spring happiness.

  26. Oh we are thinking alike today as I just posted a selection of wildflower photos from our grove. I too, love those bright shining daisies!

  27. never cease to amaze me how you can put together such lovely posts. Your collection of gorgeous wildflowers just makes my heart beat a little faster and the way you displayed them with your other lovelies made me ooh and aah all over the place! I just love the spring and thank you for brightening up my morning! Hugs!

  28. Vitamins can do wonder to kitchen shelves ;)

  29. Hello Poppy! What a cheerful and spring post. Love those daisies.


  30. Poppy , it is just lovely bright and cheery love it.. thank you with love Janice

  31. I love the way you've decorated for spring, Poppy, super pretty.

  32. What happy pics! I love all of those vibrant colors. They make me happy!

  33. Hahaha love it, just love it, you always brings smiles and warmth and the greatest of cheerfulness. The Daises are such sweet adornments tucked in and around your already crisp and pretty kitchen items.
    Thank you for bringing in the smiles!!!
    I always look for the new life that Spring will bring and of course for me that means also the Raptor nests sites. Not everyone likes them, but they have my attention, as they have such a difficult time, as do songbirds for that matter. Hugs and blessings~

  34. What a joyful happy post! I just LOVE your spring vignettes, so beautiful, and all those gorgeous happy smiling faces to greet you as you walk and go outside, oh my! Such joy! Enjoy all the loveliness of spring in all its glory... we are waiting patiently for the first blooms, shouldn't be too much longer now :) Hugs to you today!

  35. Such a pretty, happy post! You've brought spring inside beautifully, Poppy. Thank you for sharing it with us :) I just love this time of the year when Mother Nature puts on a show.


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