Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Springtime Travels to the First Day of Summer

Happy 1st Day of Summer,
my friends!

Honestly, it doesn't really feel like summer, yet, on the island, as it's been very windy and cooler than usual for this time of year, but I don't mind at all since, the older I get, the less tolerance I have for heat, (both the meteorological and the menopausal types!)


Blue skies, cool breezes and late spring temps, suit me just fine, especially when I'm out on my daily walks, and sometimes

I need to exert myself, pushing my body weight up those steep country roads to capture the pretties perched on those pointy peaks!

Many times, I am greeted by lovely folks who, having just witnessed my feverish climb to the floral finish line, suddenly sprint up from their seats to offer me a cool refreshment and something sweet - a hospitable gesture for taking such a keen interest in their village, and one greatly appreciated by the recipient of their generous reward!


Other times, I prefer scouting my surroundings during
siesta, since it's quiet and I'm basically the only one around,
the area absent of concerned grandmas gazing at me,

(as I risk my life trying to snap grapes from a rooftop), 
and thus, having distracted them from their crochet!

That's about the time I make my way downhill, to safer surfaces, much like the serene scene in the video above, where amid a meadow of Queen Anne's Lace, I lounged and lingered in loveliness, as I joined the dainty dwellers in their midday danceto the rhythm of the breezy, late spring beat.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, which are very

much appreciated. Hope you enjoyed my springtime
adventures on this first day of summer! What does the 
season look like and feel like in your neck of the woods?

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Hello Poppy
    What a wonderful post, the colours are just amazing to see.
    Lovely to walk with you as you enjoyed the colourful blooms and scenery, I especially enjoyed your video and to hear the birds singing was lovely to.

    Continuing to keep your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers.

    All the best Jan

  2. Hello Poppy! I hope you are having a great week so far! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I feel as though I took this walk with you! Amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I will continue prayers for you and your family. Hugs.

  3. Did I miss a post about your family being sick? I will add them to my prayer list.

    Your photo's of the flowers are unbelievable, simply stunning. WOW, how I would love to walk with you on your little trips. Everything is so beautiful.

    Will send an email post soon, lots to tell you.

    Hugs dear friend - hope all is well.


  4. Flowers are breathtakingly beautiful!

  5. Your photos, and prose as only my Poppy can write, belongs in a travel magazine. For sure, Crete would be inundated with curious tourists eager to see all the wonders that exist on your gorgeous island. And of course, you can be right there waiting to greet them with some delectable treats, homemade by you naturally ;).


  6. Your photos are like paintings, and your prose sounds like poetry to me. Crete as I know it from my brief visit last year, deserves someone talented like you to describe its beauty.

  7. Przepiękne lato i kwiaty u Ciebie, uroczych wakacji:)

  8. the colors poppyK! oh those colors. to live in a symphony of such color!
    and then to stand with birdsong in the white wild garden to cool a bit.
    it's all another gift here from you. i almost feel that i'm actually there. thank you for that!
    and i think if i ever had those views in my life i could almost stand anything. they must feed your soul.
    be well darling girl. pray be well! you and our dewena both!
    i cannot imagine any grandma thinking of you as a threat!
    well... worried you're stealing her precious grapes maybe?
    or about you actually falling TRYING to steal them!
    love you! XO♥

  9. Amazingly beautiful places on your island - thanks so much for sharing your photos - that first one is exceptional Poppy, are those gold 'kisses' on the shutters? I would definitely enjoy being one of those grandmas at the top of the hill with views such as that!
    Your Cretan island certainly makes me want to travel again - Sicily was so beautiful too - if only it didn't mean such a long, tiring journey, to get there. . . . . beginning to find crossing the pond tougher these days!

    Hot here, but we spent last weekend in the NC mountains (see my post) where it was somewhat cooler and soooooooo green and lush - truly a perfect time to head westward into the cooler countryside.

    Hope things are going better for your friends.
    Mary x

  10. Oh my, such breathtaking gorgeousness! I have never seen geraniums grow like that one in the first photo...just stunning! Such beauty surrounds you! Here, we are getting rain nearly every will be much needed by the time August gets here so I'm not complaining! Thank you for sharing your beautiful world with us! HUGS!

  11. Oh Poppy those comments about the grandma's had me on the floor. They really are concerned for our welfare aren't they? Beautiful photos as always and that ever present blue always puts a smile on my face.

  12. You live in such a beautiful area, Poppy. The architecture and the colors on your island are prettier than here. I hear you on the heat. I don't deal well with temperatures over 30°C and already look forward to fall.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Julia

  13. A meadow of Queen Anne's Lace! What a lovely place that would be for exchanging wedding vows. Your video reminds me of a Merchant-Ivory film, my favorite movies of all time. I expect to see Helen Bonham Carter strolling through in a white batiste dress, touching the blooms with her fingertips, looking lost in a dream world.

    That alone enchanted me but your photographs of colorful doors and windows went in my Pinterest board. Now I must figure out somewhere to put your church bells because I so associate your Greek Orthodox churches with you, Poppy. Your faith is so much a part of your character.

    I often hear about people here in the states getting upset with passersby photographing their house, but in Crete they smile at you and offer you refreshments!

    A colorful summer to you, dear Poppy,

  14. Oh what a lovely tour you gave us today as we welcomed in summer. . .and I do think it has arrived in The Mani. No doubt the temperature has risen several degrees, the sea is its deepest blue and the sunshine glorious! Enjoy! Hugs, Jackie oxo

  15. That picture with the two huge bells is so well framed.

  16. I love all the vibrant colors in your pics , fabulous! What nice places and areas to roam around Poppy, you´re so lucky! Have a great time and enjoy summer in the week ahead.

    xo, Mercy

  17. I'm in love with all the colorful architecture!

  18. I always enjoy the photos you take but now I have a new vision as to how you are going about it! I adore all the bright colors oh the different structures and of course the beautiful flowering plants. We are currently experiencing a very wet spell and our temps lowered for the time being. I like you do not deal well with the hot temps anymore so cooler is better!

  19. Your daily walks sound lovely! I too struggle with the meteorological and menopausal heat and prefer cooler the 70's would be nice. We have had that here lately but with crazy minute bright sunshine, the next thunder clouds and rain. It is better than humidity!

  20. When I think of colors, Poppy, you come to mind! You always share the most delightful and gorgeous array of colors! I would love to walk with you, right up the mountainside to see the lovelies that you found! How sweet that the dear ladies take you in for a cool drink, but like you, I think I might be about in the siesta too, privacy is nice as well. Enjoy your morning and siesta walks, continue to show us the lovely and amazing flowers you get to see, feel, and smell! Hugs!

  21. Such a wonderful post with fabulous photographs of your island, now I'm feeling homesick for my holiday villa in Panormos! We're planning on a return trip next year possibly in the Chania area, aahhh!

  22. Hi Poppy I LOVED seeing your gorgeous springtime flowers, and especially the little video which took me right there. What a beautiful place to walk in the sun and enjoy the peace and the sound of the birds signing. How sweet of the villages to invite you in for a sit-awhile in their beautiful garden. Take care dear Poppy. Hugs from me in Australia.

  23. Hello Poppy! It is a pleasure to have a visit and to admire the amazing various aspects captured through your camera lens! In here, it is summer in "full bloom" :), too warm, so very warm... So, it is great to look at your beautiful, superb red flowers and to imagine that I can see the blue skies or that I can feel the cool breezes... while sitting at that table near the fragrant roses like in in the picture above...
    Best regards to you, a lovely summer and lots of joy for soul and mind! hugs, Alexa

  24. Poppy - your photos and writing transported me - so wonderful. Thank you for the journey to such a beautiful and peaceful place.

  25. Hi Poppy. I love this sweet walk with you and the little video oh so charming and very much like what I can see. The tree that you first focus on as you move across the grove, could make the most amazing watercolour. I hope that those that you love and care about are improving with their health issues. Life is so fleeting and can become fragile so quickly. Love, hugs and blessings my dear one~

  26. I'm late as we're now well into summer, but I enjoyed your spring walk and all those gorgeous flowers.


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