Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Pisces in Me


As a Pisces, I naturally long to live near water.

After all, it is the element that governs my zodiac sign.

Whether it's the sea, a lake, river, pond or stream, 
I am always struck with a feeling of familiarity

 when I am frolicking in a wavy wonderland, 

curiously exploring its rocky coast,

or floating in the depths of its cool fluidity.

Upon descending into a mirror of aquamarines,


 I am, at times, still amazed to find that
the sea, my favourite to a large degree, is
 in fact, a colourless, crystal clear oasis. 


Ideally, I would love to live in a pretty village by its shores,


but since I reside in the countryside,
I made space for a little liquid luxury,

 and that way, I don't feel like a fish out of water,


but instead, just another fish in the sea.
And that, my friends, is the Pisces in me.

What about you?  Is your astrological element
an inherent part of your personality?

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  1. Hi Poppy, we have some very similar scenes of Crete in our posts this week. As a Cancerian crab I too have a love of the sea but as I'm not a very good swimmer I tend to stay close to shore and jut dip in and out!
    Thank you for sharing your island with us this week at Mosaic Monday.

  2. What an awesome post full of vibrancy and creativity of your writing talents.
    I am a Sagittarius, born the last day of it's sign. From what I gleaned just now upon looking, we enjoy expressing ourselves and we are determined to live life to the fullest. "A Sagittarius personality is vibrant, inquisitive, and exciting. The woman born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign is an honest woman, who always speaks her mind and values freedom and independence." So there you have it, what do you think, do I meet the qualifications ;) Hugs to you my friend. Enjoy the water and float to your hearts content. As for me, I love being near the water, but I cannot swim~

  3. I love your Pisces post! Gorgeous images. I'm a Gemini with a Pisces rising. With two dual signs I sometimes find myself going in 4 directions instead of sticking with one! Ha! I feel the call of the water (love my water garden) and love watching the birds (calling to my air sign). Fun! Happy Happy!!!!

  4. Astrology or not, I love to visit water bodies, but not live near one.It has to do with some childhood trauma caused by a nasty, overflowing river.

    The blue and blue-vert colours in your pictures are magnificient!

  5. You, to a T, Poppy! The whole list is you!

    I know I'm a Taurus but don't know anything about it, wonder if mine would be me?

    Little Nora would love the mermaid picture and did I ever tell you that sea horses were Christy's obsession, from the time she was a small child?

    I wish you could live by the sea, dear Poppy, in your natural habitat and daily go down to swim and float with ease. What a healthy way that would be to live!

    I think your sea is the only one I've ever seen where I wouldn't be afraid to touch the bottom with my feet. It looks too clear to worry about something biting my toes or stinging me. Is it really as safe as it looks in your lovely photos? I can't picture there being jelly fish there.

    Sleep well tonight after your excursion to the sea,

  6. Yes, I can see that you are a Pisces. I lvoe water also, but I am a Leo - can you here me roar? LOL

    Beautiful post and the pictures are amazing, wish I was there right now.

    Hugs dear Poppy.


  7. I am not a Pisces but a Scorpio. Ever since I was a little girl (and I am 60 now), I have always loved the water! Oceans, rivers, streams, fountains, waterfalls. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, Poppy!

  8. It's hard to believe those photos are not paintings. The colors are so vibrant, and the sea looks like a blue mirror. What a dream it would be to live there!

    Sarissa is a Pisces too, and I'm not sure about the easy going part for her lol, but that list definitely describes you, :)

  9. Hello Poppy, your post today was wonderful! My sign is Cancer and I love the water, too! I prefer a big indoor pool at the YMCA or University Athletic pool where I can swim laps! But your pictures and just beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  10. Ha a Pisces! I'm an Aries and yes I live up to a lot of the traits! The landscape and water is all so beautiful and soothing looking. I'm a big chicken of deep water so the more shallow area looks very inviting!

  11. Oh my...what stunning shots! I am a Virgo and I do love the sea... and since I don't really have a clue, I will assume that we Virgos also like the water! Beautiful post!

  12. Poppy I too thought I was a water sign because I feel like a fish out of water when I'm far from the sea but it turns out I'm an air sign. Hummmm... Lovely photos especially that super clear water!

  13. Beautiful photos, Poppy! Oh yes, I've often been called a firecracker, true to my Leo fire element. But, like you, I also am at peace and drawn to water. Perhaps it's because of my childhood summers spent at the lake. When life is out of balance, being near water always soothes the soul and I long to live near water one day.

  14. What a fun post! I am not a Pisces but I too love to be near the water. I grew up going to the 1,000 Islands on the St. Lawrence River so that hooked me for life. I live in a village but have a rushing creek behind my house! My sign is Aquarius but I am not sure if I am all the qualities of it. My birthstone is garnet and red is my favorite color, so there is something!

  15. poppyK!
    I always knew you were a mermaid. first the voice.
    and now... we hear the real story! aha!
    I agree with doreen. these pictures look more like paintings!
    it's hard to believe that anyone can live somewhere that beautiful.
    they make me feel so relaxed and cool and happy just looking at them.
    well little mermaid... your pool can be your ocean for now. crystal blue waters right there at your pisces fingertips!
    love and huge snoopy hug.

  16. So very beautiful! Glad you get to enjoy it and that it suits you so well!

  17. What a beautiful world you live in, Poppy. So gorgeous and good for you, for making some time to enjoy it. I too am a Pisces and feel the water's draw. I tell my husband all the time, you cannot take me away from the ocean...born and bred here and can't imagine a day without seeing it. Enjoy your summer friend.

  18. Liquid luxury! Love that, Poppy! At least you can explain your attraction to water with your Pisces sign. I've got that same tug to live near water, but I'm a Virgo, so go figure!

  19. Oh I also love the sea, but I´m a Virgo! Well the Virgo is complicated, analytical and boring I read :) Ok, can be me sometimes!!
    Have a happy weekend, take care...
    Love, Titti

  20. Oh Poppy you've come to life again since returning to Crete - I see it in your photos and feel it in your writing. It is so good to have you back!! Love, J.

  21. Hello Poppy,

    I love all your images and, like you, I love and feel a need to live by the ocean and every day is different. I hope you have a fabulous week

    Helen xx

  22. My sign is cancer and I love being on the water too. I enjoyed living in a pretty village by the shore and I miss it a lot. I don't like to swim but walking on the beach is so relaxing and the air has a great salty smell. We spent most of our vacations on a coast and those were the best.
    Have a great week, Poppy! :)

  23. This cancer loves your pictures and wishes she could be there too.

    1. Hi Audrey,

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and if you do ever get a chance to visit Crete, I'm sure you will find it quiet dreamy.

      Tried to email you, but couldn't find an email address, so hope you see this little note to say thanks for stopping by.


  24. Such beauty, Poppy. I am a Scorpio, but am not familiar with what it means..Happy Tuesday..Judy

    1. P.S. I went back and looked at your chart and saw Scorpio is also under the sign of water. I do love a sparkling lake and the sound of the ocean on a stormy night but I do not enjoy fog and lived by the ocean most of my life so now am happy in the mountains and I could sit by a lake, but I don't swim either! Am just a contradiction of facts..Judy

  25. That was a beautiful post. And I never thought of it before, but I'm an Aquarius and air is definitely part of my way of life. I live with open windows all the time, I'm unconfortable as soon as I'm in a small enclosed space... But I also love being by the seaside, which is not due to my sign, but to my childhood!

  26. Such a lovely post, your photographs are so nice.
    I love to be near water there is something so restful about it.

    All the best Jan

  27. Beautiful, simply beautiful. I don't know if I've needed to be by an ocean but i love being by water.. Since their's no oceans by me I do love being by the lakes. There's such tranquility to being by water...soothing too. Your are so lucky to live in Greece. When I was growing up my best friend was greek..her parents owned a restaurant and could they cook.. I feel in love with Greek food which is one of my favorites.

  28. Great post. Makes me want to respond with the Aires in me. I love your water scenes and drawings.

  29. Hello Poppy,
    So much beauty and luxury of colors in your photo instants... luxury of blue, aquamarine crystal waters along rocky coasts!! Gorgeous sceneries, shores and amazing places to live or to have a vacation. Regarding your question, I believe that even I'm a taurus, I love so much to swimm and to be near waters, as well. That's probably because the element is wood. And the wood can float ;) :) so easily... True, I think I'm a pretty good swimmer...(*-*)
    Lovely post, pictures and thoughts, Poppy! Best regards and a gorgeous summer time to you! Alexa

  30. I've just been reading how the beach and the ocean help us with mood, relaxation, focus, creativity etc. I think it is so true. I love to walk by the ocean whatever the weather. Enjoy dear Poppy! Hugs

  31. I love that line "liquid luxury".

    I am blessed to see the ocean daily.

  32. OMG!!! All your photos look like paintings! Oh these colors!!! Wish you to enjoy the summertime the best you can :)



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