Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Flower Frenzy

Welcome back!

Ever since I was a little girl, I can remember being entranced with flowers. Actually, my first hypnotic experience with these beautiful and fragrant phenomena took place during the spring of 6th grade.  We had acquired a pretty two-level garden with the purchase of our new home, three years earlier. But it wasn’t until that particular spring that I suddenly took notice of the profusion of plump pink peonies that had sprouted in lush bushes, bordering the periphery of our property. 

One sunny morning, while I was packing my lunch in the kitchen, I heard mom calling me from outside. I quickly tucked the brown paper bag into my knapsack and ran out toward the yard, slamming the screened door clumsily behind me.  As I scurried down the rocky stairs to the garden, I could see mom holding something shiny in her hands.  Stepping into the shade of her shadow, she lowered the crumpled silver cone just under my chin to reveal the most exquisite scent I had ever experienced in my life. I gently closed my eyes and inhaled the powdery pink bouquet as a smile slowly settled on my face.

 "These are for Miss Walton," mom said and handed me the  dew dotted petals tightly wrapped in a bundle of aluminum foil. I skipped all the way to school that eventful morning and only stopped upon reaching my classroom, to give my sweet teacher a little token of spring, and finally, to take my seat in anticipation of the rest of the day.

Sadly, the Mediterranean climate is not well-suited to the production of peonies. Longing to breathe in their distinctive scent, I once bought a small bunch from my florist a few years back. They were grown in Holland, but neither did they have that unique fragrance, nor did they open up after I placed them in water.  Instead, they only wilted and seemed heartbroken to be uprooted to this strange environment, removed from their natural habitat.

So, for now, I am grateful for the intoxicating aroma and delicate beauty of such warm weather gems like jasmine, honeysuckle, flowering herbs and woodbine, among other equally quaint and charming blooms, that daintily grace our colourful little garden, here in the hilly and enchanting countryside of Crete.

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  1. Just a beautiful mediterranean garden, those paler colours than we have here but that is what blends in with the surroundings and the general ambient. Love the pots of plants too. I am passionate about my garden and now in its second year I am learning which plants do well in the various parts of the garden. I love watching things grow and develop and only wish that I had more knowledge. I belong to our local gardening club and we have speakers who come each month to advise us about different aspects of gardening. However, most of it is just trail, error and research. Keep the good work up and more lovely photos! (I should get my bathroom photos done and could add some of the garden too)

  2. Hello, Poppy - Isn't it funny how we all want to garden in another climate / zone? I would love to grow agaves, santolinas, rosemary shrubs, etc....especially after a trip to Provence or Tuscany. Alas, our winters are too cold and summers too humid. Please post more photos of your garden for us to enjoy. We'd love the Mediterranean inspirations.
    Thank you, friend!
    From Wash DC,

  3. Hi Poppy! I tried to comment earlier on my husband's MAC, but couldn't for some reason. I love the flowers!! I wish I could grow Peonies, and also Lilacs. It is too hot here.
    Greece must be so beautiful! Thank you for the well wishes. I do believe I may be on the mend!!
    XO Kris

  4. What a fantastic array of colours! I can almost smell their scent, since I am familiar with it, and miss the brightness enhanced by Crete's ubiquitous sun. I adore flowers and always have a bunch displayed in my kitchen, but I am blessed in that I live in a country (UK) which prides itself in its gardening passion. Do you remember the house we lived in when you came to visit us, and the row of beautiful gardens in my road displaying the creativity of the neighbourhood gardeners? the pictures you've posted are stunning and your charming story is perfect.


  5. Hi Poppy,
    what a beautiful description you made! You do have an amazing garden!
    Have a nice rest of the day,

  6. Hey Poppy,
    What a feast for the eyes...and soul! Keep up the great work!

  7. Wow, what an experience for the eye and mind. Beautiful images of your garden. Thanks for sharing.

  8. πανεμορφες οι φωτογραφιες!
    τα περιποιησαι απιστευτα απ οτι φαινεται!

  9. Hello! What a beautiful garden!
    Very good choice you decided
    to live in the countryside.
    We have a house in a small village
    of Rethymnos and I will be there,after
    a month.

  10. We always want our children to discover a love for flowers as they work in the garden beside us, pulling weeds. Sometimes it takes with them, sometimes not. It definitely took with you, Poppy. So many lovely Mediterranean flowers, but you still miss peonies! They never seem to last long here in Tennessee, a cooler May helps.


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