Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Saturday Evening Stroll

Last Saturday, as I was making my way towards the church to attend evening mass, a brilliant blaze of bougainvillea burst before my eyes, its hot pink blooms clustered together, like a ring of fire, further intensifying the scorching heat of an already sun-baked day.

As I drew closer though, I realized that this fiery arch actually appeared to be guarding those in its surroundings against the sizzling temperatures, acting as a shield of shade, providing a covering of coolness and a place of darkness to hide from the smothering heat.

In fact, just below this arbour of piercing pink petals, a paved little path of gravel created a clearing among an infusion of multi-coloured bouquets that led to a second sanctuary.  

A small circular well, roughly stuccoed in white, was strategically situated in the perfect spot for savouring the sweetly scented beauties around it. I found myself doing just that and within an instant, was completely lost in its dream-like splendour.

Moments passed when a cool breeze lightly tapped me on the back and I awoke feeling refreshed and relaxed. In the distance, the muffled chanting of church bells could be heard, as I quietly closed the garden gate behind me and continued on to my original destination. 

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  1. Hello, Poppy -

    Thanks so much for the tour. I would love to visit Greece, and that part of the Mediterranean one day. Such intense and vivid colors against the blue sky and sea! We can only grow bougainvillea plants as annuals here in DC. While my own garden is mostly greens, whites, lavenders and blues, I still enjoy and appreciate colorful gardens.


  2. Mmm, nice. I felt like I was there too!

  3. Hi Poppy!
    I like the way you write! Reading your blog will make learn better english!
    Beautiful pictures and amazing flowers!I like plants too and have a little garden in my balcony!
    Have a nice day,

  4. Hi Poppy! There's an award for you in my blog!

  5. Hello Poppy

    It's so similar...but of course its the Mediterranean. I expect you get the glorious smell of Jasmine and honeysuckle at night time too?
    The church is a bit different it reminds me of some of the villages further along the coast here...where I long to live

    Amanda :-)

  6. Hi Poppy!
    I loved your blog because I love Crete.

  7. Hi Poppy! Thanks for enjoying my video! (although it hadn't got perfect quality!). I've written some information I had found found about Zinnia in one of my older posts http://myhobbiesplace.blogspot.gr/2012/05/my-precious-zinnias.html,
    when I had first bought her! (I din't grow her from the seed like you will do )
    Well my Zinnia is straightly seen by the sun many hours per day, especially through the noon, cause my balcony is nery exposed, and luckily she has survived!
    I also water my plants a lot (cause I love them!!!),and sometimes think they won't make it, but gradually and mostly through observation, learn when they need water!
    I hope I helped, I'm not a pro but I'm slowly learning!
    P.S, In the future make a post about your Zinnia!I would love to see her growth

  8. Hi Poppy, I just went through and read a few more of your impressive posts. You have a beautiful way with words. I enjoyed your story about taking the peonies to your teacher. Then I felt like I had stepped worlds away in an instant as you walked to mass down the quaint road surrounded by blooms and touched by the breeze and the sounds of the church bells. Thanks for sharing your world. I'm following now. I look forward to going back and reading more of the intriguing stories of your life in Greece as well as keeping up with all that is to come!

  9. I used to live in Central America where we had lots of bougainvillea. It was beautiful! Thank you for sharing this post at the HomeAcre Hop! Look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. http://blackfoxhomestead.com/the-homeacre-hop/

  10. Poppy, You live in such a beautiful place and I always enjoy seeing parts of your lovely town. Thank you for linking to the Open House Party.

  11. Oh my goodness!! I am so jealous of how beautiful your place of home is!! I am your newest follower from southern charm! I would love for you to stop by my blog and hopefully want to follow me back! Have a great evening, Nicole!

  12. Wow, this is gorgeous - inviting a leisurely stroll. I appreciate you taking us with you at Home and Garden Thursday,

  13. How beautiful! What a lovely oasis to find on a hot day. Pamela

  14. I enjoyed that evening walk with you. The colours are absolutely stunning.

  15. You have the most beautiful scenery Poppy, always fun taking strolls with you.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  16. You have the most beautiful scenery around you! I can't get enough of the pictures!


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