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Crete Family Villas
I was told a little story the other day about my friend, Jocelyne. It’s a story that is indicative of her generous nature, of how her teacher traits played a revealing role, a story which, she herself, has never told. 
Crete Family Villas
In an effort to motivate the children to take responsibility and keep their village clean, Jocelyne offered each of them an ice cream, if they assisted her in picking up all the litter that they could find.  
In the village, drying grapes to make raisins

Before another remnant of rubbish could be thrown, and within no time at all, a huddle of house- proud youngsters could be seen, happily walking the winding, waste-free roads of the village, indulging in their icy treats. Just like that: stimulus – response!
Crete Family Villas
My second story is about the villas, and how they came to be.  Jocelyne gives us some fun facts about the vacation property, as well as a peek into her own personal preferences.
Crete Family Villas
 I wish I could tell you that this interview took place in the gorgeous room above, but that would be a ‘tall’ tale, of sorts. What I can tell you is that we had the pleasure of having a wonderful coffee morning here, in one of the villa’s most stunning spaces, with breathtaking views of the sea in the near distance, and the pools and gardens at your feet, truly making it a luxury to be enjoyed, all year round.
Crete Family Villas

Crete Family Villas: An Interview

Jocelyne, you were born in Turkey, which is very similar to Greece in many ways. What inspired you to build on Crete, and especially, in our village?

We lived on the island in the 80's and loved it so much, and after many visits, we decided to build in this perfect village.

The villas are simply gorgeous! How would you describe them?

The villas are built in the traditional way using local materials. They are spacious with views over the vineyards, mountains and the sea.

Each villa has an interesting name.  Could you please explain to our readers what they mean?

Eleftheria means freedom, independence
Kalithea/ good view
Irini/ peace

All three are stunning.  Which one is your favourite and why?

Villa Irini is my favourite, as it has a better sea view from the second floor rooms.

How did you choose your colours, both for the interior and exterior?

We wanted to blend the villas with the village and the surrounding nature so they look more as one with it.

Did you have any assistance with the design and landscaping?

We used several of my brother’s ideas, having been in the travel industry for 30 years and travelled the world.
Crete Family Villas
The property is so beautifully landscaped. I love all the hot reds and soft whites in the flowers and the many fruit trees.  Could you tell us a little bit about the gardens and why you chose certain plants, trees and flowers?

The landscape is still in progress. We mainly picked trees and plants which already exist in the area, as we wanted to blend all the villas and garden with the rest of the village.

Building a house of one’s own is a huge undertaking. You had to deal with three! What was your most difficult challenge with the villas?

Overseeing construction.

What do you miss when you are away from Crete?

I miss the weather, the views, the food, the peacefulness. But most of all, I miss the friendliness of our village, Pendamodi.

 And when you are away from the States?

Well, I wished that all my family was able to share this beautiful place for the long period that I spend there, but unfortunately long vacations are not possible..for them.
Crete Family Villas 
Choose one of the following:

City mouse or country mouse?

More of a country mouse but like to be near a city..

Colour or neutral palette?

I am more of a neutral person but like colour to accent.

Wood or painted finish?

Both! But I like wood better.

Stone or stucco?

Definitely stone.

Bungalow or two storey?

A two storey gives a better view.

Sea or mountain?

A bit of both to complement the picture.

Thank you Jocelyne.

Thank you.
Hope you enjoyed this introduction to Crete Family Villas. For more information, check out their website at:

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Poppy!!! Would love to someday visit and that's exactly where I'd like to stay - you could come have coffee with ME in that gorgeous room!

  2. Such a beautiful room Poppy and the villas are gorgeous. I'd love to stay there, relax, and take in all that gorgeous sites.


  3. Thank you for this lovely post Poppy! I really enjoyed the pictures and Jocelyne's interview offered useful insight into the planning and process of building a house in the country.
    Looking forward to your next post!


  4. It is easy to see what brought you to this area . . . it is amazingly beautiful. There seems to be a very relaxed and easy feeling about it. The blend of vineyards, rolling hills and the sea . . . perfection :)
    Thank you for sharing.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. Jocelyne sounds like a lovely lady and the villas look great. I love the interior styling - very pretty !

  6. Hello Poppy

    A very thorough interview and I love the images. A home build with love is evident here.

    I see many painting subjects in these images.

    Helen xx

  7. Very nice place, nice decoration of houses,
    nice people.
    I hope whoever comes there to be happy!

  8. Crete is absolutely amazing and these villas are more than beautiful!! no wonder people from all over the world stay are soooo lucky!!!
    have a great week! xxx

  9. Hi, Poppy ~
    We are currently traveling in Scandinavia....cold and damp. Catching up on favorite blogs here in Copenhagen. How I would rather be in one of Jocelyne's gorgeous villas!! I will save this information for future travels....for us, friends and clients. Thank you for featuring these villas, and for the thoughtful interview. A pleasure ~ Cheers, Loi

  10. This is a lovely interview and gives wonderful insight into Jocelyne's home and preferences. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. Very pretty and romantic place. It looks like a great spot to unwind. :)

    real estate ph


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