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Crete Family Villas
This summer I had the pleasure of meeting Jocelyne Sireilles Kerrigan. Jocelyne lives in Washington, D.C. She is the proud co-owner/operator of Crete Family Villas, three beautiful luxury villas located in our picturesque little village. 

On a breezy summer’s eve, our neighbour, a stately judge, was having coffee with my husband and myself on our patio, when, in between small sips, he suggested that I meet the American woman who owned the Crete Family Villas in the village. He felt that, besides the North American connection, we had a lot in common. For instance, he noticed that she was very friendly and energetic, adding that she had taken a special interest in organizing cultural events for the village folk. Wow! That’s exactly what our little hamlet needed. Yes, we live in a most charming of authentic Cretan villages, but we lack creative and cultural outlets. Needless to say, I was intrigued.
"What does she look like?" I inquired, wondering if I had seen her around the village.

"Well, she’s a petite woman with dark hair," the judge answered.

 Half the women in Greece fit this description! In any event, a few days later, my husband and I were taking a drive to the grocery store. We had just turned the corner, when I spotted a slim figure in the distance. For some reason, I was certain it was Jocelyne! Perhaps it was her confident walk and bluntly cut black hair. Her skin was bronzed from days spent gardening and swimming, and simply being out and about. I called out to her as if we were long lost friends. Slightly startled, she slowly approached the car, while we slowed down. As I proceeded to explain who I was, the confused look on her gentle face began to fade into an enthusiastic warmth and acceptance.  We agreed that a visit was needed to exchange stories, but no definite date was set.
About a month or so later, my mom and sister were visiting from Toronto. We were inside the house, unpacking from an excursion, when I heard a woman’s voice greeting us good evening at the front gate.  Immediately, I recognized it as Jocelyne’s – friendly and American, with a touch of French flair. While my husband began showing her around the property, the women in the clan scrambled to make the house look presentable, in case Jocelyne wanted a tour! Finally, we all took our seats under a starlit sky, where we chatted and chuckled for hours, and became fast friends.
Crete Family Villas

Stay tuned for Part 2: 
Crete Family Villas and an Interview with Jocelyne!

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  1. Hello Poppy

    Some of the best evenings are as a result of an impromptu drop in. Looking forward to reading about Joselyne.

    Helen xx

  2. I just love these spontaneous events! She's gorgeous and iove her smile ;). You live in the most beautiful place. Looking forward to part two!

  3. My English is not so good and I can not express
    my admiration for the wonderful place you live.
    I admire your home, your village, your new friend,
    have a beautiful day!

  4. It's so wonderful to make a new friend that you really connect with. It sounds like this is the beginning of a long friendship. I love reading about your life in your charming village, Poppy! Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Wow! Such gorgeous photos! It seems so peaceful! xx The Golden Girls

  6. Lovely to find your colourful blog, Poppy! You have such gorgeous sunny photos of your village and countryside....quite a contrast to the grey sky and rain of the UK today!
    Helen x

  7. Would love to stay at the villas and meet with you and your new friend! An added bonus to a beautiful Cretan holiday! Awaiting part2!!!

  8. Thank ou to all of you and my great friend neighbour that had the time to interview me..Yes I love our village and you can find us at Cheers for now.

  9. Visiting from the beaches of Northern Sydney Australia via No Minimalist here. Will follow on the way out so I can be reminded to tune into part 2. A lovely story so far.

  10. I love your blog! I have family on Psara, and my mother's side of the family was from Crete! I can't wait to read part 2, and will follow you as well.

  11. I'm really happy to have found your blog, because I love Greece. I've been to Crete and just loved it, especially Chania and Rethymnon - btw I'm English. I love pictures of anywhere Mediterranean, so it's great to visit here. Contrary to the name on my blog, I love colour too, and think all your red and white is so pretty.
    The first blogger friend I ever made was Olga, who lives in Athens and I'm always so interested to hear about the situation in Greece.
    I've rambled on enough - looking forward to reading Part 2 too !

  12. Hi Poppy, The house looks beautiful and I would love to be your neighbor! Great fun to meet someone new with similar interest.
    Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party.

  13. Waiting with bated breath for part 2! ~ Maureen

  14. I love that first photo, a lot!!

  15. Your blog is most beautiful and oh, so cheerful. Thank you.


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