Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bovine Bullies and Humble Hens

Back in high school, in the suburbs of 1980s Toronto, when trends came and went faster than gobbled up Pac-Man pellets, I always remained true to my heart. 

As far as fashion went, when the most popular girls showed up on Mondays after jackpot finds at the mall, decked out in faded ripped jeans and Roo tennis shoes, I relied on my flowery A-line skirts and wedg-y espadrilles.

And when Walkmans arrived on the music scene and headphones became the new teenage tiaras, I could be found in my room, animatedly lip-syncing to Ella in front of the mirror, where my mom’s old turntable magically emitted the sweet sounds of 1950s jazz gems.  A true romantic I was.  A true romantic I will remain.

What is a trend anyway? A trend is the hit of the party one day and a wallowing wallflower the next, thus, my deep and lasting devotion to my all time favourite, albeit, universally overdone motif of choice, concerning all things domestically decorative: the humble hen!

Who can resist this beauty and boldness all wrapped up in such feathery finery?  Who can admit that they haven’t, at least once, pictured themselves living in a quaint little farmhouse in the country, tending to these wonderful gals, who, in turn, provide the family fare?

So then, what’s my ‘beef’, you ask? Lately, it seems that a feisty farm animal of the bovine kind has managed to craftily maneuver its way into the blogosphere at stampede speed!

Bloggers from all across the land are proudly posting pictures of their precious herd, lazily lounging in places previously held by feminine fowls-on clocks and plates, in paintings and hallways-everywhere, I tell you! Everywhere!

Except here.  No sir! My little ladies will NOT be bullied out of their comfy nesting nooks by a gang of overbearing beasts! Although I have to admit, they are kinda cute and they, too, grant us essential things like our daily dose of dairy.

Nevertheless, my charming chicks are safe and secure under my little coop of a roof. And, whatever their kind, chickens or turkeys, ducks or geese, pheasants... heck, even those arrogant roosters, one thing’s for sure: this gallinaceous group of lovelies is here to stay.

What about you? What's your favourite animal motif?
 Does it change with the seasons? I'd love to know!

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  1. Love this Poppy!! .. you are right! Those bovines are everywhere :) The roosters are darling and I am in to those a-line floral skirts and espadrilles too :)


    1. Hi Leslie,

      As you may have guessed, I have a fondness for flowers so when I'm lucky enough to find a chic, floral A-line skirt that manages to flatter this 40+ frame, I grab it!

      Thanks for visiting!


  2. I'm rather torn on this one! I have two chicken pets in a coop in my yard, but I did have a pet cow when I was younger. I'm happy to have both images in my house. You could even throw in a sheep or two! ~ Maureen

  3. Hi Maureen,

    Yes, of course there's room for all of these darling creatures! I, myself adore cows and sheep as I've displayed in the print above, but isn't it true how the cows are having their 15 minutes? Or are they really the new favourite decorative motif?

    Thanks for dropping by.


  4. One of my friends says that the only decor that I have ever been consistent with is chicks/roosters, so I guess it is roosters for me. I LOVE them! I am a new follower, and so glad that you found me :)

  5. Well, I like cows quite a bit, though I really don't have many of display, in fact, my favorite is Monty and he is a permanent resident of the cottage.


  6. Great post. I have a few roosters but no cows. I have picked up a few vintage owl figurines lately.

  7. Hi Poppy! I found your link on 2805 Potpourri Friday. My fave is Roosters, my grandmother collected them and I guess that's why I like them so much. I also have my Dad's vintage collection of owl figurines. I'm your newest follower, please come over and visit and I hope you will also follow me.

  8. Penny and I want to say hi to the best blogger in the milky way! Keep the amazing photos coming!

    See you soon !
    (work it Libby!!!)

    Love JKS and Penny! (like the penny)

  9. That is truly a group of lovelies! What a great collection and a fun take on the latest trends. It's like a barn war challenge as to who will rule the roost. I have a feeling your little redheaded ladies would win out! Thanks for taking the time to stop in at Quirky Vistas and leave me a comment.

  10. I am a chicken and rooster fan - haven't gotten onto the bovine bandwagon...although they do look wonderful. I do appreciate you sharing your wonderful post with Home and Garden Thursday,

  11. I have 16 chickens-real ones- out in their coop. Friends find anything with a chicken on it and think of me. So I have more chicken pictures, pillows, metal chicks, bowls , etc than I really want to display. I just added bees-- and already the bees are is showing up. Jill

  12. I would love it if you would join me in linking up at my weekly Clever Chicks Blog Hop:

    I hope you can make it!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick

  13. I played pick-a-label game at Poppy View after reading today's post and found this dear post on your chicks! I don't think they ever go out of style as they are so loved in many countries and decor styles. I thought about earlier visiting Olive Out blog and she showed pictures of merchandise at the antique mall where she has a booth. One of them had a table set with china with roosters on it. I smiled because it was my everyday wedding china of 50 years ago! The pattern called Red Rooster by Poppytrail--like that name, Poppy? I do! It's on a top shelf in my kitchen and I had already thought that I needed to get it down and do a breakfast blog post on it for autumn, this time not waffles or pancakes but something healthier. It's so cheerful, and that's the charm of hens and roosters and chicks, they are so darn cheerful!

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  15. What a cute post! I like chickens too but I've slipped in some flying pigs!

  16. Great post Poppy! I love hens, roosters, chicks, but I have always liked cows (and the occasional pig & sheep), too. I guess I am a farm girl at heart! In style, out of style, or not a style, still love my chicks! Have a great day my dear! Jane

  17. Just got a new rooster rug for in front of my sink today. One look around my kitchen and you can tell roosters/chickens are number one with me. I do have one huge cow canvas I picked up in Texas last year but fowls are first forever..

  18. Darling post, Poppy! I salute your loyalty to the chicken.


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