Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Nature of Instinct

Sometimes I can’t believe that I actually live in a
 little Mediterranean village in the countryside.

Our neighbours to the East
  I was born in a big North American city, grew up there,
 and that’s what I knew, and loved! But, I always had a 
strong feeling that I’d live in a house in the country one day.

Not simply buy a house, but build one! Quite ambitious of me, 
since I was about eight years old at the time, don’t you think?

The first time I was aware of this notion was back in second grade.  
It was library time and we had about fifteen minutes to
choose a book or two for the week.

While most of the other girls huddled around the Nancy Drew series, 
I gravitated towards the bigger, heavier books and anything that
featured a house on its cover, very similar to your typical
coffee table book of today, wouldn't you say?

Even then, I was drawn to all things ‘home’, whether that meant 
baking mini, single layer cakes in my Easy Bake Oven, 
or rearranging my bedroom according to the season. 

For me, it was all about being cozy, nestling in little nooks
 with my girlfriends, braiding macramé bracelets 
and indulging in homemade delights.

So, forty years later, here I am, in a house we built in the Cretan countryside, among vineyards and orange groves, surrounded by mountains, and overlooking valleys, where the view from my bedroom balcony takes my breath away, moves me to stillness, each and every day, in its seasonal attire, regardless of my mood, and inconsiderate of my time. It is always there, a quiet, constant presence, like the instinct that never left, in all its natural wonder.

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and have a lovely week!



  1. Thanks for sharing those breathtaking views, Poppy! Did you know I'm coming to visit, and never leaving? :) One day, I hope to live in that gorgeous part of the world.....even if only for a couple months. Have a great weekend. We are bracing for nasty weather ahead.

  2. I so envy you. What a wonderful place to live. Just love all the photos.

  3. What a beautiful post, Poppy. Your dream came true and in a way you never thought possible as a young girl. Not only did you get your house in the country, it was in another country! And a gloriously beautiful one at that. Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  4. Oh my ~ you certainly have your slice of paradise and you are living your dream! I am so happy to meet you and am your newest follower. I hope that you will stop by and visit my little slice of heaven too. My gate will always be open for you.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Such a lovely place to be. :)

    I am 50 this week... I have always lived in a big city but I STILL want that sweet little country home. Yours is absolutly pure inspiration.


  6. Ζείς σε ένα υπέροχο νησί με τόσες ομορφιές !
    Είμαι η νεότερη φίλη σου !Ελπίζω να τα λέμε !

  7. Love your blog, Poppy, and this is a wonderful post! One of my favorite books is Farther Afield by Miss Read in which she and her friend Amy take a holiday on Crete. I've added you to my blogroll! Many blessings to you, Bess

  8. Hi Poppy, Your views are amazing! Hubby and I were lucky enough to visit Crete last year on a cruise...what a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing this at the Open House party. Best, Sherry

  9. Gorgeous Poppy! Crete is so beautiful and I'm so glad you were able to build your dream home.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  10. What an interesting story! Whereas many people just are driven through their lives, others exactely know their goals. I always wanted to have a green wood stove. I had one, but then we moved to a place even morein the country side and the oven now is amber. Which is nice too. Enjoy your dream house! Regula

  11. Hi Poppy, This is such a lovely post. I think it is wonderful when someone knows their passion at an early age and follows their dream.

    Believe it or not, my dear sweet Steve when he was a little boy about ten years old, he started praying for a wife and that he would find his perfect match. Other little boys were dreaming of new bikes, but my Steve was dreaming of being a man and having a wife and family of his own. It was his passion and he is a wonderful husband and dad. We have been married 36 years :)

    In regard to the comment you left:
    Baking muffins sounds very tempting . . . I have just the right apron for the job, LOL. Truth is these two aprons are going into my Shabby French Market inventory :)
    Thanks so much for the sweet visit.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  12. I was one of those reading all the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books. :) Never dreaming that one day I would move to Kuwait (not exactly a dream spot) and be traveling the world (now that's a good thing). Your room and view are so very lovely. You definitely live in a very beautiful corner of the world. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Beautiful words about a very beautiful place! I wish I lived there.

  14. Good for you to be living your dream!


  15. Poppy, it's so fun to come and visit you in Crete via your blog. Isn't it amazing how our life loves show up in our early years? Thanks for sharing your gorgeous view and your story!

  16. It's all quite lovely. I always wanted to live where there's a breathtaking view right out the window.

  17. Έχετε ένα βραβείο παρακαλώ !

  18. Hi Poppy!
    What a delight it is visiting you in your lovely home. It's so wonderful hearing about your new friend, Jocelyn. Good friends are such a gift!
    Your colorful bottlebrush and lavender are so reminiscent of life in Southern California. I lived there for over ten years and loved the warm climate. Crete looks so balmy and beautiful! I can see you love living there.
    I hope you are having a great week, my friend,

  19. Really nice post! You have a lovely view! Thanks for joining HSH!

  20. How wonderful that your dream came true, Poppy! Not many people can say that. And how lucky to have such a beautiful landscape around you. It is so lovely.

  21. Beautiful views of blue! I'm a fellow Canadian living in Ontario. How nice for you to live in Greece, Nice to meet you Poppy ~.^ ❥ ωίԵђ Լ♥ϋє ♥ Hεlεɳa ♥ мємσяу вσχ cяєαтισηѕ

  22. Hello Poppy, it sounds like you're living your dream - how marvelous to have that foresight as a child - to wish to build a home - what a lovely place to live - gorgeous home, garden and view - so delighted for you - I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  23. Stunning views! Thanks for sharing on The HomeAcre Hop! Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  24. I am so very complimented that you told me my house "inspired " you! What a lovely house it is! and a happy life!

    I just read a great motto that I think you will enjoy (as well as your readers!)

    "Write a fairy tale! Then live it!"!

    This is possible for many people!

    Go for it!!!

  25. How wonderful that you are able to live your dream, Poppy! You made me laugh with those memories of library day from primary school...such pressure to choose the "right" book! Sounds like you had a plan right from the start! ;)

  26. I enjoyed reading this post Poppy! It reminded me of my days sewing up heart-shaped potpourri pillows for anyone that graced our front porch... Or latch hooking rugs while listening to records in my orderly little room. Homemaking was an instinct for that little lady 30 years ago too... Thank you for linking up all your lovely posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays last week :)

  27. Poppy, How wonderful to live your dream and with fabulous views, too! Wow!
    Have a good weekend. :)


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