Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Harmony

In the summer of 2006,
a little trio by the name of
Moonlight Garden,
made its debut 
at one of the island's 
most luxurious hotels.

Creta Maris Beach Resort, 
a five star hotel 
in the harbour town 
of Hersonissos, Crete,
was the breathtaking venue
for a much anticipated,
three month engagement.

The bright and beautiful oasis above
is the Romantica Bar Terrace, 
where Anna Lisowski, Nicholas Tsachakis and I, 
took to the stage!

The romantic ambience 
of the Cochlias Restaurant
provided the perfect setting 
for recording our repertoire of songs, 
one of which, you can listen to below.
(Click on the title/link)

Don't Know Why
Written by Jesse Harris
Piano: Anna Lisowski
Guitar: Nicholas Tsachakis
Vocals: Poppy

Been thinking about
 that sweet summer,
 when singing
 in front of a live audience,
made my blood flow,
and my heart skip -

as I soared 
notes of

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  1. Oh, Poppy. You make me want to be in Greece right now.

  2. Hi Poppy those photos are so pretty. My next door neighbor is from Greece and I love the Greek food she makes for us! I would love to visit sometime!
    Julie from

  3. I didn't know you sang. Sounded great! Beautiful place.

  4. Oh my goodness.....Poppy sings like an angel!! Lovely voice! I envy you!! What a thrill!
    xo Kris

  5. Poppy, I loved it! Who knew you could sing like that? You've been holding out on us. A three month gig at that beautiful resort must have been magical. I gather you recorded the live shows. Did you make an disc or is just available on line?

  6. Poppy what a wonderful experience; your voice is lovely! and the pictures of the hotel breathtaking!Seeing your pictures I would love to visit Greece; hopefully one day!

  7. Hello Poppy

    You have a beautiful voice and I hope you continue to bring joy to all with your special gift of singing. What a memorable and dream like summer at Creta Maris Beach Resort. The pool is spectacular.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and as I write I have you singing.

    Helen xx

  8. What an amazing place! Reminds me of home! :) You have a beautiful voice!!!

  9. Poppy! For goodness sakes! Who knew? What a treat it was to listen to you sing and picture you in that beautiful setting singing. Those must be good memories. I hope you're still using your musical talents. We know how talented you are in decor and photography and styling.

    I do wish I could have been in the audience.


  10. I so enjoy coming to your blog. I never knew how beautiful Crete was. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Oh can definitely see myself leisurely relaxing with these views. Gorgeous.

    Marie Angelique

    PS. I did answer on the blog about the goiter. :)

  12. I'm enjoying your music as I look at your photos and write this. I hope you're still finding outlets for your lovely singing, Poppy.


  13. Beautiful voice and photos!

    That hotel is just breathtakingly beautiful!

  14. Hi,Poppy!
    Amazing photos!!!
    Congratulations!! You've been nominated for the Liebster Award. Come see all the details on my blog, the post is up right now! :)

  15. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW ! I thought you might sound ok, even pretty good....but this blew me away. You sound like an angel!

    Are you going to sing to us every week now ? I for one hope so! :)

    oh wait...there were pictures ? : ) Seriously what a fun surprise! :)

  16. Wow~ I have no words just stunned at the beauty.

  17. This Is SO cute:) and thanks so much for sweet words on my blog

    If you like cool sports wear...check out my new post:)

    Have a wonderful day beautiful

    LOVE Maria at

  18. What a gorgeous voice you have Poppy - I could listen to that all day!!!!!!!!
    Thanks SO much for sharing this beautiful beautiful post - visual and audio both!
    Visiting from Common Ground

  19. Crete is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images with us!

  20. Oh, Crete is so beautiful! I know we loved our time there a few years ago.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Beautiful voice and a beautiful setting! Lovely post for the ears and eyes both!

  22. Poppy! OMG! What an amazingly beautiful place!!

    Thanks so much for your encouraging words as I continue my weight loss journey! It means the world to me!!


  23. That place is amazingly beautiful. How lucky are you?

  24. Looks like a place I could hang out all summer, when's lunch?

    I'm inviting you to join us on a regular photo tour link up on Mondays called Travel Photo Mondays, take a look

  25. Dearest Poppy!!! What a feast you have gifted us with for our eyes and ears! Your voice is lovely, relaxing, dreamy, and just a bit haunting! (Not sure I could explain what I mean by that, but there it is!) :O) You are so very talented with your writing, photography, poetry, decorating, singing .... Have you also painted some of the paintings you share on your blog? I am honored you visit my little blog (still on a break!). You have a life that many of us can only dream about. Thank you so much for sharing bits and pieces of it with us. I'll be bookmarking your song! God Bless. Bess

  26. Looks like an amazing place, your photos are so pretty! I wish I had a voice like yours, wow! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  27. Impressive my dear friend. Your blog gets interesting each day. What a talent you've got, you are so blessed.

    Enjoy the rest of summer.

  28. Hello Poppy - so very romantic - can just imagine your beautiful voice floating across this lovely scene - you do have a very lovely voice. I am so delighted you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

  29. What can't you do, lovely Poppy? I loved your track. What a pleasure it must have been to perform in such an amazing setting.

  30. Your voice Poppy - your voice - what an incredible gift you were given - thanks for sharing it with us.
    I remember the first time I heard it being in complete awe.

    1. Suzan,

      You are just the sweetest person!! Thank you my friend, for coming back for a listen and a look at one of the best summers of my life!



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