Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Scrawny, twisted twigs 
growing from thick, gnarly branches,
 like warty fingers of a witch,
sign a signature of scratches.

Behind the still and chill
of sticks and stones,
the sky is filled with motion,
as fluffy clouds float lightly by
toward valleys and the ocean.

I wonder...
Who lives here,
 in this cold, closed house,
whose garden grew no flowers?

Or had it?
Briefly, perhaps, for a spell,
before they were devoured,
by wicked winds or creepy things
that feed at midnight hour!

A few steps away, a sleeping feline, 
unaware of the wide world around her,
dreams of birds and mice and everything nice,
(a list for Santa, and his flying reindeer).

I wish, for the snow,
when it touches this home,
to softly cover its scratches,

to brighten its face
with powdery lace,
in glowing, crystal, white patches.
 And when it bounces off walls,
and in batches, free falls,
to lay a blanket, on its bare, lonely branches. 

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  1. This is the kind of place that would spook me as a kid, but you've made it look eerily wonderful. And your words, as always, are a perfect companion, Poppy!

  2. Good morning Poppy! What a lovely poem! And such an interesting abode! Your words, had me thinking of a favorite poem of mine. Anna Bell Lee...Twas many, and many a year ago, in a kingdom by the sea, that a lady there lived whom you may know, by the name of Anna Bell Lee.
    Loved the previous post as well. Such history in all of Europe! It fascinates me. I loved Itlay! The architecture, the history, the villages.....ahhhh...I hope to return one day!

  3. Love your photos, and you write so beautifully. So poetically. You have a talent.

  4. Oh sigh, such lovely photos and such an atmosphere your words wrapped them in.

  5. Poppy,
    Oh you have sparked an interest in my mind as to who the inhabitants were and where they have gone? Such a eeri photographic journey accompanied by beautiful lyric poetry. As always, a pure delight to visit you!
    Warm hugs!

  6. Correction on spelling of eerie:)

  7. Poppy, this was beautiful. Lovely images!


  8. There is something special about an empty abandoned house. Intriguing!

  9. Your views are wonderful both words and photos. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I noticed that a twin to my Abby (calico cat) lives in crete.

  10. Love this! That building needs some tlc. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  11. WOW. Photos and poetry just amazing...

  12. Όποιος κι αν έμενε εκεί σίγουρα θα δάκρυζε από συγκίνηση βλέποντας τις όμορφες φωτογραφίες σου και τα όμορφα λόγια που τις συνοδεύουν!! Να σαι καλά!! Καλό βράδυ! Φιλιά!!

  13. Wouldn't you love to go in and redo that place? I sure would. Your photos and poetry are just beautiful. What a talented person you are.


  14. Wonderful words graced that home.... a blessing for the tiny shack!

  15. Your poetry is like the best of fairy tales that leaves us imagining what might happen if only we believed, Poppy. This could be the opening trailer for a movie where each of us sees a lonely, romantic heroine--or hero--moving in when no one is watching. Soon your gnarly branches would be tamed, the faded blue shutters scrubbed gently, the tantalizing scent of a country Greek dish floats down to other homes, and the cat would be sitting inside on a wide stone window ledge washing her paw as your wished for snow drifted down.

    Thank you for always opening up new vistas to us through your beautiful words and pictures.

  16. The house you shared is wonderfully creepy, and your words haunting. Your poetry brings your pictures to life!

  17. Hi Poppy, I just love the way you right and how everything rhymes! You should write a book that is how good you are! You have a knack of describing things so good! I wish I could write like you. That is a creepy house with all those branches. Take care and have a wonderful week. I saw it on tues. trivia! Julie

  18. You surely do inspire this grandma lol! With your way with words and your eye for color and photography. Lovely!

  19. I feel all tingly! That was great. It's looking more like fall there now.

  20. Poppy, I love your poetry! I think you should write a book with your poetry and photos. Beautiful!!

  21. Oh I love this. It was like reading an illustrated book

  22. I'll not wish for snow here just yet, but it does cover the cracks and soften things beautifully. Perhaps you'll share a photo when it works its magic on this house.


  23. Even twigs are beautiful there. Love the sleeping cat photo.

  24. I love that kitty cat, reminds me of the kitty I had growing up~ same colors! ...I also love the bright turquoise door, gate and shutter! It softens the gnarl of those spooky branches!

  25. Great pictures, Poppy. I love that house with the pretty blue door. How sad no one lives there. I am sure you could make it beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing - I see the potential there.
    Have a great weekend.

  26. Good Morning Poppy, I love your poetry, and today you have whipped up my imagination. The vines look so bare and forelorn, but come the Spring they will be bursting with new vigour and take on a totally different look.
    I love the cat which is sleeping by the door, he seems to have found the tiniest bit of sunshine to warm himself whilst he is snoozing.
    Enjoy your beautiful blue skies.
    Best Wishes

  27. Love your photos, such gorgeous scenery and the poem is fabulous. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  28. Beautiful poetry, Poppy, and stunning photos. I really like the little cottage with the blue-shuttered window. It doesn't look spooky or scary to me, just beautiful. And, of course, I adore the sweet sleeping kitty.

  29. And, again, Poppy, you knock it out of the park with your wonderful pictures and beautiful words!!

  30. Beautiful poetry Poppy and a very intriguing house, I'd love to take a look inside and give it all some tlc.

  31. It looks like winter has come early for that house. And what a darling little calico cat - she looks so peaceful!

  32. Well dear Wordsmith you've done it again :) Fun post! :)

  33. You are quite the poet, Poppy! Love the part about the sleeping feline dreaming... Thanks for sharing at my HOME.


  34. Hello Poppy

    This is a very interesting home and I love your imagination. It was a much loved home and perhaps still is. The contentment of the cat adds to the harmony of the entire place.
    I loved this post
    Helen xx

  35. Poppy, how wonderful, I really enjoyed reading your witty words. Great olde house, too. Thanks for sharing this at the We Call It Olde Link-Up. Hope you come again! (Tuesdays - Saturdays) Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  36. Poppy, such mystery and intrigue in this...a clever yet subtle description.Love it! of course:)

  37. What a lovely poem you wrote about this house!AriadnefromGreece!

  38. Hi Poppy! Oh, did you write the poem? You're so talented and your pictures are lovely! Thank you so much for visiting me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  39. I wonder if Sleeping Beauty is inside waiting for her prince. Lovely photos.

  40. Such a creative post as always. Love your photos.

  41. Beautiful words to beautiful pictures Poppy~~~

  42. Poppy, I enjoyed your poem! And the photos are perfect, it is sad to see this house empty. It could be beautiful I am sure. Wonderful post, thanks for sharing. Have a happy week ahead!

  43. Beautiful images and words ... love the blue door and window and the sleeping kitty.

  44. I Love, Love, Love it, love the images, so striking and the blue colour on the shutters reminds me of the ocean, the bareness of flowers, vidid and yet not, for your writing brightens each of the images like the sunlight. Beautiful as always~

  45. This home is reminiscent of the old abandoned farmhouses here. Lovely poetry and kitty captured amid sweet dreams.

  46. Hi Poppy, Lovely post. A dusting of snow would look fantastic on that garden. Take care and have a wonderful day.

  47. Lovely photos, I would like to live there!

  48. I love your photos, Poppy!
    Have a nice monday! RW & SK

  49. Gorgeous and enchanting - love the kitty - I do apprecate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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