Sunday, November 17, 2013

Launching My Blog Amid Feminine Brain Fog

Poppy View Headquarters: 0900 hours

I have been writing Poppy View for exactly a year and a half, now. Time has truly flown by so very quickly. I remember the first time I clicked the orange 'Publish' button.  I was so nervous, I held my breath for a few seconds, waiting to see if my little blog would actually appear online. 'View Blog', further verified that my first post had made it to cyberspace safe and sound. I was so proud of myself!

The Barracks

Just weeks before Poppy View's debut, I was ready to give up, frustrated with Blogger lingo and template troubles; I kept taking two steps forward and three steps back! I can almost always count on my daughter, Liberty, to save me from a computing catastrophe, but this was new to her, too, and she was studying for final exams - I could not keep bothering her with mini fits, and bits of blogging babble, when she had pressing deadlines and stacks of Ancient Greek texts to decipher... for a degree!

Searching for Strategies

I remember the self-targeted pep talk:
 ''Come on, you can do this!
 Concentrate, think,
 break it down, simplify,
you are almost on the brink!"

Visions of Inspiration

And so, 
like a stampeding quarterback,
I charged full speed ahead,
and in dangerously, daring decibels, 
I challenged, defied, and said:
 ''Bring on that feisty Favicon, 
those Gadgets and the Hyperlinks!
I fear your sheer complexity
but from it, bravely, I will not shrink!"

Fuel and Tools

Weeks later,
 after a few small victories in 'Layout',
armed with chocolate,
 and strong caffeine to drink, 
there was no doubt:
I would conquer!
I would not slip and sink!

Across Enemy Lines

On I marched, with mouse in hand,
towards that unmapped, nebulous no man's land,
 fortified by diligence, stubbornness,
and a fiery forte of a final command: 

 "I solemnly swear to confront and decrypt 
that crazy code called HTML/Java Script!''

Invasion and Occupation!

And that, my dear friends, is how this middle aged,
(but young at heart), aspiring writer,
(but hopeless Java 'Scripter'),
trudged through the trenches of forgetfulness,
and across the battlefields of brain fog,
fatigued from hormonal fluctuations,
 to finally fulfil her mission,
of walking amid the poppy fields,
of her virtual destination,
to view the world, from there!

Have a happy week!
Thanks for visiting! 

'Company, HALT!



  1. Hi Poppy, great this day for me takes a full stare to hit the publish button...I hit preview about 100 times, I ask hubby to edit, he said I don't have to....I am still learning not sure how to link-up or create a button; and I have no idea what is a favicon...but in time it will come to me!

    Enjoy your day
    Here's to a great week ahead!

  2. Congratulations on your blogging milestone and boy can I relate to your early blogging woes! I had never even read a blog when I started mine eight months ago and this middle age mom was also completely unfamiliar with the technical aspects! I just wanted to write. I am so glad you stuck it out and forged your way though~ yours is one of the first blogs I stumbled upon and certainly one of my favorites! :) Kim

  3. So glad you were up for the challenge. :)

  4. LOL! I love your blog, Poppy! First of all, it is beautiful and second, I love your writing! It feels like a hug and a walk every time I visit! Did I see a book in your picture of your desk titled Poppy View?

    1. Hi Lottie,

      Firstly, thank you so much for your sweet words! I'm so happy you like visiting; lovely to have you! The book that you see marked, ''Poppy View'', is simply me signing the photo; didn't want to just have it floating in mid air, spoiling the shot, but wanted it to appear somewhere, rather inconspicuously, amid all the book titles! ;-)

      Have a wonderful week!


  5. I am happy to be among your blog friends who is an avid follower. I've been blogging almost 3 years - actually I have lost track. I have learned a lot in those years and continue to learn. It is nice to have a friend on the other side of the world.

  6. I felt the same way when I started blogging. In fact it took me a year before I acutally did. I am so glad you did not give up, because you have a wonderful blog here.

  7. I'm so glad you carried through!

  8. Oh I smiled with your blogpost!Lovely!I feel young at heart too and never thought I am middle aged!Am I?AriadnefromGreece!

  9. Good Evening Poppy, Attention! I award you " The Determination Award".... Stand at Ease!
    This was a fun post to read.... I am so glad that you worked through all those Blogger glitches, because your blog is always a joy to visit.
    I am amazed that I have learnt as much as I have, because I was a young girl who started her working life as a secretary, using an upright manual typewriter.... now that was many moons ago.... and now I am using a computer.... that's progress.
    Have a lovely evening Poppy.
    Best Wishes

  10. Poppy, this is great! I love how you write a poem about everyday life (and blogging) so quickly. You are very gifted! I noticed the pretty floral pitcher with the blue handle on the shelf and then it appeared in your last photo. It is so pretty! I'm glad you persevered and kept on blogging. Congratulations on your 1st year of bringing us tidbits of life from Greece. Blessings.

  11. I am so glad that a year and a half ago, it didn't get the best of you and you kept going. I love reading your blog and all of your rhymes! Keep at it!!


  12. You create such wonderful posts Poppy, elegant, fine, colorful, happy ! I leave your little corner with a sweet taste and an optimistic mood.

  13. I loved seeing pictures of where you make Poppy View happen, dear Poppy! Now I can picture you there. A little embarrassed here after seeing your organized spot when I look around and see the stack of papers and files that surround mine. I must get organized! As far as HTML/Java Script and I, I fear never the twain shall meet. But I very much remember the first week of blogging, my heart pounding, ignoring phones ringing, husband talking, terrified that the posts would be published with glaring mistakes. It was at least a month before I even knew you could correct mistakes on it. I was like a junior high school rookie basketball player who couldn't wait to get rid of the basketball. As far as ever sitting down to write a post and hit publish without 2 or 3 rough drafts I didn't think that would ever happen--and usually it doesn't!

    I am so glad you conquered your fears and challenges of blogging and glad I did too. Otherwise I would never have met you and been able to wander through your Poppy Fields.

    Thank you for writing this post that so many of us can relate to, and for writing it in such a beautiful way.

    Love to you,

  14. Congratulations for sticking it out! You have created a lovely blog, one that's fun to visit.

  15. Your perseverance paid off and provides a colourful haven in the Land of Blogdom. I truly enjoy my visits here.

  16. Poppy, I am so glad you have stuck it out. I am always pleased with my visit to your post. Your photos are always a treat to the eyes. Have a happy week!

  17. You're so cute. I really enjoy your lovely blog and am always excited when a new post appears in my blog list. Congratulations on your milestone. :)

  18. I remember well those first days of blogging where everything was new and confusing. Here I am several years later, and there is still much I can't figure out. But that's the hard thing of being part of the older generation. It just doesn't come so easily. I feel your pain :)

  19. Poppy...we both started our blogs about the same time. Me...April 28...your blog must be about 10 days older. Yes? I know exactly what you went through. I actually bought my domain name and WordPress theme and hosting on November 28. It took me a while to get to my first post...but I did it. And I am clueless of Java Script. ;) Still today. WordPress and Blogger are a bit different. But that doesn't matter. What matters is we won!! And here we are today.

  20. Hello Poppy

    I am also happy you persevered. I totally agree at how humbling it is to create a blog. I am still very nervous to make changes to the template. I did one time and lost followers.
    Wishing you a great week

    Helen xx

  21. This post brought tears to my eyes as I experienced the ups and downs of this journey of vulnerbility and creativity. what does hmtl really stand for anyway...???:) Glad we met, Poppy.

  22. You are a wonderful writer, and I am so proud of you, my friend!

  23. So happy you stuck it out.. I absolutely love how you put words together and I really enjoy all your posts..

  24. Congratulations, Poppy! I think every blogger can relate to your journey, and I love the clever way you presented it here. You've got the most amazing way with words...a real gift, and photos that are just as wonderful! Happy Year and a Half...and many more. I'll be reading!

  25. Congratulations on your blogging anniversary, Poppy! Little by little I am getting back to my everyday life and I just had to stop by.
    The thing that I struggle with is how to make my template look a little fresher - it has been the same for a long time and I have to admit to being afraid to change it for fear of losing all!

  26. Your writing is great as always, and I'm so glad you decided to keep trying because I love the voice your blog brings to Blogland!

  27. I remember that first time pressing publish too. I am so glad you stuck with it! Your style is so pretty, Poppy!

  28. My blog is 5 months old now and you described so well how I felt when I hit the 'publish' button! Love your pics again. : ) x

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  29. Oh I remember those fun times too! I smiled all through this post... we are all pioneers in this brave new world ;>)

  30. LOL! Poppy! I've been blogging for 7 years and still remember how excited I was to publish my first post and get my first comment!

    Congratulations for keeping at it!

  31. All I'm saying is there is nothing a woman can't achieve as long as she has caffeine and chocolate! Congrats on hanging in there and getting the job done!


  32. Poppy, congratulations on making it a year and a half!!! I love, love, love your blog. Your photography and way with words always makes for enjoyable morning-coffee-company and your kind comments on my blog give me confidence to keep going. I am still struggling to find the direction I want to go with mine, I am confused, but reading blogs like yours and others help me to realize it just takes time. Thank you again for the enjoyment you bring to my day!

  33. And we are so glad that you did! :) I love seeing your lovely photos so much!
    I just can't imagine the blog-i-sphere with you. :)
    And that is the truth.

  34. Great post Poppy. I too have those moments. I just keep thinking there must be people like me, and then I read your post.

  35. Oh Poppy, I think you know my heart. I am a generation ahead of you - the mysteries of HTML are definitely still mysteries. I struggle and do the best I can. I have been at this for three months, I have learned a lot, but there is so much more to learn. I have been inspired by your perseverance and I will keep on trudging on. In my heart I know I can do it - I just wish I had a teacher (I guess that would be to easy).

  36. This is fantastic! I still don't know what I'm doing half the time when it comes to anything remotely "hard" or "fancy" with my blog, but onwards I trudge...and I'm glad you do, too! I l enjoy your friendship from afar and love your blog! xoxo

  37. Oh my dear friend I can relate to that. One and a half years of creative blogging and you've gained so many friends and readers from far and near. You are one talented and intelligent blogger Poppy. You inspire us in so many ways. I must say I'm such a novice to blog land and no way near any of you creative blogs-pert! Thank you for your sweet comment. Have a lovely week.

  38. Poppy,
    Your bring joy and delight to so many of us with your gracious, happy and beautifully written blog. So many striking photos, observations and conversations which touches the soul! It is pure pleasure to visit you and enjoy your friendship across seas and terrain!

  39. Oh, the joys of blogging for the first time. I remember when I started and how on a Sunday evening I decided to decipher it. So glad I did because I've made some awesome friends.


  40. If you understand HTML you're way ahead of me.
    Anyway, I'm glad you trudged ahead because I
    enjoy your post so much!

  41. Your blog is so beautiful and I am glad you figured it all out! Once I figured out blog code, I thought it was fun to make my own changes to the blog. I liked seeing the sweet photo of you and baby girl. It is nice to have those keepsakes throughout the house. Have a lovely day!

  42. What a wonderfully funny post this is Poppy! So many of us 'of a certain age' can so relate. I still don't really know HTML and as for java, well, I thought that was coffee! I too have been blogging for a little over a year and a half, and while I know so much more than when I started (which was zero), there is and always will be tons to learn. That's just the nature of technology, but it keeps the grey matter on it's toes ;).

  43. You are a trooper, my friend! I only started my blog a few months before you did, and I'm glad we connected right away. As for all the blog tech stuff, I'm still clueless. One day I'll have a professional blog designer give me a tutorial....even design a fancy blog site for me :)

  44. You were braver than me. The first time I hit post, I immediately deleted it. I did that 3 times over a year and a half. Then I hit one and saved it, but did not go back to write another post for 6 months. Now, I am almost at my 2 year anniversary.

    I am glad that both of us went forward with blogging because otherwise we would never have met.

  45. Hi Poppy,
    It took me about a year and a half to finally jump in and create my blog. I too was fearful and when I hit that publish button for the first time, I held my breath. But I'm so glad I did it! I still don't quite get everything I'm doing but somehow, I make it through from one post to another. My youngest son was the one who set me up with backgrounds and bigger type, so and so on. He lives in the States and only comes home once a year so he gets his 'blogging workout' when he's home.
    So, glad you and I both did it. And to think you were born in Canada too and now live all the way over on the other side of the world! Thanks for sharing and linking to my HOME, dear blogging friend.


  46. We always assume everyone else knew what they were doing when they started blogging! In retrospect, I don't know why someone as computer illiterate as I was even dreamed of doing it. I may not have if I'd had any idea just how ignorant I was of all that I'd have to learn. I'm so glad you persevered and I get to come into your home, hear your thoughts and experience your country!

  47. My dear Poppy,

    After a long absence from your lively and informative blog, I return simply to say that I have no idea what it must feel to go through the experience you describe. I am a technological cripple; an internet challenged simpleton; and a complete coward who suffers from panic attacks at the thought of the word HTML (whatever that is.)

    I admire with awe people like you, who have the tenacity and perseverance to conquer the unknown and face it fearlessly. I get palpitations when I just think about it (no exaggeration). I'll just have to settle for emails, Word, surfing and such elementary engagement with technology, while leaving the rest to the intrepid ones like you.

    Bravo and thanks for all the hard work and effort in creating such a joy of a blog. Keep going!



  48. Glad you didn't give up. I always enjoy your beautiful photos and inspirational words.

  49. I can relate to your excitement and apprehension as I have felt it too as I hit the publish button! But it has been a great journey, meeting interesting bloggers, reading what they have to share...I must say I love your blogging HQ. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! Best wishes for many, many more lovely blog posts!

  50. Stumbled upon your blog from a comment you posted at Zafaran's blog. Love the way your write and beautiful photos.

  51. Reading all the comments I think we should all give ourselves credit for giving it a go and persevering, we've obviously achieved more than we ever expected. I kept asking my partner to help me make a blog but he never did, so in the end I just did it myself, made loads of mistakes, and kind of got there in the end.
    Mind you, I still can't make a button !!

  52. Happy Blog Anniversary! So happy you hit that first publish button!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY..,

  53. what a wonderful post, I know that blogging has helped me maintain some of the old gray matter upstairs. It keeps you young learning all this new stuff. Happy Anniversary!!

  54. Oh Poppy, you write a book and I will be at top of the list to buy a are just amazing at this. I have had a very busy week, going to get even more busy and I decided to catch up on my blogging and I am so happy that I got to stop by and read and feast upon the beauty of your post. Happy remainder to your week. Happy Anniversary~

  55. Poppy that was wonderful! Loved it, thanks for letting me know about it. You're so creative. You've done very well in your first 18 mos. cheers to your future!


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