Sunday, January 18, 2015

Strawberry Snow Cake: Bake for Expat Ache!

Hello Everyone, 

Before we dig into the decadent delight above, I'd like to thank you all so much for your sweet comments on my previous post. Sharing, whether it's happy news, a delicious meal, or one's precious time, is so gratifying, isn't it? Today, I'd like to share my Strawberry Snow Cake with you, as promised. Won't you stay for tea?

 A collection of Christmas crockery was scattered on the table, starting with a festive British teapot, (an adorable gift from Liberty, a few Christmases ago). Then, the cheery, red capped snowmen cups came down from the credenza, while their silver plated cousins, who travelled all the way from Canada, kept the table that Liberty had set, looking neat.

This recent, Cretan, snowy scene above, along with my memories of Toronto snowfalls, long ago, below, were the two inspirations for this cake, since the first was completely unexpected, but a pleasant surprise, especially for me, who was feeling a little nostalgic for the whimsy of those crisp, Canadian winters of my girlhood, wind chill factor, and all!

Evening streetscapes, alight with the glow of snow, silent, but for the whisper of snowflakes in the sky, and serene, are like a dream, where powdery paths lead to intriguing venues, via crystal covered avenues.

Can you understand then, 
my craving for such a cake, 
whose middle layer,
like a mountain of
 sweet snowflakes, 
brought back memories
 of crazy carpet rides, 
on curvy, icy, schoolyard slides?

A beautiful Christmas card I received from my dearest Dewena
who always seems to know what I'm feeling, even from so far away.

 Oh, my snow. I miss it so.  

And that, mes amis,
 is the story of my snowy sweet, 
a red and white, Canuck tied treat,
 a cool concoction of whipping cream,
 and jam from jewel-like strawberries.

 Inspired by different snowfalls:
one, recent and surprising, 
and many, relived in my memory,
it was then aptly named by Liberty!
 Otherwise, it is more widely known 
as the very famous Victoria Sponge,
 a British classic, whose recipe
 you can find right here, quite readily.

Thanks for joining me for tea. 
You're always such great company!

Wishing you a
  fun-filled weekend!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Would you like me to send you some snow. Ours is melting today but it will be back soon.

  2. Snow always makes me nostalgic for the times when I was little and my mom would bundle us up for fun times and warm hugs when we came back inside. Coincidentally, this cake is my mom's favorite! Yours looks delicious!

  3. Hi Poppy, your cake looks so good and I bet it's delicious. We have had a little bit of snow here. I love the Christmas card from your friend. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh my, just look at that buttery cake, that snowy cream between the layers, berries dripping over the edges! I can just taste it, almost! I'll be printing the recipe out and trying this one, even if we don't get any snow here to accompany it.

    That tea table among your snowmen is so pretty, just like the mother and daughter who sat there to enjoy it together, the teapot just perfect with it.

    Thank you for taking us with you on a sled ride of your memories of Canadian snowy winters, Poppy. I'm so glad that the Christmas card made you happy!

    Now to visit that recipe!

  5. What a delightful tea you've set Poppy. Your teapot and mugs are sweet reminders of your snowy winters in Canada. The cake looks amazing! We're in for some rain here the next two days so our current snow will be diminished. Hugs. Pam

  6. Oh that looks delicious and so very cheery! I hope you are enjoying your "Canadian" weather in Crete!

  7. Oh how I would love to sit down with you have some of the delicious cake with a cup of tea. I lived most of my life growing up in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Up until I started High School we lived in Euclid, Ohio, two block from Lake Erie. So lots of snow, ice skating and having fun in the snow. Then we move out to the country, 50 miles east of Cleveland. Oh how we got snow - the drifts and so cold. So I know how you feel about Canada. I could never live there as now at my age it is way to cold for me. It was 77 today and I had my long sleeve sweater on. Go figure ....
    My this cake is so lovely and it does remind me of snow.
    Enjoy your snow and have a wonderful week. I so enjoy your posts, dear Poppy.

  8. Yum, yummy, your avid descriptions really take the cake!....'sorry:)))'

  9. What a gorgeous backdrop for the rare snowfall. And that mountain header photo is stunning! My kids and I would love this cake... it looks delicious!

  10. Poppy, how nice to have a little surprise snowfall. The cake looks delicious. I'd love a piece, thank you!

  11. Hello Poppy. I can understand your nostalgia and delight at seeing snow. I grew up in the interior of BC where snow fell every winter, and stayed far too long. But now that we're on the Island, we rarely see snow and I miss it so much. I long for a snowy week every winter. Tonight the rain is falling and trickling down the eavestrough - it's just not the same.
    Your Victoria sponge does look like it's full of snow - it looks delicious! I'd be happy to have a small piece of it with tea.

  12. My sweet Poppy, I would have a hard time being away from snow.... All my life I have lived where there is snow and it has become a part of me.

    My dad was born in Toronto and has told me many stories about the cold Winters there including freezing rain :)

    Lovely post, dear friend. Take care and enjoy your week! Hugs

  13. I sense how you are torn but yet loving where you are. You are a brave girl to me...I could never do this. And I thank you for sharing this recipe. I know I will make it and always think of you.

    Jane x

  14. This looks like a delicious cake, Poppy. I wish I could join your for tea! I understand how you must miss Toronto at times. I feel the same about New York City where I lived most of my life. I do enjoy my new life in Colorado very much but soem things will never be the same. We do get lots of snow here so I'l never miss that!

  15. OH I love this blog so much!
    I just had my website completely redone.......(oh dear lordy! and I love these people who did it; and I love the way it turned out!) I would love to hear what you think!!

    what a wonderful blog you do! Thank you so much!!

  16. Well it is early morning here and I am thinking that if only I had a cup of hot tea right now and a slice of your wonderful cake, I should feel very happy indeed. It looks scrumptious. The sponge cake recipe that my own mother used to make, with berries and powdered sugars...your cake made me think upon those days with her baking in the kitchen. You are such a fine hostess, I feel like we all can just gather right here, in our homes and still feel the love and warmth of your charming hospitality. Have an especially wonderful week Poppy... Love, hugs and blessings~

  17. Oh Poppy- what an enjoyable read. The cake looks absolutely delicious and I love how you weaved your thoughts around it. I dream of not having to deal with snow but then I wonder how I'd feel if it wasn't a part of my life. There is always a tug and pull with these emotions isn't there. I think you found a delightful way be nostalgic- love the snowman mugs!

  18. No snow in Brittany either. I think I need to bake a strawberry snow cake!

  19. There is something a bit sad about Christmas with no snow I believe. Especially if we are used to snow from our childhood. How nice that this year you not only had a lovely visit with Liberty, but a bit of a dusting! And of course, indulging in such a beautiful, scrumptious cake was the cherry on top (pun intended).


  20. Hello Poppy, I wish I could join you for tea and that yummy looking cake..Lovely tea setting.. I am happy you received some snow..It is so cold here the snow we received a week or so ago will not melt.. Thanks for sharing the recipe, I am bookmarking that link.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  21. Oh Poppy I so look forward to your posts - they are such a boost for the soul! It is funny how snow can make all the difference isn't it? I was feeling a bit empty as we approached the task of the House on the Hill and one of the first things I discovered in the house was a small plate with a whimsical smiling snowman on it. I placed it on the fireplace mantel - my first and only real decoration of the season - it stayed in place until Jan. 6th, when I was told decorations had to come down ;-). Perhaps next year it will look like your place - cozy, warm and inviting! xoxo Jackie

  22. I don't know how it is that pictures of snow would warm my heart and brighten my eyes with embers of the warming memories of my childhood. I too grew up in Cleveland, Ohio next door to the school yard, we moved to the country when I was twelve. The streets were brick in our neighborhood when I was very young and a trolly car traveled up the middle of the road a few streets over from my house. My brothers and I would go Christmas caroling at the houses that were on either side of the trolly line. It was quite the sight on a snowy night.

    The strawberry snow cake looks wonderful sitting proudly on it's red stand in the middle of the table set for tea. A beautiful memory for you to tuck away and enjoy again on a day when you are feeling lonely and missing Liberty.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post, I always enjoy my visits to your home so much..... Candy

  23. what beautiful pictures !!! thank you and a nice Sunday of angie from Germany

  24. How I love the traditional English Victoria Sponge - my mum's was always the best as she was an amazing baker and never measured much, just knew what to throw in the bowl, and of course in those long ago days, mixed everything by hand!!

    You table looks lovely Poppy.
    Enjoy your snow while you can - we're still waiting for some - raining today but a lovely sunny, mild week ahead by looks of it - so again no snow to look forward to……YET!
    Hugs - Mary

  25. Oh, that cake looks delicious. There's nothing like baking, and eating, when the weather is cold. I hope you enjoy the snow!

  26. Your prayers were heard and Crete got so much snow!AriadnefromGreece!

  27. Your Victoria Sandwich looks so delicious, it's part of the British diet along with fish and chips and Yorkshire pudding, all calorie laden foods I love.
    Your snowy scenes are like picture postcards, and so very pretty. I'd like the snow to visit - but just for a couple of days, and preferably when I'm off work !

  28. Such a great way to think about snowiness!! Your cake looks totally delicious! xx

  29. Oh Poppy...I have just eaten my breakfast and my mouth is watering for a bite of your cake...the way you use your words to describe it is almost as delicious as it must be! Your snowfall must have blessed your heart and I am so glad you were able to enjoy this! The scene on the Christmas card is one that I would love to be able to jump right in to...what a quaint and lovely scene of a vintage Christmas! This is such a fun post. I hope you have a blessed week, my friend!

  30. This cake looks amazing. Wish I could join you in a bite.

  31. We are having a January thaw the past two days here on PEI but the snow shall return by the truckload I'm certain, before Spring arrives. I adore your Snow cake! I made one just before Christmas and it's such a treat with tea. Yours looks scrumptious! I'm so happy you could join me for Tea Time this week. Have a lovely day, Poppy.


    I love everything about this post! the pictures... the table... I WANT TO SIT THERE WITH YOU!!!
    uh oh. i see i'm yelling here! not very lady-like.
    but that luscious cake . . . and the snow scenes and the perfect tea table . . . oh my own poppy.
    love and huge hugs. xo♥

  33. I so enjoyed reading this post! You made me almost wish for snow. The cake is beautiful, too!

  34. What a beautiful post! I love your hutch with all the pretty dishes and the cake sounds great! Wish I had a piece right now. I just pinned it.
    Hope you are having a great start of the week.

  35. What a special post today. I can understand the nostalgia. We lived in Puerto Rico for three years and I actually missed cool temps in winter!

  36. Greetings from a fellow Canuck! The strawberry snow cake is perfect with a cup of tea.

  37. The cake looks absolutely delicious! Wish I could stop for tea!

  38. I wish I had a piece of that right this instant! :)

  39. Mmmm! My mouth is watering! I love jam and cream! And I have enjoyed reading through your posts, thanks to Stephanie s link party. So I am now a follower and off to read more of your journey from Canada to Crete!
    Best wishes

  40. Poppy Dear,
    I feel as though I was pulled right through this computer screen into your world, the snow, the beauty, and the cake! What a truly, tasty, beautiful treat this is to behold and I must say, I might just have to look at it rather than eat it!
    Such a inspiring post (oh they all are) but a nostalgic one too, of a time with sleds, sleigh bells and being bundled up so very tightly we could barely breathe!

  41. I am not much of a tea drinker. Would you mind if I exchanged my cup for an extra slice of that yummy looking cake :)


  42. amazing to see snow in Crete! didn't know you ever got it. Your memories are lovely; you paint the best of the best, though. It's not always quite so magical, haha! Though I do have to say, it's my second favorite season, so nice for cozying up to a fire with a good book!
    The cake looks delicious!

  43. it looks scrumptious and love its new name :)

  44. I love your pictures and your flowery writing!! The cake looks absolutely divine!!

  45. What amazing pictures. That cake looks scrumptious.

  46. oh my.....that cake looks amazing ~ recipe please?!!! :)

  47. Hello Poppy,
    that cake looks delicious! I love the postcard that you have post! :)
    Greetings from Italy,
    La Sportina

  48. Vintage scenes of snow always transport one to ' happy memories" as does your strawberry Snow Cake...( Yummy)... We always enjoyed a similar type ' Strawberry Shortcakes" but your's looks even better so beautifully presented ...and yes ..I'd love the recipe( Ha Ha) .. Hugs

  49. That cake is absolutely beautiful! I can only imagine how good it tastes...I'm salivating just looking at the screen! I always say I don't like snow but I bet if I lived in a climate where it never or rarely snowed, I'd miss it. Just a little bit though. ;-)

  50. How fun! Beautiful table and that cake looked heavenly! Thanks for the tea! ;0)

  51. Dear Poppy
    I would love to join you for a cup of tea and a piece of your Strawberry Snow Cake - it looks spectacular on that red cake stand.
    Your table setting with the snowman theme is gorgeous and I love the candle in the red container.
    Most evenings I light a candle for my family in France, somehow it brings them closer to me and into my home!
    A gorgeous post Poppy - thank you!

  52. Looks so good! I hope we have a little snow this winter, none so far.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  53. Hi Poppy! Thank you so much for pointing me to this blog too! Your tea party is lovely and that cake looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing with us!

  54. I love the snow-covered photos and the Christmas card from your lovely friend. What a delightful setting for tea and the strawberry short cake looks scrumptious. I should give it a try one day
    Lovely post as always dear Poppy.
    Enjoy your weekend

  55. I love the idea of a snow cake! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!


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