Saturday, March 28, 2015

Cityscape Escape

Having happily lived in the countryside for the past
three years, and before that, the city for twenty-three
  years, I still get the urge, especially in the spring, to revisit
 its little patches of picturesque perfection. Understandably, 
many may dismiss the building, above, as a dwelling
 in dismal decay, but all I see, is storybook sweet.

Banks and other establishments conduct their business
in neoclassical gems, most of which echo Minoan patinas.
Is it just me, or does this beautiful building manage to
 make money matters less daunting, and more bearable?

Amid all the commercial commotion, there is spiritual
 calm, where churches, built stone by stone, still stand 
strong, their steely, domed steeples greeting the heavens.

 Slim, stuccoed columns, in a sienna stripe, attract the
attention of bustling passersby, who pause to ponder
what may be found behind flaky, wine coloured shutters.


In a parkette, Judas-trees glow in hot pink,
 providing stimulating eye candy for sluggish coffee
 house customers  - a second wake up call, for those
 still snoozing over their weak, morning brews.


The Loggia, Heraklion's Town Hall, constructed in 1628, 
is one of the island's most ornate, architectural treasures.
A combination of both Doric and Venetian influence, it
is a favourite subject among visitors, who can be seen
studying its elaborate artistry, with guide book in hand. 

On a quiet, cobblestone path, renovated relics, reminiscent 
of romantic eras gone by, charm surprised shutterbugs in
 passing. Squinting from the sun's harsh light, they spot
 a floating figure behind the glass - perhaps the shadow
 of a Shakespearean heroine? What say you?

 In a cafe around the corner, I take a seat under a canopy
 of frilly, fuchsia hued clusters, and sipping on cappuccino 
with freddo flair, I await the arrival of a dear friend, 
anxious to tell her about my exciting, new adventure, 
in my nostalgic, old neck of the woods. 

(all photos were taken in the city of  Heraklion, Crete)

Thanks for visiting
and happy weekend!

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  1. Good frosty morning to you Poppy. I certainly enjoyed your pretty photos of your walk in the city this morning. The architecture is so beautiful. The sun is going to shine for a few hours then we'll get cloud and flurries but, no big snow coming so that's good! Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs.

  2. Hi Poppy, I enjoyed my little tour of your beautiful city. The architectural designs and colours of each building are simply remarkable, each one with their own story to tell. May it be city or island, your country tops it all. Hope you have a wonderful weekend dear friend. Apologies for my long absence.


  3. Dear Poppy, Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs and charming verse. Happy weekend.

  4. Hello Poppy, thanks for sharing your visit to the city. The architecture styles are beautiful. I love all the windows and the little balconies. Wonderful series, have a happy weekend!

  5. I am so glad you share your time and place with us here.

  6. How utterly lovely, Poppy! It only needs for you to tell me that you also have parking and I'll know you live in heaven.

  7. I LOVE seeing beautiful old buildings of different architectural styles so I really enjoyed seeing your pictures! And as soon as I saw the building with the green shutters and balcony I thought of Juliet!
    Have a lovely spring weekend!

  8. You live in such a beautiful and historically rich area. I so enjoy the combination of your lovely photos and poetic words; you are very talented. Wishing you a peaceful and restful Saturday. Heather

  9. We've always wondered about those beautiful blooming trees and now you've taught us they are called Judas trees! Again, I've had a wonderful stroll 'with' you and enjoyed sipping coffee and as always learned a bit more from you. Have a beautiful weekend my friend. Hugs, Jackie

  10. Good, good morning, Poppy! What beautiful architecture, such pure lines. A wonderful stroll through a cityscape I can only dream of visiting. (But sometimes dreams come true.)

    Can I tell you again how much I love your header photo - that green makes me smile every time I open your blog.

  11. Such beautiful buildings! Would love a stroll there and sit and have cappucino in the sunshine! Have fun with your friend!

  12. Wonderful, I like the beautiful city buildings but I also do love the old country buildings. So nice to see the flowering Judas tree, I too have one in my garden, another variety which flowers in May, better suitable for our climate.
    Wish you a great Sunday!

  13. What city is this, Poppy? I am amazed by the architecture and the colorful paint. Greece is one of the places I long to see and since I've found you, the desire grows stronger. It is much different than I thought it was at first. I guess I thought it was all white buildings. I really enjoy learning and reveling in the unique (to me) trees and buildings. It must be fabulous at night with those windows aglow with light, street lamps casting pools of light and secret places coming into view. Fabulous.

    1. Hi Ginene,

      Although I had listed the city, Heraklion, in Labels, I just edited the post to include it there, too. Heraklion is the capital of Crete.

      So happy to learn that my little tours have sparked some curiosity in you about visiting Greece, where among all the white washed houses, there are those that dazzle with colour, and impress with stone.

      Happy weekend, my friend!


  14. What a beautiful city you live in, Poppy. The architecture is so interesting. I can see why Greek building styles were all the rage here in the US at one point. Thank you for sharing your cityscape views with us.

  15. Such pretty buildings, Poppy and you know that the red accents are my favorite. What always catches my eye with your architectural photos is how the windows are always adorned in some way. The arches, the colors used to surround, the shutters, they always stand out. Homes in the states generally lack such character.

  16. You live in gorgeous countryside, and I can't believe the buildings are so old!

  17. What a wonderful pictures !!! a beautiful weekend wishes angie from Germany

  18. I am constantly craning my neck when we drive here to look at buildings that are antebellum. I would probably have chronic whiplash if I were fortunate enough to visit Crete, Poppy, and have the experience of seeing this city. Many towns in Tennessee have Old Town sections whereas there Old Town goes on and on. I would wear my camera out, girlfriend, especially if I had a tour guide as knowledgeable and sensitive to architectural beauty as you.
    Lovely, dear favorite poet,

  19. Heraklion, Crete glows and blushes amidst your images and glowing words. A city knows when it is admired lovingly!. I am sure you had a delightful visit with you friends.
    Wishing you a very Happy Easter should the week escape me
    Helen xx

  20. I really enjoyed the tour of your city, Poppy! The buildings are beautiful, I love the colors and architecture. I love the flowering trees and I imagine flowers abound in summer in pots and window boxes adding to the beauty. Wishing you a lovely weekend! ~Cheryl

  21. Beautiful, beautiful buildings!!


  22. Oh what beautiful buildings Poppy. I love everything about them and would love to take a tour through that city and see all the stunning buildings. How fun to sit there and have coffee with a friend. Have a wonderful weekend and week ahead.

  23. I'm convinced Greek architects and builders are masters of their trades, and can teach the rest of us a thing or two. Not only do they have spot on instincts of when to hold back and when to be extravagant, they have excellent knowledge of color and proper combinations and saturation. I love the dental moldings, the columns, the shutters...everything is simply perfect and so romantic!

    Crete should hire you as an ambassador Poppy. I think you single handedly will be responsible for many of us visiting the lovely place you call home.


  24. I'm amazed at how colourful the city buildings are. Here they are mostly stone... and only the shutters give touches of colour.

  25. All the buildings are lovely, but it's that unique blue that is so hard to duplicate here, that draws me in every time. You have the best of both worlds, with your country home and city delights.

  26. I love your eye for the beautiful in buildings, it seems a special pleasure to find the lovely bits amongst the more ordinary town buildings doesn't it? I get a yearning to return to London some days to rediscover my favourite places. Have a happy week. Jane xx

  27. Such magical photos you have shared. I love visiting around the world through blogging!

  28. Wow, what a great and lovely photostory of beautiful buildings! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice sunday

  29. Poppy, you have such a good eye. I love these photographs. the colours zing and you take such wonderful images. Greetings to you in Crete from a very wind swept UK day

  30. Thanks for sharing those fantastisk houses with us. You really have an eye for details. take care Jaana

  31. What an enjoyable post! I am entertained by your thoughts as you take us through the pictures. Love the windows in all of the pictures. They use such great color there- I wish we would see more of that here.

  32. First of all Poppy, thank you from my heart to yours for your beautiful comments on my post this week. It has been such a difficult time and will be for weeks, months, but getting beyond the initial shock and celebration of Dad's life, we move from one day at a time. This day, I reflect on the beauty of all of yesterdays. Your post is very lovely and full of wonderful images that share a place where you live and share in such a beautiful fashion where your heart lies. The wonderful hues so, bright and fresh, make me so wish we had some of that in our small historical town. Loving you~

  33. What gorgeous architectural buildings around you. I also thought the first one is gorgeous. What wonderful building you have to loo, at, Chicago is rich in buildings too, but none like this. Do you do have a good eye and just love all the color...oh how I love color.

  34. Hey Poppy,
    Beautiful photos and words....I hope your weekend was a good one..
    Love, Mona

  35. The architecture is stunning but it's the use of paint as well that is so intriguing, like the green woodwork in the second picture, framed with red. Whether decaying or in perfect condition, it all looks so beautiful, thank you for sharing your meanderings through Heraklion.

  36. Such handsome architecture! I love it when you tour us around. Through the blog world, I've enjoyed so many wonderful places all over the world. Crete is so beautiful and full of warmth, history and patina. Happy Sunday, Poppy.
    Your friend in DC,

  37. Poppy, you are one lucky lady. You are surrounded by beauty no matter where you go. I absolutely LOVE all the colors that surround you. What a perfect place for an artist (that's YOU) to live! Every time I visit you, I feel very happy. Thank you.

  38. Lovely blog, thanks for sharing

  39. Such beautiful buildings!! Thank you for taking us along on your visit! xx

  40. Poppy,
    Such a glorious plethora of historical architectural delights which surround you and where you have called home for the past three years. With your kind and caring disposition, crafty creator of clever expressions, eye for the beauty of many things which many of us would not truly "see," you have shared such a beautiful part of artistic Poppy!
    Thinking of you daily and wishing you much joy,

  41. I love our walks Poppy it is lovely to walk in the city this time your picture as always beautiful.

  42. All so lovely but that first one is my favorite! The color combo...amazing :)

  43. Oh I love the old buildings that look a little decayed...such great beauty!

  44. If I could go to Toronto and see the pretty structures like you've shared here Poppy, it might be an adventure worth taking. However, I dislike going to the city with all the vehicle exhaust and crazy drivers. The best part is the people watching though.
    Thanks for linking to Mosaic Monday - I can picture you sitting there sipping your cappuccino.

  45. Hi Poppy, I think the building where you live are historic and very beautiful. The tree blossoms look so nice pictured again them. It is wonderful to savour a coffee or cappuccino in such a restful looking place. Thanks for visiting my blog. I wish you a wonderful Easter season. xx

  46. Poppy...absolutely breathtaking photos...and your lovely descriptions just bring everything to life! You live in such a wonderfully beautiful part of the world Thank you for this lovely tour of the town!

  47. What beautiful photos! Hope you have a beautiful Easter!

  48. Such beautiful architecture and flowering blossoms. All your views make perfect photos, Poppy!

  49. You are surrounded with the most beautiful buildings over there! I love the architecture and colors! Thank you for sharing your creative posts on the Art of Home-Making Mondays Poppy :)

  50. so lovely! Your photos are just beautiful! Greece is on my "someday" list

  51. Beautiful buildings Poppy! It´s a pleasure to visit your lovely blog and you taking great shots too...
    Have a HAPPY EASTER, take care!
    Warm hug,

  52. Just beautiful! I must put your beautiful country on my must visit list! Wonderful pictures and descriptions. Always enjoy your posts!

  53. Happy First Day of April Poppy! Sorry I'm late getting to this post, but it has been a busy week here (spring break)... but wow! What a treat for the eyes and heart to come here and visit with you through the lovely city of Herklion - never even knew it existed! Love your photos of the architectural structures, and your poetic renderings throughout the tour added to the delight. May you have a blessed and wonderful first day of April, and that's no foolin :)

  54. Hi Poppy, nothing tells the history of an old town like it's buildings and it's architecture.What a joy to get to go back and see it like it was. All the colors are so beautiful and I like that you describe it all as patches of perfection..Happy Easter..Judy

  55. This is a beautiful city. The town hall built in 1628 is intriguing. I've never seen a building that old, not even close! There is so much history preserved there and it is such a treasure for your island.

  56. How pleasant it is to get to see the beautiful architecture of this ancient city. Your pictures are a delight to the eye, they conjure up visions of a long gone populous that once dwelled there and wondered in and out of the very same buildings carrying on their daily lives.

  57. Uau!! Que belas fachadas de edifícios!! Belas artes!

    beijinhos, Feliz Páscoa, Poppy.

    Lígia e =ˆ.ˆ=

  58. After a light dusting of snow last night, you are warming me with your city shots which clearly share some colour, charm and sense of history with your rural views. Just beautiful, Poppy.

    Happy Easter to you.

  59. Such beautiful architecture! Your photos always delight, Poppy! It must be wonderful sitting under that canopy sipping coffee!

  60. Beautiful Poppy! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  61. It's so incredibly beautiful there! Your picture were amazing, Poppy. Thank you for the tour :)



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