Sunday, February 14, 2016

Message of Love

As I stare out
into the late, 
evening sky,
starry snowflakes
 gather to meet
  tired eyes.

They huddle together
to make sure I see
the message of love
they've so carefully
drawn for me.

The Triumph of Galatea by Raphael

in a few hours,
Cupid's arrows will
fall like shooting stars
to enamour all those
who aren't enamoured so far!
I, intend to stay indoors,
having been pierced
by his amour arrow before,
and though I'm recuperating,
I still feel quite sore, 
so I'd better not
 take any chances.


  1. Oh Poppy, I hope you rest well this evening and your heart heals, too. Hugs to you on Valentine's Day.

  2. I wish you a quiet and peaceful weekend. I hope the healing of that wounded place is as quick as it is gentle. Sending hugs and good wishes your way.

  3. Πολλές ευχές, να αγαπάς και
    να αγαπιέσαι πάντα !

  4. Dear Poppy, I send you hugs and love, along with the best wishes for your heart to heal.

  5. My dear Poppy, what a darling saying - love the snow flakes..

    Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  6. Poppy, it will take time but I wish you a new future with lots of happiness and love.
    Hugs, Janneke

  7. Love this poetry and the sweet heart in the sky. Sending Valentine's wishes your way.

  8. Time will always heal everything, but the scars may remain. Keep smiling always, and warm greetings!

  9. What a touching sentiment on this day that, for so many, is just painful. Have a nice day, Poppy.

  10. Such lovely prose, Poppy. I am sending you love and wishes for comfort as your heart heals, my friend. I hope that being near family has been a comfort. Thinking of you...

  11. One day, Poppy, you will be ready to take that chance again, but for now, be happy just to be who you are. Sending you love today x

  12. Dearest Poppy, sending you love and a huge helping of prayers and wishes for heartsease. And so many expectations of a blessed future.
    Love to you,

  13. Sending a big hug to you dear Poppy. xx Pam

  14. And Valentine - as well as every day - hugs from the Pacific Northwest (and sometimes Greece ;-).) That heart of yours, so full of love of life, will mend itself over time and I suspect it will be even stronger and ready for those arrows . . .

  15. Lovely lyrics and pictures, like always, Poppy! Sensitive and touching, too! Best regards and Happy Valentine's Day!

  16. Happy Valentine's Day Poppy I hope you shared it with friends and family you love. Very beautiful poignant post.

  17. Hugs to you Poppy. Love can hurt there is no doubt!

  18. Love will find its way to your heart once again Poppy, and when it does it will burst with happiness. I just know it.

  19. YOU are so loved! can you not see it here?
    and i agree with house honey.
    she said it so well for all of us.

  20. Poppy, serdeczności Walentynkowe dla Ciebie ♥♥♥

  21. Sweetie hugs and kisses!Love is all around you!AriadnefromGreece!

  22. Hello, Poppy! Sending hugs and my wishes for much happiness. You deserve it!
    Happy belated Valentine's Day! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  23. Haha! Poppy what a great poem!! But love has to be experienced and not shunned. Unless the one we love does not treat us well. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day, you brought a smile to my face.

  24. Much love and hugs to you, Poppy as you journey through you heart healing process. xoxo

  25. Beautiful prose Poppy, expressed so eloquently, and my heart hurts with yours today! Praying that healing will come in gentle ways. What a tender beautiful soul you have, and I'm sure Cupid's arrows will fly again, in time. Blessings to you today my friend!

  26. Bless you, your heart, your soul and may the hurt that you have felt this past year mend and may you find peace, contentment and beauty in every way, every day. You my dear, are so deserving of such and more. I hope that you enjoyed your day with your daughter and family and friends. Sweetest of Blessings and XXXOOO

  27. Your writing is lovely, capturing the hope that love can bring, but also the sorrow.

  28. A big big hug, dearest Poppy. And only good things.

  29. A very belated Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  30. It is really snowing there? Beautiful post, I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's day.
    Best wishes,
    Domestic cleaners Richmond

  31. Dear Poppy, sending hugs your way, and hoping that you feel a little less "sore" each and every day.

  32. Oh, dear Poppy, I feel that I've missed so much of what you have blogged about in the last few months. I'm so sorry that you have had heartache, but I don't know what it is. Whatever has caused this pain, I pray that your heart will soon begin to mend.

    I also realize that I had no idea you had moved back to Canada. I'm so grateful that you have many much more attentive friends than me. I wish you all the best in your return to homeland Canada.

    Please, please forgive me for my lapse in communicating. I will try to do better. As always, your photography is beyond wonderful. You have an amazing "photographer's eye" for capturing the true beauty of any and everything.

    Warm hugs,

  33. Hi there Poppy! Just seeing what you have been up to! Looking like some changes have taken place on your life based on the content of this post and the comments. Sending a hug your way from across the world...

  34. My dear Poppy, you have been on my heart for quite a while now so I thought I would stop in for a visit. I somehow missed this post when it came out in February... How are you, sweet friend? From the words of this post it appears you suffered pain and my heart truly aches for you. I hope and pray you are healing, dear one. May your beautiful self continue to shine forth!

    Please know that you are thought of often. Love and hugs to you!


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