Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer: On Schedule, Stand By...


It feels like an entire season has come and gone since
 I last posted. My beloved Spring, gleaming with hope and
 light and glory, finally did arrive, in all its budding beauty.

Suddenly, city streets sprouting pretty, pastel petals  
made once barren pathways to work happily bearable!

I recall the almond blossoms,
scattered across the Cretan countryside, 
fragrant confetti, dotting the meadows
with scented cheer, and I long for the day
to wander amid such a paradise, again.

 Until then, Summer is scheduled to arrive on time, 
here in southern Ontario, tomorrow, Monday, June 20, 
2016. As such, Spring has ensured that its successor
 be made to feel welcome, and thus, has already 
seen to hot, smouldering, temps  -  a show of
utmost warmth and hospitality, wouldn't you say?

 “For behold, the winter is past; 
the rain is over and gone. 
The flowers appear on the earth, 
the time of singing has come, 
 ...Song of Solomon 2:11-12

Wishing you all 

a Happy Summer,



All images except first & second: Google


  1. I can well imagine the southern Ontario end-of-spring-start-of-summer heat, Poppy. I am sure you'll be looking for the breezes off the lake, and I hope you find them. I find that the heat is best beat in a garden, under a big hat, with a glass of something cold and fizzy beside an open book!
    Lovely to see you back!

  2. Happy summer to you too dearest Poppy. You have been missed here in blogland.I was so happy to discover a new post of you and read your words.
    Wishing you all the best
    Until next

  3. Happy Summer, Poppy! I hope you will have a chance to enjoy all that the season has to offer and that you are doing well. Wonderful to see a post from you!
    :) Kim

  4. So good to see your post. Missed you. Hope you have a lovely summer.


  5. Happy summer to you, my friend! It' always a joy to visit you as your posts are always a blessing. Wishing you a joyous and beautiful summer. Hugs!

  6. Yes, summer is here! I read that meteorologically June 1 is the start of summer. Perhaps the TV weather forecasters made this up. We has a warm spring so it seems summer has been here a long while!

    Hope all is well with you!


  7. Hello my friend! Such lovely inspirational photos, as always. The gorgeous pink flowers remind me of cotton candy :).

    The weather has been glorious here, as I'm sure it has been for you as well.

    Be well, and let's chat soon!


  8. The difference between Crete and Canada is huge, isn't it? I love that painting of the almond trees, which also grow in California's Central Valley and I've taken many pictures of them - but your art is more evocative!

    Happy Spring, Poppy! I was so glad to see a post from you in my reader.

  9. Happy Summer Poppy. I hope you are well and finding inspiration up north. Are you planning a trip down our way?

    1. Hi Mary,

      I wish I could make it down this summer, but, unfortunately, that is not possible this year. Hopefully, next summer, God willing. I miss Crete so very much, my home, my garden, my friends and the sea!

      Enjoy it for me, too, will you?

      Thank you for stopping by!

  10. happy summer my friend - so glad to see you post ....i have to say that i was kind of shock about the weather myself one day we were wearing our winter coats and out of the blue with in days spring arrived and we (my family) are scrabbling to get rid of the coats and demand shorts....looking forward to the anticipated warmer days - have a lovely summer.

  11. "and the voice of the turtle is heard in the land!"
    oh my own poppy.
    what a beautiful post to start the week. the pictures sing.
    and now i have to visit your sidebar and visit some old favorites!

  12. THANK YOU for putting your songs there.
    listening to them all.
    'don't know why' remains my very favorite.
    but the pictures of 'the nightingale' and hearing your voice too...
    oh my.
    you are BETTER than norah jones!!! XOXOXO♥

  13. I've missed you! Happy Summer - may it be a summer filled with new adventures and much, much happiness for you. Hope your new career and new life are filling your days with opportunities and wonder. Hugs, Jackie

  14. Gorgeous. Happy Summer to you too.

  15. Hello my friend! Such lovely inspirational photos, as always. The gorgeous pink flowers remind me of cotton candy :).

    The weather has been glorious here, as I'm sure it has been for you as well.

    Be well, and let's chat soon!


  16. Poppy, just this morning I thought of you when I was out in the garden and looked at the grape-vines. They remind me of you. I was wondering how you were doing. Now I see your post. This is really amazing! I hope you're doing well and hopefully you were able to adjust to your new life.
    Sending you all the best wishes and a hug,

  17. Good to have you back Poppy 💕 Yes indeed, In summer, the song sings itself!
    Enjoy your summer too!

  18. Summer is here on the coast of southern California and it is making me smile.

    Have a lovely summer.

  19. Poppy so wonderful to see a post pop up from you, you are missed. Summer in Philadelphia is here and delivering temps in the mid 90's this week. Enjoy your Summer and all the beauty it delivers.

  20. Oh my, in South Georgia we had a couple of weeks of Spring and then jumped feet first into Summer. Even though the calendar disagreed, the temperatures told the true story! We did get a bit of respite yesterday, a breezy 90 degrees or so, a definite improvement over the oppressive 100+ degree temps. Stay cool and enjoy your sweet summer days!

  21. Glad to hear from you in Ontario where summer has arrived. Did not know it is so warm in June over there. I think it's better than in our small and wet country on the sea, honestly we had heavy rainfall non-stop today.
    Wish you a lot of joy and a wonderful summer!

  22. I was just thinking about you this afternoon Poppy and here you are with a new post. The weeks and months sure fly by and here it is summertime. I hope you have a very nice summer (it sure has been hot there!). We just had a couple of really hot days then back to normal temps this week. I know I'm going to enjoy the sun and heat. :) Take care. Happy Summer!

  23. Happy Summer to you, dear Poppy! It's so lovely to see a post from you. Yes, summer is here - we've had cooler weather for the past couple of weeks, but today the sun is shining and I'm hopeful that things will heat up a little.

  24. It's always a pleasure to read your posts. You have such a nice way of thinking about life. Love the images and your thoughts about Summer's arrival. It sure came in here with a hot landing! Fortunately we cooled off a bit again but somehow I'd rather have the heat so I feel like we're having a good summer! I just love that picture of the pink house and the flowering trees and plants. Did you paint that?

    1. Hi Liz,

      No, that is not my picture, although it IS my vision of what a pretty paradise one's home can be, especially, in the spring and summer. Pink seemed to be my couleur du jour that day!

      Thanks for visiting!

  25. Glad you have been enjoying a lovely spring. It is good to hear from you. xx

  26. Hello and happy Summer to you Poppy! I love all your pretty flowers and images. I actually love the warm summer months. I hope all is well with you! Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day and week ahead!

  27. Oh dear sweet Poppy, so happy to hear from you! Happy Summer to you. Summer jumped in very HOT here. Triple digit temps. But it is cooling off today.

    I hope you are doing well and enjoying Canada.

    Hugs to you dear sweet friend.


  28. Best wishes for a lovely summer Poppy! Beautiful pictures too...
    Love from Titti

  29. Spring is such a beautiful season blasting with colours and fragrance filling every senses of each beholder.
    Love the tulips and the cherry blossoms. You must miss the beauty of Crete too.

    Have a good week Poppy.


  30. Have a great summer too!Hope you are doing well!AriadnefromGreece!

  31. Thankful heart this morning to scroll down and see that you had gotten in a visit and posted this charming post after such a long time of missing you. I have been lost without Mosaic Monday doing their weekly shares and kind of run a muck in trying to make my way. This is so bright and cheerful and the memories of where you have been combined with those of where you are now, close your eyes and you are one place, open them and here you are. I hope that you are doing beautifully well. I am doing fine, following surgery a month ago. Healing coming along, slow recovery time, but all should come back in time. Hugs to you...this made my morning, even without a cup of java~

  32. Hello Poppy,
    Happy to see that life is good and summer has arrived in To. Hope you enjoy every minute of the summer and some great alfresco dining on the Danforth. My favourite is Pantheon and their freshly grilled Mediterranean sea bass.
    Helen xx

  33. Would you please send summer over here as well? It seems that November has conquered Brittany and doesn't want to go away!

  34. Hi Popppy,
    Been awhile since I have been by.......Happy Summer to you. These are beautiful
    pics.......and did you paint some of these?? They are all lovely.
    Hope this finds you well and happy hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  35. Dearest Poppy, may your city streets or your Cretan countryside always bring a time of singing to you,

  36. I hope that you have an absolutely amazing and memorable summer :)

  37. Hi,
    I done a random image search of my art and I find my "Cotton Candy Sky" image on your blog.
    Please credit the image by adding my name and the link to my art. As any of my art can not be used without my permission.
    Nice post by the way.
    Happy summer!
    Marianna Mills

  38. It's good to see a post from you, Poppy! We have had a beautiful start to summer here - not too hot, and low humidity! If only it would stay that way. Wishing you a happy summer, too!


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