Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm No Spring Chicken

Hello all,
 Happy Spring!

On Sunday, we celebrated my birthday, dining
 al fresco in this gorgeous landscape, just a
 10 minute drive from our village. 

While daisies and buttercups garnished the fields below, 

we had a scrumptious lunch on the patio 

of this beautifully rustic establishment,
 high, in the hilly Cretan countryside.


Before leaving, a prayer at the inn's tiny chapel, 
completed our visit to this pretty, pastoral place.

Once home, Liberty and I immediately changed into
 more sporty clothing, then departed on our daily walk, 
hoping to undo some of the damage done at the tavern.

Now, my daughter is twenty something and in great shape. 
And, although she can easily finish our route in half the time,
 she is happy to stroll at my pace, simply to keep me company.

 After all, I'm no spring chicken, 

just a loving, mother hen!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. You're just a baby in my book, and a lovely one at that, although that gorgeous landscape is a close second ;).

    What a wonderful way to herald in another trip around the sun!

  2. You look spring-ish to me, Poppy, and not hen-ish at all! Happy Birthday! An alfresco dinner sounds like a great way to celebrate.

  3. Many happy returns dear!What a beautiful place!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Poppy!
    You, your daughter , and the horse - on the background of lovely Cretan landscape, make for beautiful pictures.

  5. Happy Birthday dear Poppy! And may you have many, many more so you can enjoy all that the Cretan landscape has to offer with your family!

  6. Happy Birthday, dear Poppy! I wish you only good things. What a stunning place in which to celebrate.

  7. Happy Birthday Poppy! Mine is this Friday and I'm no spring chicken either! :-)
    Looks like you two had a very nice day together. I always enjoy seeing the landscape and buildings where you live. Big hugs, Liz

  8. Happy birthday Poppy! It looks like you celebrated in grand style. I love the look of that patio garden where you had lunch. I am sure the views were amazing. And how lovely to spend the day with your daughter.
    Have a fabulous week ahead and thank you so much for visiting!

  9. Dear Poppy, Happy Birthday. Wishing you many, many more. You have given us a present...beautiful and uplifting photographs.

  10. Happy Birthday beautiful lady! You have the most beautiful views to look at when you walk...or lunch! Just lovely! I'm sending you lots of birthday hugs! Enjoy your week, Diane

  11. Happy Birthday, Poppy! What a lovely way to celebrate. I hope it's a fabulous year...and spring chicken or mother hen, I'd say you're just divine! xo

  12. What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday, the restaurant looks wonderful and in such a beautiful setting too. I'm looking forward to seeing it all for myself in May.
    Thanks for bringing your Cretan spring day to Mosaic Monday this week.

  13. Happy Birthday! Mine was last month. Your daughter looks so much like you. A beautiful woman! I envy you your scenery.

  14. BELATED HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY POPPY DEAR! I love your new pics ... Wish you another blessed year and enjoy everyday whatever your undertakings will be!



  15. Happy birthday for Sunday, Poppy. How lucky you were to be able to celebrate Al Fresco on your beautiful Greek island! Mine was a couple of days before yours and I still have my birthday flowers to remind me of my special day.

  16. OH GOOD GRIEF!!!
    a picture of my poppy and liberty!
    I think you both look like MOVIE STARS. seriously. that glorious hair!!!
    and I beg to differ with you...
    YES. you ARE just a BEAUTIFUL spring chick. never doubt it.
    oh... and btw... the pictures of the landscape are gorgeous too.
    they can't help it if they're upstaged by poppy. LOL!

  17. Happy Birthday and Happy spring. I agree with Tammy. you are beautiful!so are your other pics and words! a few that stole my breath and required an instant re-read... While daisies and buttercups garnished the fields below, hilly Cretan countryside, this pretty, pastoral place...and last but not least, just a loving, mother hen!

  18. You look too young to have a 20-something daughter! What a stunning place to celebrate your birthday.

  19. Happy Birthday to a beautiful Mother Hen! What a gorgeous view for dining and to be with family and a sweet daughter....what else is there?!

  20. Happy belated birthday, Poppy! How blessed you are to have such a wonderful daughter that is willing to slow down to keep pace with her mama. ;-) The views you showed are nothing short of incredible, too.

  21. Happy Birthday, Poppy! Once again, I'm blown away by the beautiful vistas you get to look at everyday. How wonderful it is to share those with your daughter!

  22. Aww Poppy...what a special birthday that must have been, making these sweet memories together. And whether you consider yourself a spring chicken or not, you and your Liberty are both adorable!

  23. Such a lovely way to celebrate surrounded by wonderful scenery!

  24. You may be no spring chicken, but you are a cutie patootie.

  25. Dearest Mother Hen you're looking good! Happy belated birthday.
    Wren x

  26. Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like you enjoyed a beautiful day with your daughter. xo

  27. Happy Belated Birthday, dear Poppy! I wish you health, happiness and all the best. It looks like you had a wonderful spring day outside. You live in such a gorgeous area. The views are stunning.
    Have a lovely rest of the week! :)
    xo Julia

  28. Hello sweet mother hen! I think right now I'm reduced to clucking noises only because how does one handle seeing the unbelievable beauty--there's got to be a better word than beauty--that her friend actually lives in, is surrounded by, the incredible panoramic views that surely have formed her whole being?

    You are truly in your own personal setting, it fits you like a glove.

    Liberty--what a glorious photo of her! It speaks so much of her. Great snapshot, mama hen!

    I loved getting to see pictures of how you spent your big day. Remember, Poppy, a birthday celebration is meant to last all month.

    Birthday hug to you,

  29. Gorgeous photos, Poppy and Happy Birthday!!!


  30. Happy Birthday to you, Poppy! I love your green background and header photo. Green is my favourite colour! Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you so much for sharing.

  31. Happy Birthday dear Poppy! What a lovely way to celebrate, beautiful little spot with a great view! And I love to walk after eating a big meal too, it just feels so much better... but I'm like you, no spring chicken at all... I'd rather walk than run, lol! Enjoyed your pictures & the view you have, so lovely in spring! :)

  32. Hi Poppy, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, that is how I found yours! And I love what I see!
    Crete is such a beautiful island and I was lucky to visit it once in my live and still cherish the beautiful memories of that vacation. Your post really makes me want to come back and visit it again...
    Off to sign up as your follower...
    Warm regards,

  33. I can't get enough of your lovely photos! Keep them coming. You live in such a gorgeous place and I love to hear what you are up to. :) Kit

  34. Happy Belated Birthday my dear. You are a baby compared to my 81 years of age.
    You and Liberty are beautiful. Sounds like you had a very special day.

    Your photo's are stunning and the country side is lovely - love all the hills.

    Enjoy your weekend,
    Hugs my dear friend.


  35. Happy Birthday and Happy Year Ahead Poppy! I know it will be wonderful as you are back in the land you love! Hopefully our paths will cross this year ~ Happy Birthday Hugs to you!! Jackie

  36. Happy Birthday, Poppy! What a gorgeous place to celebrate. Wishing you a wonderful year ahead! xxx Maria

  37. Crete is looking beautiful .... love all the wildflowers!
    Wishing you Happy Spring and a fabulous year ahead!

  38. What a beautiful setting in which to celebrate! Your spring chicken/mother hen comment made me smile. :-)

  39. Happy belated birthday Poppy! Thank you for joining Home Sweet Home!

  40. Happy Birthday, what beautiful views and countryside!


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