Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Narcissus and Anemone Amore

An artsy version of my first bouquet of narcissus
 and anemones, this year, allows me to forever
 preserve their delicate beauty and cheery character.

 Finding the narcissus among the masses of buttercups that have promptly popped up all over the island was no easy feat!


But, thanks to a fruity/floral fusion, their fragrance draws you 
to them, so that no matter how boldly the buttercups beam, 
 it is only the tiny, white narcissus that are seen.

You'll find more narcissus and anemone amore here and here.
What early spring flowers have stolen your heart?
Thanks so much for visiting 
and have a lovely week!


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  1. Daffodils and tulips here. Spring flowers have to steal your heart though, right? It feels so good to see signs of the new season. :)

  2. So far I still have one lonely daffodil. I hope more will bloom!

  3. Lovely flowers, I love them all! Thanks for sharing Poppy, your boquet will be my inspiration for the coming Spring. Today afternoon I saw a bunch of wild daffodils that is popping up from the grounds... We still have chilly nights but the tulips are now coming out at least... Have a nice Tuesday ahead!

    Xo, Mercy

  4. So beautiful... I really love the peach blossoms on the peach tree, but they are tiny peaches today. Yet, I love wildflowers. xoxo Su

  5. I love the beautiful artsy effects! Lovely Spring blooms too. Enjoy your week! Hugs!

  6. Oh these are beautiful -- in 'real' and enhanced versions. It's too hot here in SW Florida for typical early Spring flowers like these and I do miss them. Thanks for the memories .... just beautiful.

  7. I adore anemones! Your flowers are so gorgeous, they almost don't look real.

    Lots of bougainvillea here in Florida, which I love and appreciate all the more because we can't grow them at home.


  8. Hi Poppy I find anemones pretty and your photos are gorgeous. My springtime flowers are Pansies. I adore their sweet little faces.

  9. How lucky you are to be finding flowers everywhere~we are still frozen! I love anemone, I tried to plant it but it barely made it out of the ground. Had I read the seed packet I would have known they don't do well in this region. So why are they sold here??! lol!

    Happy early spring, Poppy!

    Jane x

  10. Beautiful, Poppy. I've never seen as many anemones as we have this year. Hundreds and hundreds of them. It is a beautiful sight.

  11. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thank you , my darling Poppy! What fun to see your blogposts!!!

  12. Poppy these are easily my favorite flowers. They crop up at the end of January in my area and signal that spring is coming. I love their scent, although my husband complains that it is overpowering.

  13. Your vase of flowers is so pretty! I want to run through the buttercups too! I love seeing my purple crocus pop up....a sure sign of Spring here.

  14. I like the way you've been playing with arty effects on your images, they make a fab mosaic together. I'm also enjoying getting to see Crete through your eyes, it makes our upcoming trip in May quite exciting.
    Daffs, daffs and more daffs and a forsythia bush just turning yellow- that's what I see in my garden this week. Out in the lanes there are primroses and here and there blossom is starting to come through.
    Spring is definitely here.
    Thanks for being a part of the MM crowd again this week.

  15. Good Morning Poppy. Spring flowers have not quite poked through the earth here in the midwest just yet. Hoping to see tulips and daffodils soon. Happy New Week.

  16. Spring Flowers, oh how I yearn for them. We had snow all weekend and it's in the -20C here right now. I've been telling Old Man Winter that he's over stayed his welcome but he won't listen. Thank you so much Poppy, for bringing a little Spring into my morning ☺

  17. I love the way you ringed the bright anemones around the tiny scent filled narcissus! narcissuses? LOL
    it's so lovely. like a little painting.
    and speaking of paintings...
    the luncheon of the boat party is one of my favorites by Renoir!
    it's so happy. and the sunlight and shade... i can picture myself there!
    i'm the one with the little dog!
    we had flowers. but after being very hot... not even just warm...
    the temp dropped to below freezing the other night. such is spring here!

  18. Such a beautiful post Poppy! Your bouquets are gorgeous and that scene of the buttercups and hills is stunning to see. I make do with PEI tulips. Snowing here this afternoon. Take care. Hugs. Pam

  19. We are not going to see the sun at all where I am today... I can't decide if looking at your warm and vibrant pictures is helping me get through the last of winter, or making me discontent ;-)

    And I shouldn't complain, because there are flowers and blooms coming out everywhere, and Spring is on its way. Thank God for Crete and for your sharing the beauty of that place with us.

  20. Your artsy effect bouquet is charming, Poppy. Alas, there are no spring flowers to cheer up my garden yet. They are still waiting for warmer weather. However, I did purchase a pot of tulips for the front porch and they make me smile when I pass them.
    The sunshine and warmth evident in your photos cheers me no end.

  21. Love the artsy touch that you use, and they look like little oil paintings. These just perked up my gray day of cold and rain...thank you my dear friend. We have had the strangest weather this Winter, even last Summer. We do however have a few pretty's in the side garden...The Lenten Roses, the Snow Crocus, and even my Quince are beginning to blossom, oh but this weekend...possible few inches of the white fluffy stuff, so the colours may freeze up pretty quickly. Hugs to you dear heart~

  22. Your artsy bouquet is so lovely! Wishing you a great week!

  23. Your beautiful flowers have turned out to be an artistic inspiration, Thanks for sharing your wonderful mosaic, have a good week

    much love...

  24. I don't know which I like the most...your lovely flowery and very artistic photos or the lovely and flowery way you describe them! Have a beautiful day, Poppy!

  25. Narcissus are so pretty. I planted some in Cottage's garden. But for now, we have daffodils blooming.

  26. So beautiful! All we have here so far is daffodils and lilies pushing out of the ground (not flowering yet) and lilac buds in progress.

  27. Poppy, went back to your other 2 posts on these sweet flowers and realize that they are clearly dear to you. It's difficult to imagine these beauties blooming in winter, but that is part of the magic of your wondrous land.

    Your artistic touches on this bouquet must have been so much fun to create, makes me want to take time from daily tasks to play around with this too. I'm not into the adult coloring that so many love as a way to relax but this sounds much more my cup of tea.

    Before I say goodnight--oh my word, Poppy! Your mountain view leaves me breathless! There is something about mountains in the background that rest my eyes and heart.

    Blow a kiss to yours from me,

  28. I have a few rose bushes that have some buds on them already.... but I have a fondness for the yellow flowers that are growing from a patch of clover that are growing in my yard. They stand so proudly and the color is a dreamy bright yellow... just beautiful.

  29. Some lovely yellow and purple crocus maybe? Well, one day is sunny, next day dull and cold - it´s march!
    Beautiful pictures from your place...
    Love from Titti

  30. This year weather is driving us crazy. One day sunny, two days is raining... I love both anemones and narcissus!!! Love, Christina

  31. How lovely to go on a treasure hunt for these delightful little bundles of joy! And the lovely edit to the picture makes it seem canvas worthy indeed! Love your rocking chair sitting beside the glorious narcissus and anemones! No signs of spring yet here... more and more snow instead! Enjoyed my little taste of spring with you today :)

  32. Treasures hunting is something I love to do! Don't know what your using for your photo art but is lovely. Many things are sprouting here but a big snowball is expected and I'll have to wait longer of therm to sprout...Love the anemones and and narcissus..

  33. Beautiful flowers and photos. Thanks for sharing.


  34. What a beautiful bouquet and infusion of spring! The red is just so refreshing after a long winter of white and gray. Enjoy them and thank you for sharing the view!

  35. Looking forward to seeing the spring wildflowers in Greece. . .soon! (Yay!!) Keep the posts coming - I love 'visiting' your part of the country! xxx J


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