Monday, December 1, 2014

When St. Nick Does His Schtick


Is it Christmas yet?
Well, if you've been
 browsing the blogosphere,
halls have been decked,
and candy cane season
seems to be in full swing!

But, it's still autumn,
(at least here
in the Med, it is!),
when the great harvest
yields comfort food
and long, cozy nights 
of pure, fireplace bliss.

So, the roosters and chicks
who hang out at my place,
have made it quite clear that
 they won't take part in the race
to announce Christmas,
 until its proper due date! 

But when they do,
we'd better be ready
to welcome St. Nick.
(Milk and cookies are fine),
 but you'll probably find
that a hot brew of caffeine
- (with a wee bit of a kick) -
will help the 'jolly old elf'
 do his festive, gift schtick! 

In the meantime,
daily gifts from the chicks
are very much appreciated!

 What about you? 
Are you dizzily decorating 
or lazily recuperating? 
Me? Just sitting here, deciding
 on the safest route to take in tackling
  a basement stuffed with boxes of
   merry motifs and faux snowflakes!

Thanks for visiting and 
have a fun first week
of December!

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  1. Hello Poppy!! I've had a pleasant catching up with your posts back to October. Your photos are always so gorgeous and I love that 'Poppy's View' across the valley. I hope things are well with you and your family. I've not got started on anything Christmas yet either, but I'm feeling a little anxious as to when I can even get the tree up. My daughter will be home for a visit from university next weekend, and we've got plans to go shopping downtown Toronto (our yearly tradition). Today we popped up to Peterborough to visit her, and all the quaint little shops (& yummy restaurants, cafes & chocolatiers) are making us think we should spend a day shopping there instead! Well, take care, it was nice to read about your life in the Med as always :) Wendy x

  2. Everything looks so pretty and festive! Could I please have a cup of coffee, too? Sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Everything is always so cheerful over here! Enjoyed my visit.

  4. Thanksgiving is just over here in the U.S., and there is such a rush to get Christmas going. I am taking a day or two to catch my breath before diving into all the festivities.
    I think your roosters and chicks have the right idea :)

  5. Always sunny and cheerful there! Christmas decor is least here in DC. But I'm holding off until next weekend. I'm still recovering from all that food over Thanksgiving. It's back to work for me tomorrow. Have a wonderful December!! Cheers :)

  6. Well, it all looks very nice and I'm sure your Christmas decor will be just as lovely. I love your rooster, he's adorable and so colorful and cheery.

  7. Hot coffee sounds wonderful right now. :)

    I say just decorate when it feels right to you. That's all that matters.

  8. Hello Poppy, There's not a lot of Christmas decor around here yet, either. I like to take it slowly and savour the season rather than rush into it in a flurry of wild activity. We ate lunch with the first Advent candle lit, and tomorrow I'll put a wreath on the door.
    Do whatever seems right for you. Have a wonderful first week of December.

  9. Hi Poppy, we are just getting over Thanksgiving here too. I only have a few decorations up. I still have so much to do but I will get it all done eventually! Christmas time is a lot of work but such a nice time of year. Have a nice week.

  10. I won't be doing much decorating, as we won't be here for Christmas. Admittedly, I don't usually feel the urge to do much decorating or shopping until about two weeks before, at most. I would imagine if it's 70 degrees+, as I'm assuming it is in your lovely neck of the woods, it would be even harder to get into the Christmas spirit!

    There's no rush!


  11. We put up our Christmas lights over the weekend and most of the inside decorations except for the tree. I love the holidays so it's never to early to start sharing them as far as I'm concerned. - Still I do like your cheerful chickens, they make me smile.

  12. Hello Poppy, I love your cute rooster! I am not rushing Christmas here, just not ready yet! It will happen soon though! Wonderful images, enjoy your day!

  13. Cheerful chicks! :) I don't decorate until after Thanksgiving...then usually have a lull of a day or so between putting all of those decorations away and some cleaning before bringing out Christmas.

    happy first week of Advent! :)

  14. How nice are all your items Poppy! The chicks add so much charm to your rural, elegant kitchen. We won't be here for Christmas but I have already finished the decoration, fewer this year...
    Wish you a wonderful December and hope you are doing fine sweet friend!

  15. Three cheers for the tortoises! We all know what happens to the hares. teehee ;)
    Considering the safest route to tackle those boxes too. Maybe a few visits to your page for spoonful of these gorgeous colors will do the trick. Medicine to my bones.
    Always a pleasure visiting, Poppy.

  16. Poppy Dear,
    Such pleasantness and gratitude at Poppyview, always a joy to see what you have brewing! Christmas is all around us, isn't it? I was one of those people this year, who got a running start at decorating for Christmas. The Trees are up, the mantles decorated even a gingerbread cookie or two has already been eaten! There was a reason behind my Christmas rush, our middle daughter and her family are moving to California and will not be here for Christmas, so my Mother's instinct took over!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Sweet Hugs just for you~

  17. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one not decorated for Christmas yet, Poppy. I truly did enjoy my pumpkins and was sad to see them move out to the deck this morning where we can take one a day and bust open for the chickens to feast on. Next step will be buying a tree this week. Usually that's the last step in my Christmas preparations. So behind I am. Trying not to panic.

  18. sooo tolle bilder!!! ich liebe die hühner!!! angie

  19. Such a lovely post! It reminded me that I have been meaning to say for some time, but keep forgetting, that I love the way you watermark your pictures, the words always add and never take away from the pictures! You do them so wonderfully. xx

  20. Poppy, I am not in a rush, but you already know that! ;) We put up our trees, but I am taking my time with the rest of the decor. I want to enjoy the finished product, but I want to enjoy the process as well!! Have fun with those boxes!!

  21. Poppy, love your roosters and chicks! Not in a hurry at all to decorate for Christmas! It was 70 degrees today in South Carolina and we are still raking leaves! Can't wait to see your decorations!

  22. I am in no hurry whatsoever...I am olden and have to catch my breath and get all rested from Thanksgiving and then, be in the right mood to decorate. I don't go all out as many do....I am keeping my decorating simple this year.

  23. No rush here, except that of filling in all the pupils' files before the end of the week! Today is supposed to be our first cold day (here it only means about 5 to 7 degrees), so maybe I'll be in the mood for Christmas decorating!

  24. My sister is in retail and tells me in October that I need to decorate the shop for Christmas, but one of the perks of being the owner is that I can run my own mini protest of starting Christmas too soon. Beginning in October is the trend, but I'm savoring the autumn season until after Thanksgiving. It is dark outside now and I like to make the evening brighter for people driving or walking by at night so I put a tree in the front window and keep it lit until 11:00 pm. It is cold now and the lights look cheerful.

  25. poppy, a u nas jest Adwent przez 4 tygodnie, tak jak u Ciebie 4 filiżanki:)

  26. always pictures that make me happy!
    and the poetry always makes me smile.
    except this one actually made me laugh right out loud.
    was reading it in my head of course . . . and still managed to turn gift schtick . . . into gift sh## !!!!
    a tongue twister for me!!! LOLOL. sorry santa!!! XOXO♥
    and yes... have my tree up and will put up lights on the little wren house balcony soon! ♥

  27. I totally understand about the weather not being "Christmas" like. We finally have a rainy day and I am finishing up my decorating. We still don't have a tree - that will be next week's Christmas activity.

  28. Hi Poppy! Oh, I love all of your darling snaps! I love the Roos and Chicks! We always start the Christmas decorating the day after Thanksgiving! Now that we're close to our little grandchildren, I have lots of inspiration!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  29. I'm in no rush. I may do a little, but truthfully I don't have much to decorate with, as we gave so much stuff away before our last move. When we get into a home of our own I'll feel more like decorating again.I love all your chicks, Poppy. So cheery and bright. ~ Nancy

  30. Technically, it IS still autumn...winter doesn't come until the 21st! I'm in no hurry to get the Christmas decorating done. I've been unpacking the boxes and putting things up and rearranging and tweaking. We don't put up a big tree anymore; just a tabletop tree.

  31. As a girl who loves color like you I always enjoy seeing your decor. I've got every room covered in Christmas decor laying around.I've been working for 2 day creating vignettes etc. When it's in this state it really makes me stressed out! So I'm in a rush to get it done so we can move around again!

  32. I LOVE decorating our house for Christmas. It's fun to do Christmas decoration because there are no rules; whatever you do is festive. We usually hold off decorating for Christmas until the second weekend in December. This year, advertisements for Christmas started even before Halloween in the US! I wish merchants would stop rushing things. Halloween and Thanksgiving are such fabulous holidays. I always feel the warm sun when I visit you. Have a good week, Poppy.

  33. Funny you should mention lazily recuperating because that is exactly what I am doing, having been sick for two months. But I did get to go to my niece's wedding for which I am deeply grateful.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, Poppy! Do you celebrate that holiday? I am looking forward to Christmas.


    Sheila :-)

  34. Hi Poppy, I have to EASE into the holidays and I have a rule that no Christmas shopping or decorating can be done until after Thanksgiving. The holidays are a time to reflect and spend time with family.. it's not a race, right? Your roosters are adorable and I love all of your seasonal touches! xxleslie

  35. Yay Poppy, let's hold off till the last possible moment and enjoy the last of the leaves falling off the trees !

  36. Πόπη να σε πω... Παπαρούνα... όπως και να σε λένε σε βρήκα κι εδώ!!! Γεια σου γλυκιά μου τι ομορφιές είναι εδώ θα με ξενυχτήσεις απόψε εσύ και οι φίλες σου!! Όπως είδες και στο μπλογκ μου μου αρέσει εκτός από την μαγειρική, η φωτογραφία, το ντεκουπάζ, το κόσμημα και η διακόσμηση!!! Έχω πολλά να δω ευχαριστώ για τη φιλοξενία φιλάκια πολλά!! Χρύσα Κ.

  37. You, dear Poppy, are an absolute delight with your charming words and beautiful pictures :)

    The snow has fallen here in the mountains and I have slowly been decorating our home for Christmas. I want to enjoy and savor each moment rather than frantically throw up the deocrations.

    Have a wonderful day, sweet lady! Hugs to you!

  38. I spent some time in hospital Tuesday and Wednesday and so trying to make some visits, Yes, oh yes, I always decorate before our Thanksgiving, but that way I can rest during the holiday season a bit and enjoy the adornments longer. I never take them down either, until the second week in January and then I am very ready to make it all up. Happy Weekend my friend. BTW...were your ears burning Wednesday ;) While in the hospital, I had shared a few blogs with my daughter from my cell phone and yours was one of them, and I gushed~

  39. Gorgeous pictures, Poppy! I am trying to finish my holiday decor so I can finally slow down and enjoy the holidays. It is a lot of work. :) Have a great weekend! Maria

  40. No rush here...I take it easy, it will be Christmas anyway and I dont like all the stress about Christmas!
    Have a lovely weekend on your lovely island,

  41. Big, BIG hugs, my dear Poppy! Thank you for the well wishes. They mean so much.

    Love those chickens. They are so bright and fun. I have decided to bypass Christmas decorating this year and enjoy other people's. And I am going to spend all year working on NEXT Christmas. I'm not turning into Scrooge. Promise! ;-)



  42. I would probably never want to change my decor if it looked as cute as yours, Poppy, Christmas-time or not! Love all of your rooster dishes. It's still warm here (60's & 70's) compared to other parts of the country, but kind of chilly to us.

  43. We are packing instead of decorating. What else is new, right? But the destination may come as a bit of a surprise, as it certainly did for us. We seem to have been sprinkled with fairy dust or Christmas magic may really exist. . .we are heading to Greece. (And maybe - cross your fingers here! - we will be decorating for the holidays - there!) Don't want to jinx it by saying more. . .but. . .

  44. So I just started blogging and I am already behind on blogging... sorry it has taken so long to visit!
    I have been decorating here and there and I am about ready to tackle our Christmas tree. Your rooster and chicken decor is really cute and it must be nice to have fresh eggs for baking!

  45. Husband and I are planning to take a short trip to the Southern beaches during the holidays. So, not much going on at our place. I am happily enjoying the pictures being shared in the blogosphere.


  46. I love the roosters and the red and white decor in your kitchen. Everything looks just lovely. I finished decorating the dining room yesterday and I am hoping to decorate my kitchen this weekend.


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