Monday, June 16, 2014

My Blog Writing Process: A Blog Tour

The above computer screen is not always decked out in this  fun and flirty floral. In fact, most days, it can be seen lounging around in a washed out shade of white, (its signature colour). Yes, ladies, even after Labour Day, can you believe the nerve?!

And, although science, (actually, Wikipedia), tells us that, 'white is technically produced by the combination of all the colors of the visible spectrum', in writer's terms, it is simply a screen, sans any intelligible signs of scribble, due to a severe case of writer's block. Sometimes, this can lead to other, more serious afflictions, like temporary insanity, or less threatening, but equally debilitating conditions, such as sudden numbness in the fingers, which is a scary side effect of one or more of the following:

a) Unceasingly scratching the surface of one's head in the hope of stimulating brain activity, supposedly, a 'brainstorm', of sorts, from what I've been told.

   b) Using the hand to slap knock some sense into oneself for actually accepting that dreaded deadline.

 c) Extreme anxiety over a looming deadline, especially when accompanied by prolonged panic.

And lastly, and most likely...d) a rheumatoid reaction resulting from positioning the fingers too closely over a keyboard for more than 24 hours. The logic being that, when that downpour of ideas does arrive, those dainty digits need to move fast! Kind of like the 'claw' before the storm, you might say.

Taking all the necessary precautions, (read: refraining from a manicure), one fated day, my sweet and funny friend, Amy, a.k.a. Ms. Goody Too Shoes, invited me to follow in her fabulous footsteps, and write a post on my blog writing process, which you are reading right now, (unless I lost you trying to find your way through a labyrinth of run-ons, a paragraph or so ago) - unlike Amy's blog, which is an easy-to-follow, fun adventure in travel, DIY design tutorials and delicious recipes. Amy's amazing posts always succeed in getting a real, hearty laugh out of me, the kind that has your eyes tearing and your tummy hurting from uncontrollable chuckling! Check out her own post on today's subject here and see for yourself.  Thanks for thinking of me, Amy. Hope I can hang on to that 'blog tour baton' you placed in my hand long enough to complete this post! Speaking of which, I need to answer 4 obligatory essay type questions in order to get to that finish line - oh, how I miss those multiple choice quizzes  at this moment!

#1:  What am I working on?

 A few months ago, I started my second blog called 'Poppyprosidies', a scenic space in this big virtual place, where my poems and pics reside. Alas, I have been a bad blogmother, having neglected my new baby, but I promise to feed and nourish it with some new poems and pics as soon as its older sibling, (the blog with the views), demands less of my time and energy! 

I'm very excited about another project that's in the works, but want to develop further, before I formally introduce it. I will tell you that it has to do with sound and space and a familiar face! For now, I'm in the '...Testing...Testing. 1...2...3...' stage.

Summer is a very busy season here in the Med, and we are blessed to have family and friends stay with us throughout the season. This means lots of planning, as in menus, sleeping arrangements and excursions, so, have been working on getting the house prepared to pamper our guests.

And lastly, did I mention that I'm on a mission? I turned fifty in March, and I have been summoned (by yours truly) to embrace this milestone, along with everything that it encompasses. Rumour has it that menopause, metabolism meltdown, and a host of other '50 and Fabulous' traits, are a piece of cake. How appetizing......Puh-leeze.
Every woman knows that you can't have your cake, and eat it, too, especially if you're already sporting a muffin top! But enough small talk! I'm on a mission. Remember?
I'm not going to complete my assignment, sitting here, shooting the breeze with my bloggy gals in blogland, (darn it!), now am I?!

 #2. How does my work differ
 from others in its genre?

I initially started this blog because I wanted to share my home and garden projects with people who also have a passion for photography and writing. Nature, architecture, the sea, and colour inspire me, it seems, to write in rhyming couplets a lot of the time. My ear is geared to melodic tones, it seems, and cacophonies just don't cut it!

Secondly, there are only so many vignettes and tablescapes I can conjure up on this country's (and thus, this household's) barely existing budget, so I head outdoors and explore whatever inspires me on my merry way, whether it is in a nearby village, a drive to the seaside, or simply outside my door. 

In the mountains of Crete, 
 myth and mystery meet,
  soaring over valleys and coasts
like whimsical ghosts
of flying folks, long ago. 
Look - if you dare!
Out there, in the sea,
a winged wraith, 
afloat, near the rocks,
on the crest of a wave -
Can it be?!

(a little nod to the island's
 first 'pilots', Daedalus and Icarus)

#3. Why do I write what I do?

Firstly, I am fascinated by the imagination and all the amazing things that inhabit it. Since I was a little girl, writing poems, plays, and stories, was my idea of fun. In grade four, I actually got the chance to direct my classmates in my first play, which was about an earthquake. I guess it was exciting because we never have earthquakes in Canada. Some serious Method acting went into that, for sure. Now, if I had grown up in Greece, a '..been there... done that' rolling of the eyes from my primary grade producers would have resulted in a very dramatic end to my aspiring career in the 'theatah'; my own modern day Greek tragedy.

Secondly, I write what I do because I'm, um, bullied into it. You see these lovelies below? You can't miss them, actually; they're always screaming for attention, what with that overpowering scent they wear all the time!

Well, don't let those pretty faces and batting eyelashes fool you! Here's a typical conversation between us, when they spot me in the garden, just as I'm scrambling to sweep up the mess before guests arrive. In a thick, southern drawl, Miss Scarlett, on the left, asks for a favour, (the fourteenth, that day, by the way!): 

 'Poppy, seeing as you are, um, 'one of us', please be a dear and plug the pale pink pansies in your next post. They're such shy, little things and we need to build up their confidence! Oh, and do mention Madame Maria's midnight jasmine, will you? The poor dear barely survived those nasty south winds yesterday. And, while you're at it, we'd really...Poppy? Poppy, where are you going? Sunny, do something! Our fashion show's this weekend, and we're short on fuchsias! Enough with the hugs, already! Grab her!'

See what I mean? So, now you know why most of my posts always include some flower or other! As the saying goes, 'If you can't beat 'em, join 'em'.  End of story.

#4. How does your 
writing process work?
I am a visual person. What can I say, I like to stalk stare look at pretty things, so I'm always with a camera in tow, just in case I chance upon something that takes my breath away, or at least, is showing vital signs for a potential upcoming post! As I said, my inspiration comes from the world around me, but also from conversations I have, or matters that are preoccupying my mind, my heart, or my stomach! In mathematical terms, the actual process looks something like this:

So, I don't know if I would actually call it a process, but it's kind of what's been happening so far. Thus, for me, it usually starts with an image, and hopefully, words follow. I wonder... would a musician's formula read as follows:

+++++++++++++++ =

and of course, the eternal question:

Of course, it goes without saying, that you are all a part of my world, and therefore, distract inspire me every day with your gorgeous pics, wonderful words and lovely emails, which brings me to our next blogger on this tour:

Debby Ray, of the blog My Favorite Things

Debby is a southern girl, now living in Central NC, who is a wife, mother and grandmother, as well as a gifted and talented photographer! One thing we have in common is our simple, but trusty Sony Point & Shoot, which hasn't disappointed us yet! In addition to her keen photographer's eye, Debby is a true storyteller who weaves words about her charming, childhood memories, her every day experiences, and her faith, into heartfelt and intriguing prose. Won't you have a look? Here are a few of her beautifully inspiring posts:


Debby's post for the blog tour will appear 
on Monday, June 23rd. Don't miss it!


Thank you for cheering me on, 
as I stumble to the finish line 
of a well intended tour -
turned mega marathon!


  1. What a wonderful post Poppy. I am so happy that you decided to join blog land. I have enjoyed reading your blog and inspired by it.

  2. Charmingly written, Poppy. I enjoy your writing and your beautiful photos. Flowers just beg to be appreciated, don't they? Your beautiful country of Greece fills me with longing for unrelenting sunshine and that particular shade of blue ocean.

  3. Your pictures are so inspiring Poppy, and you get them with a point and shoot?! Who knew?!

    I had no idea you had another blog! You're full of surprises, and it seems like another is on it's way. Like a cat, my curiosity is peaked ;).

  4. It's so interesting to read about other blogger's writing processes. My writing is tied up with my emotions. Even if I have a post prepped, if I'm not 'feeling' that post on publishing day, I'll make up a new one on the spot. xx

  5. I love the icons how it's done...for me add a couple of candy crush, a Facebook visit, lets stop and wishful shop, and we have the same process...(well the distractions vary) I love your flower friends I had no idea how pushy they can be! Again a lovely post, I guess it doesn't matter how it's done like they say its the the journey and not the published post! :)

  6. Oh Poppy, this is a wonderfully fun post! You and the others are making this so hard for me to follow such great and imaginative creativity...and thank you so much for your sweet introduction!! Well, I got LOTSA work to do...I better get crackin'!

  7. Hello Poppy,

    What fun it has been discovering how you live with the creative process of blogging or, perhaps, how it lives with you!

    Clearly you find pleasure in so many simple things and you share that excitement and enjoyment with your readers. How wonderful is that. Coupled with a sense of fun and some intriguing images, that is the perfect combination for a blog in our view.

  8. Bravo, Poppy! I couldn't wait to see your take on this, because I knew you would take creativity over the top, and you did not disappoint! Such fun to read about this side of you! As always, your photos are fabulous, but you outdid yourself with such clever graphics. My favorites are the mathematical equations, and of course, the finish line! I didn't realize you had started a new blog...looking forward to the other one you are working on...and I have a guess about who it may be about! Thank you for the wonderful intro, also! Hugs, Amy

  9. I really enjoyed this post. Your blog is always interesting and you clearly love to write. Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Hah, I can barely keep up with one blog so the thought of having two...yikes! I find I don't even write that much in my posts these days because I can never think of anything to say that I haven't already said before!

    I enjoyed reading this, made me chuckle too:)

  11. Oh Poppy What a wonderful romp through the blogosphere. I loved your reference to turning 50 as last year I hit that ripe old age of 60 and I declared it a full year of celebration. . .life is to be lived, it is just the start of an exciting new decade and you know what? It has taken such wonderful turns both in and out of the blogosphere. . .and if all goes as envisioned. . .something big and wonderful might actually take place before the clock turns to 61 in mid-July. . . too early to speculate yet but we will see. . .

  12. What a fun post! I had no idea that you had another blog. I bookmarked it so I can took a good look at it later. I will also be checking out your friend, Amy's blog. Oh, I can tell you about all the fun of turning 50 and starting to go through mentalpause (as I call it), lol. I'll be 52 in August. I'm a seasoned veteran. ;-)

  13. I enjoyed this post, you have a gift for writing and always share wonderful photos from Greece.

  14. Thanks Poppy for sharing your blogging process with us. I really love all your colorful photos and imaginative writing style you have. It's a gifted talent you have! Thanks for sharing with us your other blog too. I hope you have a great summer entertaining everyone!

  15. I have learned a lot about myself through my writing process. Sometimes it just flows and sometimes not so much. Most times my paragraph two becomes paragraph one and so forth. Thank goodness we can copy and paste or I would be forever trying to post. I love how you have those little conversations with yourself.


  16. Poppy, you are funny. My favorite part was how your flowers bully you into writing! And you've got such gorgeous surroundings, how can you not be inspired?! I love the idea of searching for beauty and inspiration, finding it and then sharing it with all of us!

  17. A fun read, Poppy! :) I agree about always getting a good laugh over at Amy's and I also enjoy Debbie's blog! :)

  18. Bardzo lubię Twój blog Poppy, zdjęcia i treści które zamieszczasz, życzę powodzenia:)

  19. Poppy,

    You have to be one of the most humorous writers in all of blogdom. You are hilarious, lady! : - )

    I am not sure what happened, but I stopped getting you on my reading list- I am discovering it happened to quite a few of my favorite bloggers, grrrr, so now (again) I am your newest follower. sorry I didn't catch it till now. Hugs. ♥

  20. I don't know what happened but I think you broke through your writer's block.

  21. Writer's block? Poppy? NEVER !
    What a fun read - I adore Amy too :)
    ( I have the exact opposite problem - I don't know when to stop lmho )

  22. ¨Ομορφα λόγια που συμπληρώνουν τις υπέροχες εικόνες !!!
    Φιλιά πολλά !

  23. Wonderful post, poppy! You are such a great writer! Love your blog! Thank you so much for sharing at Tuesdays at Our Home. Hugs, Maria

  24. The Mediterranean oh so jealous not sure I'd ever leave the beach to write or do stuff, so good on you.

  25. I always love reading your words and looking at your gorgeous photos.

    I also loved reading your blog tour post because mine will be published this coming Monday and you gave me some ideas on how to tweak it.

  26. What a fun read today. Mostly because I understand a lot of the process though I may go about it a bit differently. It is still a PROCESS. Thanks for sharing with us. But mostly thanks for sharing all the things you share. I lived in the Caribbean for awhile so can appreciate your being pulled to the Mediterranean and all its beauty. My dh spent a LOT of time in the "MED" on Navy ships but I NEVER got to come along so missed it all.

  27. I've got to go look for my socks soon, because this post knocked them off, Poppy! I would ask, "How did you do all that?" but I wouldn't understand if you told me. I can't believe your fingers are numb from scratching your head for ideas, more likely you have so many that you must constantly have to winnow them out in search of your favorites.

    Sound, Space, a Familiar Face? Hmmm, now I'm scratching my head. Don't keep us waiting too long, please. And Poppyprosidies? How did I miss this new child?

    Budget woes seem to only give you a greater gift of seeing what we all should be seeing--all that is around us. And I love glimpses in Crete's beauty because there is thousands of years of mystery behind it. Your "winged wraith"? Very nice, Poppy.

  28. What a wonderful post, I am new to your blog but I would like to say that your writing is wonderful, it's comfortable and down to earth, I feel like I am reading a letter from a close friend. Thanks!

  29. Writer's always impress me because I just ramble on trying to explain why I did what. Although I used to write poetry I think good prose is a real skill and combined with great photos, it is what we'll always find here.
    I love your mathematical equations, and I think maybe you're working on a 'singing' project !

  30. I enjoyed reading about your Blog Writing Process, Poppy! Creative minds do work differently, don't they? I don't think I'm all that creative, but my husband tells me I often jump from thing to thing with no logical (to him) pattern in my conversation. :)

    What a beautiful country you live in. I would keep my camera with me at all times if I lived there. I'm also a very visual person, and I enjoy your blog and your gorgeous photography. Thanks so much for your visit and comments -- have a wonderful week!



  31. Hi Poppy,

    such a fun post and thanks for sharing - love your creative writing and seeing your gorgeous photos.
    Crete looks like paradise.
    Enjoy the rest of the week

  32. It is nice to spend time with our family members and friends. Tea cup and the pot looks good. Love the design and color on them.Enjoyed seeing all the pictures!

  33. I enjoyed reading your perspective on writing. I can't imagine having two blogs, my gosh one takes all my time and "imagination". I also am visual so enjoy your photos, I need improvement in this area! Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you like my kitchen corner cabinet! Gosh I've always wanted to go to Greece. When I was little my best friend, lived across the alley and her parents were from Greece, they were the best cooks I ever knew and love the cuisine!

  34. Whew wee girlfriend, I am tired and yet you make it sound so easy, and made me giggle the whole way too. I am about to begin my 5 year blog presentation and I need some of your pep and energy, oh my goodness, this has been a rough go...first Goggle, which I still cannot upload my images the right way and then my new script is drugging me down, to where I am like a zombie kind of gal now. Alas, I am seeing the light and I hope this will make me able to venture on my own blog, whereby I can venture on to your blog and keep up with everyone...are you following me yet...well good.. Love your blog, love you poppy, keep the writing flowing, it is working dear one~

  35. LOLOL!!!
    what a delightful tour de force! of muses and gardens and poppy loves!
    i can only imagine the joy of living somewhere as beautiful as you do. that you share is . . .
    well. it's a gift. the best kind!! xoxo♥

  36. Oh, are SUCH a delight. 50...??? No one would ever know it by looking at you.
    I so enjoyed this post....just wonderful. And, if you come over today, you CAN have your cake and eat it, too. :))

  37. I have a wonderful gift for writing and I love seeing photos of your country and your travels. It's always fun to spend time here. And Debby has a very wonderful blog, too! We have a lot of fun in our blogging community! Enjoy your weekend sweet friend! Hugs, Diane

  38. What a fun to read post. And I can relate!

    TQM hopping by and following/blogging Chopped Vegetable Salad Recipe

  39. I had to see what your process is because I don't think I have one. That may be why my blog is all over the place and doesn't have a niche. One day it's a 'how to' tutorial, the next a recipe and the next a rant about some injustice in the world. Throw in some cat and chicken stories and you have heaven only knows what. I do get that you sometimes don't have a choice in what you write and the flowers have to give you a push. Whatever it is you do, I always want to read it.

  40. Well done! Loved reading this - lots of fun - I'll have to check out the others! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

  41. Great insight! I always do the pictures first and write as little as possible later. Ha!~ Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  42. lovely post, pleasure to read it.


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