Friday, September 26, 2014

A Case, (or Two, or Three), of Mistaken Identity

 Case #1
What are these gnarly globes, decked out
 in a patchy, Granny Smith hued suit,
bordering the more easily recognizable,
 plump and purple fruit? 

This sour apple/pear impersonator,
  too tart and tough in its raw state,
 is commonly cooked up into spicy compotes,
 thus, more pleasing to everyone's taste.

 Case #2
Now, let's see, what could these knobby, red buds be,
bursting from the rain stamped greenery? 


To me, they resemble these pungent pretties,
  packed with Dietary Fiber and Vitamin C.

  Case #3
But, what have we here?
 No clues regarding shape or colour.
Nothing at all to help us uncover
 the cryptic contents of a delivery,
 wrapped up in a sack, of this
  'hard nut to crack' of a mystery!

 Any ideas as to the ID of these three?
Guesses, hunches, theories, and predictions
are all welcome in the comments section.
Stay tuned, and see you soon for the solutions!
Until then, thanks for visiting,
and have a happy weekend!

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  1. Naughty!!! I'm intrigued!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. I have no idea what the gnarly fruits with the plums might be. I'd be tempted to say they were quince, but I just discovered two quince trees in our neighbourhood and the owners are going to sell me a bag of fruit for a very low price.
    Hope you let us in on the secret soon.

  3. A mini squash/pumpkin. Can't wait to find out what they are!

  4. We always say that the hickory nut is a hard nut to crack! Don't know about the fruit though. But look how lovely your painting is on the mantle! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  5. They look like some kind of squash to me. They look so pretty with your plums and love your fall mantel too!

  6. Hello Poppy

    Great images and you are making us work today. I would guess, plums, walnut and quince

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Helen xx

  7. Quinces, squashes, plums, some vegetables like "radich"... no clue, at all! I'll look forward to see the answer... in lyrics too! Have a great autumn!

  8. You've stumped me! And the leaves of the radish-thingamabobs look thick and waxy. What have you been up to, Poppy?

    1. I was JUST about to sign off for the night, (it's 1:39 am, here, on this stormy, September eve), when your perfectly POETIC comment popped up!!

      So glad I saw it before I turn in...MISS YOU, my sweet friend!

      Good night!


  9. I have no idea what any of the three items are - will be so glad to find out. The one that looks like the color of granny Smith Apples looks like a coyote vine from Mexico - the sell them in the stores here, but if yo get them in your yard they are really hard to get rid of. I'm not saying that's what they are, but look like it. They do eat them - with what, I don't know.

  10. I have studied the pictures and read through everyone's very well educated guesses and ...I am stumped. Clearly I am no produce connoisseur! I am however extremely curious, so I will be checking back for the big reveal!

  11. Always entertaining and informative are your posts Poppy, but now you've added mystery to the mix as well. It is a page turner for sure. . .I will be back to find the answer! I can tell you that plate looks just like some cups and candle sticker holders of mine!!! Hugs. . .J.

  12. Poppy, I even tried to cheat a little and googled fruit found in Crete, haha, but didn't find anything that matched. Your pictures are beautiful. Looking forward to the answers!

  13. You are such a tease Poppy! I thought those reddish thigamajics were radishes at first, but alas, they are not. Do tell, but whatever they may be, they're beautiful, as are your pictures.

  14. Poppy, I have no clue! I will have to wait for the answers.. Your images are lovely.. It is always a treat to visit your blog. Have a happy day!

  15. Well well case no.1 is a quince, case no. 2 is a prune or a plum cultivar, and case no. 3 is ....hmmm..I wish I have X-ray vision; a sack of walnuts??? 👀😕

  16. Quince...dunno what the red fruit/veggie is...and a sack of walnuts?

  17. No ideas, just wanted to tell you the photos are gorgeous!

  18. Very intriguing, Poppy, and I look forward to learning all about these interesting foods! Your patio furniture makeover is very pretty and my goodness: your Poppy Views are absolutely breathtaking! Blessings for a delightful weekend, Bess

  19. Oh Poppy, I do love your rhymes. :) I thought the second one might be rose hips but I guess not. The third is walnuts. And yes, they are very hard to crack!! My sister sent us a box of them from their tree one year all the way from BC. Sadly, they were so difficult to crack that they were tossed. And not on the pavement to break them! LOL Have a lovely weekend. Hugs from NB.

  20. Don't know what any of them are, but love your pretty photos and your beautiful writing!


  21. I see possibly Plums, Heirloom Tomatoes, Radishes, maybe Rose-hips and a bag with bulbs to plant in the future...there those are my guesses and I really have no sure clue as to what any of them truly are, but alas, I am sure that you are going to tell us...sooner than later . Just back from 2 weeks away and sick for past week, catching up ;)

  22. I´m so happy to find your lovely blog and from Crete too! My favourite island! I stay there for some weeks every year and I just love the island...
    Now I must take a look around your blog and read some more!
    Have a beautiful sunday,

  23. Oh Poppy I saw at Inspiration Monday, I am anxiously waiting to know. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi Poppy! I wish I did know what these are but you've certainly taken some beautiful snaps of them! Thank you so much for popping in to see me and hope you're doing okay.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  25. I have no idea of what the knobby little things are that are mixed in with the plums could be, but I do adore your lovely mantel and your marvelous photography!

  26. Querida Poppy,

    Suas fotos são sempre magníficas.

    Que bela decoração com alimentos tão saudáveis e saborosos.

    Tenha uma linda semana,


    Lígia e =^.^=

  27. Not sure...but I love the colors in this post!

  28. "Cryptic contents"...gotta love. lol Unfortunately, I peeked at the next post. :(
    Such fun here, Poppy.

  29. The only ones I would even venture a guess on are what looks like plums or prunes, but they are probably something entirely different.....hmmmm? Whatever they are, they are certainly pretty, as are your photos.

  30. This looks so healthy and happy.

  31. Hmmmmm???? Can't wait to find out! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

  32. I am clueless, Poppy! Could that sack be holding a huge pile of nuts, playing off your "hard nut to crack" clue?


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