Thursday, September 18, 2014

Brushstrokes in Bali

Recently, I visited the seaside settlement of Bali, Crete, although, judging from the image above, one would think 
I had spent my days floating on a cushion of clouds, 
rather than bobbing on wavy pillows in the sea.

Can you spot the dab of a sailboat on the
 canvas of dreamy blues in the distance? 

A whisper of white, it silently floats, to and fro, 
creating just a sliver of contrast against
 the palette of marine toned hues.

From afar, it seemed that a pack of gigantic sea monsters, were keeping the little boat at bay, the latter, fearful of anchoring at the ghost town the brutes had created earlier.

 As we headed inland, I wondered how long it could linger there, cradled in the wavy safety of the sea.

Then, pausing to take one last look, I was startled to discover, that the hazy horizon was suddenly, and puzzlingly, sailboat free.

Thanks for visiting, and
have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Truly breathtaking photos, Poppy. Thank you for the trip to Bali :)

  2. Thanks for sharing you trip on the seas. Love that last two photos of the greenery.

  3. Hi Poppy, what beautiful oceans view. Yes, I do see that sailboat, far away. The ocean is such a huge treasure. Love seeing your gorgeous photos.

  4. It all looks so beautiful and I long to be lying on a beach, floating in a warm sea, instead of out on the innocuous looking sailing boat. I have decided I will choose our next holiday and the Greek islands are high on my list!

  5. Oh Poppy, this is so funny! When you wrote that you'd spent four days in Bali - I had thought you meant Indonesia (and I have to admit I thought it was a short trip for such a long distance! ;-) ) Yes, we have been to Bali, Crete. . .I am still smiling at my confusion! Beautiful views and I can almost hear the waves. . .

  6. I love looking out to sea at the sailboats. Wednesday night is sailing night at all of the yacht clubs around so the sea is covered with sails.

  7. Lovely seaside images. Bali is beautiful and your images really do it justice.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  8. as always a beautiful and a much needed lunchtime break thank you

  9. Visiting your blog is like a deep cleansing sigh.

    I love the places you take us, Poppy.

    Just gorgeous! ♥

  10. just beautiful Poppy! The sea is gorgeous. I, too, thought you meant Polynesia!

  11. Beautiful shots, Poppy! I love coming here. It feels like I am travelling.

  12. Wow! Were you on a sailboat yourself?

    1. Hi Melanie,

      No, I've never been on a sailboat in my life, which may be a good thing, as I am actually quite sensitive to seasickness.

  13. Hello Poppy, what lovely views you have of the sea and sailboats.. Lovely images and post.. Enjoy and have a happy weekend!

  14. Stunning pictures. I would never want to leave. What a beautiful place.


  15. Hello, Poppy.

    Great photographing. Design, composition and ideas. Very sweet atmosphere.

    Greetings and hugs.

    Have a good weekend. From Japan, ruma❃

  16. Just beautiful!!!!!!
    Happy week-end, dear Poppy!!!!

  17. Hi Poppy. This is such a beautiful place. The blue water and sky and the tiny speck of a sailboat. So perfect. Have a beautiful weekend. Pam

  18. Oh Poppy, such wide open spaces and never ending views. I'm truly in awe. How lucky you are to experience such beauty so regularly! Thank you for sharing!

  19. Poppy, you know how much I love it when you show us your beautiful island! These photos are eye candy!

  20. Such gorgeous photos! I love the one with the tree! xoxo

  21. Wow...Isn't that mysterious the way the sailboat slipped beyond the metaphoric!
    Dear Poppy, How I love you;and my visits to your sun drenched spots in paradise.
    Thank you for your faithful visits and comments that bless and encourage me.
    Happy Weekend!

  22. What breathtaking scenery Poppy - the colors of the ocean, the trees and plants (love the pic of the big tree), and thinking of a sail out there makes we want to get down to the sea!

    Happy weekend - hugs, Mary

  23. Hi Poppy, just catching up now that I am back, I have been reading, just not commenting. This is a beautiful place isn't it, truly stunning in fact, the plants and trees and flowers against the sky and sea look so beautiful. xx

  24. You live in a beautiful place and I am glad I found your blog. My husband and I spent some happy weeks exploring Greece, and the islands. We especially like Crete and the Minoan culture and of course, Greek food!

  25. Did the monsters get the sailboat and have its crew for lunch? Where do you get your imagination, Poppy? Did Liberty beg you for a made-up bedtime story instead of one out of a storybook?

    Lovely, lovely photographs, my dear, and spun-magic words!

  26. thanks for sharing your fabulous photos, living abroad sure does widen ones horizons and really enjoy visiting other expat blogs

    my blog moved to

  27. I, too, thought you were referring to Bali Indonesia, and I was excited to start comparing notes! Yes, I did the whole 'eat, pray, love' thing a couple of years ago, but sadly, have never been to 'your' Bali. It looks absolutely magical! Your photos look almost like paintings. No doubt you must have felt like a new woman after such a lovely trip!


  28. Hello my dear friend, when I saw your post title I thought you went to Bali, I thought "Poppy can't get enough of the blue sea" but silly me it was Bali in Crete. Well there you go I learned something new. Thank you for your visit and your lovely message. Yes, like you I only have one daughter too. And she is living in Sweden since December last year. Oh how I miss her! But she has a life of her own and I can only support her be there when she needs me. But not long coz we will meet in NY this coming November then she will be back here in Syndey to continue her study. Would be lovely if the four of us lives so close, we'll surely be drinking lots of tea. The tulip photos are last year's tuiip festival visit. I won't have a chance to visit this year though.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend my dear friend. And as always, the captivating photos of your beautiful Island mesmerised me.


  29. how interesting! we thought a same analogy!
    when we traveled through the badlands of america (the dakotas) ... the highway wound over and around what appeared to be grey sleeping giants. in my mind it seemed they were dinosaurs that had died there and been covered and we were meandering through them.
    a little scary feeling about it actually!
    i dearly love the sea. but BY it. not ON it!!! LOL.
    as always such beautiful photography from you.

  30. Poppy, you have an eye for beauty and your pictures capture them so well. I see that you had a fantastic time at Bali. Oh! BTW, I did not know there were two Bali's on the world map.

    You leave me thinking about the sailboat :)


  31. Que belíssimo momento.

    Um encanto essas suas fotos desse lugar maravilhoso.


    beijinhos, Poppy,

    Lígia e =^.^=

  32. Don't you ever get tired of all that beauty.....NOT! Please don't ever stop sharing all this beauty with all of us. You live in an incredible place!

  33. You take us to the most beautiful places, Poppy! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  34. Poppy these are breathtaking views! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Views like these make me breathe more deeply and slowly, as if I could take in the fresh air and beauty.


  36. Bali ! I was thinking Indonesia, but one doesn't need to go all the way to the Far East to see beautiful sea scapes, just breath taking.


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