Monday, September 29, 2014

Elementary, My Dear Watson

Undercover Cat, Prince Richard, (P.R., for short), prepares for duty.

Good Day, Poppy View Readers, 

P.R., here, Private InvestiCATor, at your service. Poppy asked me to take you on a little tour of the garden, to reveal the identities of those puzzling personalities she introduced you to a few days ago.  Just before you got here, a little bird, (my trusty, canary confidant), told me that Poppy's previous post had left you rather perplexed! Rest assured, you're in good hands. After all, I live with the woman, (and between you and me, she's a bit of an enigma, herself!)...Ahem...Right this way, ladies, watch your step...

Let's take another look at that red striped sack, shall we? 
Upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the bag
 is densely packed with some sort of egg shaped pieces. 

Walnuts, drying in the Cretan sun.

Kudos to those who guessed 'walnuts', since the
  answer was practically dropped into your lap, with
 the phrase, 'a hard nut to crack', in the description.

Walnut harvest: a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it!

Have you ever seen walnuts in their fruity form? 
These were manually shaken from a few trees that Poppy's 
mother-in-law planted many years ago. They were collected, hulled, rinsed several times in cold water, and finally left in the sun to dry completely. Poppy has promised to make a traditional walnut cake; (after all, it's the least she could do for teasing you so, wouldn't you agree?).

Late September, 2014

These raddish lookalikes, which some of you referred 
to as 'thingamabobs', and 'thingamajics', are actually...


 budding  flowers! I, myself would
 have guessed some kind of tropical fruit.

Far left: star jasmine, mid July 2014

Yet, here they are; sweetly scented stars  among a 
herbaceous cast of sage, rosemary, thyme, mint, laurel,
 and lavender. Yes, Trachelospermum jasminoides, 
more commonly known as star jasmine, is what those 
carbon copy, kumquat-y sprouts eventually bloom into.
 And soon, they'll honour us with an encore of their
  delicate beauty and signature fragrance.

A coil of courgettes curls itself around quinces and plums.

 If you perceived these bumpy, lime green spheres to
 be quinces, then you are correct! Here on the island, they
 are made into marmalade, compotes, and other sweet treats.

And speaking of treats, here's a peek at Poppy's peace offering. 
She's confident all will be forgiven after the first bite!
P.R. plays Sherlock

 Well, it's been swell hanging out with you gals!
That Poppy's sure got some real sweet pals! 


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  1. Oh Poppy, you really have too much fun...
    I wonder if it's all that sun!
    What ever it is my dear, please
    don't ever stop the pun!

  2. kkkk...que gracioso que seu gatinho ficou!! não conhecia nozes assim.

    Então era isso que tinha no saco!!

    E marmelo eu também não conheço...mas...esse doce deve estar delicioso!!

    beijinhos, querida,

    Lígia e =^.^=

  3. Oh Poppy, what a cute post, you had me laughing at how cute your cat is. There are so many walnuts wow is right that is a lot of work but worth it. Have a wonderful day and week!
    Julie xoxo

  4. Cute post, Poppy! I ♥♥♥ your P.R., he is gorgeous or should that be handsome? Have fun shelling all those walnuts...

  5. You are great at photoshopping. Such droopy leaves, does the plant need water?

    1. Hi Ruth,

      Thanks! No, the zucchini's in its final days, plus, we have an automatic irrigation system, so things get watered regularly. Thanks for asking...(by the time you read this, the last of the zucchinis will be history). Broccoli anyone?

  6. hahaa...a great and fun post, dear Poppy.

  7. Cute post! Now I have to go back to the one before it that I missed and figure it all!

  8. Your PR is so dashing in his Sherlock Holmes cap. Have fun with the walnuts and quince. The star jasmine is a pretty addition to your fall garden. (If you even have much fall.) Have a wonderful day!

  9. Oh, I can't believe I didn't get the walnuts. . .we have a black walnut tree in our front yard and the squirrels have been gathering and storing them all week long! How clever you are with your photo enhancements this week. . .I love that furry feline investigator you created (maybe it is time to do a children's book featuring that engaging fellow?)

  10. Dear P.R. Sherlock, you and your fascinating enigma of a mistress, Poppy, challenged our gray matter! I would never have guessed Star Jasmine or the quince globes even though I recently ordered quince jelly and jam after reading that Sister Parish loved it on toast. And 2 decades ago I made pomanders as Christmas gifts and among the citrus ones painfully pierced a large quince that took forever. I kept that one and it still comes out every December, fragrant and firm.

    Now if I only had a slice of that walnut cake to spread some quince jelly on!

    What is your next case, P.R. Sherlock?

  11. What a fun post!

    I grew up with a walnut tree and my mother put walnuts in everything and I mean EVERYTHING! I have just begun to appreciate the taste of walnuts after years of eschewing them.

  12. Such a fun post. Very creative with the hats!! Your kitty is looking very smart. And homemade walnut cake? Yes, please :) xo

  13. Lovely post Poppy. Walnuts are wonderful. We used to gather them after the workers picked most of them. We would dry them out and the kids would use hammers to crack a bunch, so we could use them for baking. Love the quote and your furry Sherlock.

  14. LOVE the hat and the pipe ~ reminds me of when my kids were little and would dress up our pets in all sorts of outfits (much to their dismay!). What a fun post...thanks for the laugh! :)

  15. Reaping the rewards of planting is really great! Love your cat.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  16. Hee hee! How funny. What a cute little detective you have there. Thanks for revealing all, I was genuinely stumped!

  17. Such a funny post - thanks for making my day! Your cat (ahem - Prince Richard) is gorgeous! I am so glad he could clear things up with the tour!

  18. So cute to have the cat as a PR... So: I was close with quinces... But lost with the rest of the elements... Funny! funny....

  19. So nice to be able to collect your own walnuts, but I do love your cute Sherlock Holmes, you must have a lot of fun with him.

  20. Too cute and funny!!! You certainly have a lot of walnuts there to deal with don't you!!! xx

  21. Dear PR,
    Thanks for taking us through the garden, it's been a lovely tour and chat. I'll have some of that pie while your looking for mice if you don't mind.

  22. Well done, P.R. Keep up the good work. (Tell Poppy she's very smart to wear gloves while cracking the walnuts.)

  23. Oh PR !!!
    i'll be your watson. especially if i have to re~locate to a sumptuous villa in crete!
    tell poppy for me that this is a most intriguing and entertaining and informative and beautiful post!
    xoxo♥ and you're looking particularly handsome yourself!

  24. teehee...You're so photogenic, PR.
    I'm ready for the next case. Glancing over to Tammy's comment above, I have a feeling you're going to be up to your whiskers in Watson Wannabe employment applications. ;)
    Can you blame us?

  25. Hello Poppy
    Please tell me that is trick photography with your cat and his pipe and cap. If you trained him to accept this wardrobe I say you need to come to Sarasota and join Ringling Circus.Hee Hee.
    Your pie looks delicious and I would enjoy very much joining you for a coffee and visit.
    Have a marvelous week
    Helen xx

  26. Hello Poppy, what a cute and fun post.. P.R. the P.I. is really cute. I would love a slice of walnut cake, yum! Enjoy yoru week!

  27. Thanks for solving the mystery of the unusual garden produce, PR. Well done! Tell Poppy she wrote a great story about you. :)

  28. This was just too adorable.

    You know we had a black walnut tree next to our kitchen growing up and my father just hated it - boy oh boy are they messy - oh the stains, oh my gosh.

    I don't think we used them, I think my father just threw them all in the woods, it didn't take long for him to chop it down. My mother cried I think - but it DID open up so much more light in our north coast home - where the winters are very cold very grey and I guess it was ok but wonder what he did with all that awesome lumber? I will have to ask my siblings and see if the older ones remember. I was very young and do not.

    That cake looks SO GOOD! (So does PR!)

  29. Ok, I did guess the quince because I have them in my yard but that was it!! Such a cute, cute kitty!

  30. Such a sweet post :)
    P.R. I love you! You are so adorable!!

    Poppy, I just realized that I was not a follower of 'Poppy View' till date! What a shame! Following you now :)


  31. Very cute! I didn't know walnuts ever even had a fruity form!

  32. Well PR, perhaps your mommy is an enigma, but a little birdie told me you are as well. Speaking of birdies, is that what's in the pie? Four and twenty blackbirds perhaps?

    I must say you look quite dashing with your hat and pipe PR! Just remember, in case your mommy tries to trick us again, your friend Ms. Househoneys has lots of kitty treats and I'm not above using them to get the inside scoop. 😉

  33. What a sleuth! PR's talent of storytelling makes him an excellent tour guide around the garden. He is such a gorgeous cat.

  34. What a lovely post and I really like your little Sherlock! So cute!
    I was so surprised when I read your sweet comment that you have a near friend from NORRTÄLJE! Well have also lived there for many years!
    Your blog is amazing and I have looked at so many beautiful post on your blog now and I just love it...
    Have a great tuesday, take care!
    Love, Titti

  35. Your post is quite charming, sweet Poppy :) And PR is adorable!! That last picture gave me a big smile.

    And your pictures are full of beauty - thank you for sharing. Hugs and blessings to you!

  36. Thanks for the giggles!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  37. Oh, Poppy, what a super-cute and fun post! My parents use to have English Walnut trees, but they had dark outer shells -- this was in Oregon which gets tons of rain. They would have to take them to a place that had a machine that would remove that outer hard shell, then they (and me) would have the joy of cracking and shelling all those "hard nuts!" I kind of prefer to buy mine at Costco already!

  38. I found it so interesting to see walnuts in their fruit form, Poppy. I love using them in baking, toasted on salads, and just plain! What a treat to be able to have a sack of them from trees your mother-in-law planted. I'll not be shaking trees for walnuts here, but visiting an orchard to pick apples is on the agenda this weekend!


  39. Poppy,
    Oh so cute! This was pure fun and educational too!
    Have a lovely week!

  40. Well CATS and More Cats, I missed them all. So fun! Thank you for cat Poppy...I mean that ;)

  41. You are one cool cat yourself Poppy! A clever little post indeed :)

  42. OK, so I'm not so good taking a "hint" I thought it was Walnut but analyzed it too much. Love your cool cat. My cat would never wear a hat!

  43. This was so fun...I usually brag to my kids about growing up in a tropical country and knowing about the origin of almonds and cashews....but I had no idea what a walnut looked like. :) Thank you for sharing...the doggy is super adorable..xo

  44. A perfect post, Poppy! I guessed nuts, but not walnuts, and no, I haven't seen them in their fruity form. The star jasmine buds are amazing...and I have never seen a quince, I don't think. PR is really too much How on earth did he pose in that outfit, LOL!

  45. So cute Poppy! Love that kitty. Quince always reminds me of the poem The Owl and The Pussycat (they dined on mince and slices of quince . . . ).

  46. Oh Poppy what a delight this post was. I loved it!!! Your kitty is so darn cute and he did a wonderful job of giving us the scoop. Loved it all.

  47. Ok, I didn't get any of them right, and can't believe the radish looking things are flowers. Funnily enough I was talking about quinces recently with an Iranian friend, but obviously I have no idea what they look like !


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