Friday, October 10, 2014

Patina: Prêt-à-Porter, Fall 2014

 Having resumed my daily afternoon walks, I am becoming reacquainted with the beautiful patinas that cover some
 of the unique architecture throughout the village.

Pomegranates, posing for their annual portrait in our garden.

Of course, these finishes aren't only restricted to buildings, 
since they also polish the leathery skin of robust berries -
  did you know that technically, pomegranates are berries?! 

Heavy ornaments, pomegranates bend branches, bringing to mind the decorated boughs of Christmas trees.

A symbol of fertility and abundance in many cultures, the sweet
 seeds of this fleshy fruit are rich in vitamin C, dietary fibers, and
 a host of other beneficial traits when consumed regularly.

Trying to stay on trend, this tropical palm shows off its fall 
foliage, in honey hued stripes, and burnt, beige-y neutrals. 

In the spotlight, maple leaves coated in copper, sparkle in a glittery glow.

Our sensitive maple, having struggled with summer heat, 
is deservedly, the star of the season. Taking centre stage,
 it steals the scene from co-stars green, be it even,
 for its fleeting, fifteen minutes of fame.

Thanks for visiting and
have a lovely weekend!
 A Happy Thanksgiving to
all my friends back home!

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  1. Oh Poppy if you've begun taking afternoon walks again I know autumn must have arrived - it would be far too hot in summer. And you've so beautifully captured the fall colors! The seasons seem to be coming and going at a much faster pace these days, don't they? Enjoy this one and its patinas to the max! Hugs, Jackie

  2. Beautiful autumn colours. And what concerns pomegranate, pomegranate juice is my husbands favourite drink, so healthy, haha. The big berries look lovely at the tree!

  3. Lovely photos! I've never seen a pomegranate on a tree before--only in the store.

  4. Olá, Poppy!

    A arquitetura e pintura são bonitas.

    Adoro romãs. Minha avozinha tinha alguns pés...saudades!!

    Onde você caminha é muito bonito e verdejante.

    Querida, tenha um bom final de semana,


    Lígia e =^.^=

  5. Your autumn walk resulted in some beautiful photos. The patina of the old building is beautiful. I just bought my first pomegranate of the season this week. Such rich ruby jewels. Yum.

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear Poppy. I'm sure you think of your loved ones far away in Canada on weekends like this.

  6. Hello Poppy, lovely scenes from your walk! I love the Pomegranates, YUMMY! Beautiful photos, enjoy your weekend!

  7. I'm always so envious of what you see on your daily walks. So much more interesting than what I see! Love the first photo, and seeing how pomegranates grow is a treat!

  8. Our pomegranates are not yet ripe but I enjoy looking at them from my terrasse!!
    The autumn colours and patinas are so beautiful and it is a pleasure for me also to have resumed my afternoon walks in the countryside and on the sea-front.
    I wish you a happy weekend, dear Poppy!

  9. Oh Poppy...such breathtaking beauty surrounds you! And pomegranate trees...what a beautiful and delicious fruit! The old patina on the building is so lovely... and did I ever tell you how I love the way you add your watermarks to your photos? Have a great weekend, my friend!

  10. Beautiful walk, Poppy. I love the building's patina, and that blue shutter. . .so quaint. I noticed where you placed your "poppy view" watermarks in the photos. Very cute, especially that last one on the tightrope, er wire. tee-hee. Have a great weekend. xxx ~ Nancy

  11. While I am generally not fond of falling temps, I really do love the colorful transformation that falls brings. Thanks for sharing your walk with us, it's amazing to me that even continents apart, the plants all seems to change in sync! :)

  12. Well, I can never take a real walk with you, but the walks that I take through your photography and writing is always such a pleasure!

  13. I love the wall with the window and turquoise shutter. Such beautiful age and patina! The pomegranate tree is beautiful. I'd never seen one before. Happy weekend to you and maybe you'll celebrate Thanksgiving there too. xo

  14. Lovely signs of autumn in your beautiful part of the world, Poppy. Thank you for sharing them with us. xo

  15. Beautiful autumn colors...and Crete seems so beautiful now! Lovely to see your pictures!
    Have a lovely weekend, take care...
    Love Titti

  16. Oh, that beautiful blue shutter at the very top of that building with the amazing golden stone! Makes my heart go pitter pat! I wonder who painted it?

    And your pomegranates seem the height of luxury when I consider how much I pay for a small packet of seeds in the produce department. I read just this week that Grenadine syrup is from pomegranate seeds! I must dust my little bottle off and try to use it more often.

    You find hidden treasure on your walks, Poppy! And the mixture of the old stone buildings with their unexpected bursts of color dabbed on old wood is always dear.

  17. I love walking around the picturesque places with you Poppy - those walls and shutters with patina and obvious age remind me so much of buildings in my brother's French village. I spent hours taking pics there on my visits - and of course hope to return again some day to take more!

    Happy Thanksgiving - do you celebrate your Canadian holiday there?

    Hugs - Mary

  18. Lots of changes happening there now. I liked seeing the pomegranate trees. I've only seen short bush-like pomegranate plants in 'real life," never a tall tree like those.

  19. No, I had no idea that pomegranate's were berries! It makes sense when you say it and look at them as they are like very large redcurrants in a way. Wonderful colours! xx

  20. i love the jolts of color on the old building.
    and the light where you are . . . the amazing light! you can feel it! i can't explain it.
    i've read about it. now i see what they mean.
    and the darling valiant little maple. special to our hearts. you go girl! xoxo♥

  21. The village and nature that surrounds you is beautiful Poppy! Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY....

  22. Pomegranates were always a favorite fall treat for my kids growing up :)

  23. Just got back from the grocery store with a pomegranate in our bag! I know it won't be as good as the ones you have growing there, but it is a pretty one.

  24. There is simply no substitute for a beautifully aged building, filled with the patina that reflects a well lived and loved life. Love the blue shutters. They've always been a favorite of mine.

    Pomegranates are a luxury here in the states, but I do indulge now and again. At the very least, I drink the juice ;).

  25. You do have lovely architecture in your village! We also have pomegranate trees (3 of them) and enjoy juicing them and mixing it with sparkling water. Thanks for sharing at the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week Poppy :)

  26. So glad that you have resumed your afternoon walks. Not only will it keep my dear blogger-friend fit but will also give all of us a chance to glance at the beautiful pictures.
    The first one here is outstanding.


  27. What a beautiful story your photos are telling.
    Thanks for sharing
    Lots of blessings from South Africa

  28. What beautiful pictures! I look forward to exploring more of your blog! :)


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