Saturday, October 25, 2014

An Expatriate's Prayer

 Clouds congregate in Cretan skies -
 melancholy masses in mourning.

Crossing the Atlantic, 
they've carried with them,
a heavy outpouring
 of emotion.

Inside, an expat cries,
her heart heavy and weak
from the tidings.

 In darkness, she stands,
in silence, she breathes,
praying for hope
  to come out of

Slowly, the shadows
are outshone by the light,
as the clouds scatter
to deliver her message.

She bids them farewell,
and reminds them to tell
her fellow Canadians,
that prayer has no distance.

Thanks for visiting, and
have a lovely week.


  1. Beautiful Poppy!!!! Just beautiful!!
    xo Kris

  2. Beautiful words and gorgeous shades of blue skies.

  3. So touching! Unfortunately terrorism has no borders!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Απλά λόγια με πολλά συναισθήματα που συνοδεύουν τις εικόνες . Η προσευχή δεν έχει σύνορα και δεν χωρίζει τους ανθρώπους ..όμορφες οι φωτογραφίες σου Poppy !

  5. ihre bilder sind wunderschön!!! ein schönes wochenende wünscht angie aus deutschland

  6. Thank you, Poppy. That is so beautiful. You can take the girl out of the 'country' (Canada) but you can't take the 'country' out of the girl. Blessings. xo

  7. . . .gorgeous photos . . . sweet words . . .

    Make it a great day!

  8. So sorry about the shooting in Canada. I don't understand people - why they have to be that way.
    Your photo's are beautiful along with your words.
    Praying for the solder that lost his life.
    Have a sunny weekend.

  9. Beautiful words and images, Poppy. Yes, it's been a week of grief here in Canada and of determination to move forward and not let the fear take over. Prayer knows no boundaries. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, Poppy.

  10. So beautifully written, Poppy, expressing your heart's sorrow. As soon as I saw the news I thought of you, knowing how worried and hurt you would be for your home country. I join with you in prayer for "hope to come out of hiding."

  11. Stunning shots, Poppy! The dark clouds make such a beautiful and dramatic backdrop

  12. Beautiful skies! It is interesting to see the changeable dark sky and gray sky make such a story.
    As a beginner English learner, I enjoyed reading your words. Thank you for sharing!
    Have a good day,Poppy.

  13. Oh I love this Poppy! Thank you so much for sharing (splendid photos as well).

  14. Love those beautiful pictures. Love looking at the sky. Hope your weekend is good too.

  15. Poppy - what a beautiful post in both photos and writing. Gorgeous!


  16. Dear Poppy, your photos are simply breathtking and the words went along beautifully. Blessings to you!

  17. Looks like my first comment disappeared :(.

    So sorry about what happened in Canada, and I know your heart must be heavy.

    Your photos are so symbolic Poppy, and express your words so eloquently.


  18. Wonderful words Poppy and your pictures are stunning, especially the ones with the dark skies.

  19. Olá, Poppy,

    Que lindas imagens você captou!

    O céu é maravilhoso!

    Belos versos.

    beijinhos, um lindo domingo,

    Lígia e =^.^=

  20. Your words speak straight to the heart and your photos take my breath away, dear Poppy, wish solace for mind and soul...
    Thinking of you

  21. It is always hard to be away when something happens at home. I hope that we all, as a people, learn how to recognize and intervene when people who aren't thinking correctly. It is a complicated issue. We don't want to interfere with a person's rights, but in a matter of minutes they can end the lives of perfectly innocent people. Then where are their rights and the rights of the families? It is so needless, so sad.
    Love your poem, Poppy. It is really good and the photographs are perfect.

  22. such a tribute. such beauty. even poignant as it has to be.
    sadness for those of us who hold Canada in our hearts . . .
    sadness in the extreme for a young family and a wonderful land that seemed above it all.
    somewhere on the horizon of all this senseless violence in the world...
    there has to be a blue sky coming. a real lasting blue sky.

  23. The images you choose to match your words are always so perfect Poppy. I am sorry your heart is heavy, but hopefully expression eases the pain. xo

  24. The skies are so beautiful, and hard to imagine what horrors can occur under them! This nightmare is spreading everywhere. We should pray that we can conquer it soon. Beautiful words!

  25. Gorgeous pics and words! Love the intense colors of Greece!

  26. Beautiful pictures; I especially like the 4th one with the rays of sun breaking through. It's so painful to see beautiful lives torn apart through horrific acts. Praying.

  27. Such a heartfelt tribute, Poppy. And your photos are just incredible - very poignant. Take care, friend!

  28. Poppy,
    I too thought of you when I heard the sad news. Our world is in transition and we must stay strong for one another. This is a lovely post in honor, reverence and hope.
    With love,

  29. A beautiful and timely tribute, Poppy. And it fits the mood in our Pacific Northwest as well where just as we were getting over the shock of events in Canada, a school shooting last Friday left three young teens dead and three in critical condition -- mere 14-year-olds. The gray clouds haven't lifted yet in this part of the world. . . Take care, Hugs, Jackie

  30. Lovely photos and amazing skies...

    It's the shock. I knew what you were all going through since we'd had it prior with that first beheading / they just attract crazy people like themselves / it is so sad and senseless:(

  31. Beautifully wrote, Poppy :) Photos such skies are amazing :) Best wishes :))

  32. Whoosh to hear the whispers of your beautiful heart, conveyed so eloquently Poppy. This world, as it has become, I know not what the future holds for the younger generations, but I must say, it is not the world of my childhood, nor early adulthood and it may get worse, before the tide turns. Hugs to you for all that you share and bring forth love in all that you create~

  33. My grandfather had a farm in Canada and my mother was born there, so I have always felt a bond with this country. It is horrible when terrorist acts devastate a peaceful country and it has happened here in the UK on a fairly regular basis all my life. Nowhere is really safe and that is sad.

  34. Dearest Poppy, your post is beautifully composed. I share your sadness, Poppy. But we must not let the terrorists stop us from living, from seeing and sharing the love and beauty around us.

  35. Beautiful, beautiful Crete...even in october so beautiful!
    Take care, have happy thoughts and much love,

  36. Beautiful---the words and the photos.

  37. So beautiful Poppy! Beautiful pictures and thoughts. Hugs from Michigsn- we're close to Canada!

  38. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Poppy. God Bless You. Bess

  39. I get the message from your posts that you miss home a lot. The good thing, your daughter is there to spread the love that you carry in your heart.


  40. Oh Poppy, This post is so beautifully written that it has brought me to tears.


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