Monday, August 18, 2014

Plaka: Engraved in Stone

Fireballs of bougainvillea, 
ablaze in a tangle of magenta flames,
show off their beaming beauty,
putting their partner in green to shame.

 Around the corner, slabs of stone,
in tones of grey and brown and gold,

outshine new planks of bold, bright blue
despite being cracked and chipped and old.

After all, the sea and sand and fields
nearby, boast a harmony of these hues,

while a seaside restaurant chooses them
 to allure passersby with appetizing views.

In the distance, the island of Spinalonga, the Venetian fortress that subsequently became a leper colony in 1903.

 Plaka, named for all the stone 
indigenous to this pebbly, coastal place,

'Today, mine. Tomorrow, another's', and although it does 
not appear here, the phrase continues, 'But never, no one's'.

has its history, engraved permanently,
into many a carved and chiselled space.

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  1. Beautiful poppy!
    You are so lucky to wake up to this every day.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous sights to see and experience! Is it ever cloudy there?? Thanks for sharing these lovely photos and beautifully descriptive words, Poppy!

  3. Seeing those views, sights, landscapes... the infinite blue sea and sky ... so amazing...
    What beauty can we see through your magical lens of your camera...

  4. such a wonderful sight - it makes me want ramble and travel the world - just to see the beauty of it all- imagine if everyone had eyes like you perhaps someone would actually say "oh lets not bomb there and ruin the view - it's too pretty to ruin it." Imagine? :)

  5. Beautiful views and I love the vivid colours of the Bougainvillea.

  6. I just love how bright and beautiful it all is! Happy new week. Tammy

  7. Such pretty scenery and blooms and love all the water and doors as well :)

  8. I love the pretty blues, the windows, sky and the water...And the colorful bougainvillea is one of my favorites... I also love the engraved translated words..Poppy, beautiful post! Have a happy new week!

  9. Beautiful views but I'll skip the grilled octopus! Br...
    All the best,

  10. I would love to sit at a table overlooking the sea!
    I hope that the sea is working its magic on you - balm for the soul!

  11. I always love when you take us around your beautiful island, Poppy! I sure would like to be sitting at one of those tables looking at that gorgeous blue water!

  12. There is no place I would rather be right now but this magical paradise. Bougainvilleas never fail, always blooming and pleasing. I love the way they dry the squids. I could even smell the ocean.
    Hope you have a good week Poppy.


  13. You live in such a beautiful place. I especially love that bougainvillea and the beautiful turquoise shutters and doors!

  14. Oh the photos of that restaurant with its tables at seaside, made my heart lurch. . .I think I am missing Greece more than I'd admit to myself! Beautiful photos as always. . . xxJackie

  15. How gorgeous it all is, the blue and white with splashes of bright colour. Bougainvilleas are such lovely bushes, all frothy blossoms mixed with green. The octopi don't really whet my appetite, but they are a unique display!

  16. Oh Poppy!
    I so enjoy your vivid descriptions and tantalizing photos-fireballs of bougainvilleas-even when I am not viewing your gorgeous pictures my mind conjures up a very blazing and colorful scene. As always, my friend, I enjoy my visits here and go away with a renewed spirit!

  17. Hi Poppy,

    What an amazing place to sit at the little restaurant with the gorgeous outlook of the water.
    Love the pretty bougainvilleas and the shutters.
    Happy week

  18. so beautiful Poppy. the colors are so gorgeous. I do love the brightly painted blue doors, and those bright pink flowers!

  19. Gosh I am so jealous that you seen this gorgeous view, loving the color and that blue door is spectacular. I wouldn't leave the restaurant, really I would refuse they would have to let me set up a tent so I could stay there permanent. Have a great day!

  20. So beautiful, but I am not sure that those octopus hanging up to dry would entice me to go and eat! xx

  21. I have had a Japanese version of Octopus before and I liked it. I am thinking that a serving of grilled Octopus and sitting at a table along side the sea, would not be too bad a thing to do. Lovely as always your shares~

  22. So gorgeous! A beautiful display of God's creative wonders!

  23. Well thanks for that mini vacation! Love the bright blues they use in the well as your artsy pictures :) When we go on vacation my kids are thrilled that I am taking pictures of architecture instead of them lol!!

  24. Well I could just imagine myself sitting at that sea side restaurant right about now - how gorgeous !!!

  25. O, Poppy, this is all so beautiful...I you miss Toronto, where you were born and raised? Or, being in Crete with your sweetheart makes it all worthwhile.?
    Your photos and your words are always so wonderful.

  26. I really don't see why a magazine hasn't snatched you up yet! You are such a wonderful writer and you take wonderful photos!!! You bring Crete right into our homes and you make me drool a little I can also tell that you don't take it for granted and that my friend is such a special trait of yours. Have a great weekend! Love and hugs to you!!!

  27. Beautiful scenery - great quote - love it! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  28. Love the rustic nature of the restaurant and those beautiful old buildings.


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