Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dare to Dance?


Take a good look, if you please,
 at this soaring silhouette.
Do you sense
 the self-confidence
in her movement, 
the assurance
in her dancer's etiquette? 
Would you believe, she bears
a striking resemblance to me
darting around
 the living room floor... 
way, way back 
in my teen days of yore,  
footloose and fancy-free, 
a swaying tree,
 in the summer breeze.

Although I had never had a dance lesson in my life, I was  convinced that my smooth jazz moves, if executed with prowess and precision, could easily conquer the most nimble of contenders, in the most challenging of contests. Ha! I had some nerve for a feisty, 'Flashdance' obsessed amateur!

Now, eons later, I have come to realize that this false bravado played a pivotal role in the most important 'moves' of my life. I craved adventure and drama, chasing plenty of twists and turns - sassy chassés, and dizzy pirouettes, spinning me  on a journey far from my familiar, Canadian stage, to a floating Minoan one in the Mediterranean.

Soon after arriving at the birthplace of Zeus,
the Fates found it fitting to grant me a partner.
Thus, my solo performances came to an end, 
 but it's the duets of which I am prouder!
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  1. I love to dance, but only by myself! I'm way too shy to dance in front of anyone else. Sometimes I will turn on some upbeat music and dance in my kitchen. It's great exercise, too! :-)

  2. Elegant and eloquent, that's you and your posts Poppy.
    I love to dance too, but have no problem shaking it all about if I'm with others, in fact some friends and I are hoping to try out some salsa classes.

  3. total süße billder und eine witzige geschichte!!! liebe grüße von angie

  4. Ah, a great post Poppy. I used to dance my way through high school on the weekends. Usually 2 dances per weekend. But, I was not a fancy dancer. LOL It was the twist, the mashed potato, etc. that got my dancing feet moving. Such fun. And I was so slim!!

  5. It feels wonderful to dance...moving to the music! I'm sure I would feel better if I danced more! Sweet hugs!

  6. I used to love to dance
    Beautiful photos.

  7. Dancing is great exercise and probably the only kind I really would enjoy, although I don't do it often enough to have much effect! I used to in my younger days but whenever I do now, it's for an audience of one...well, two...only me and well, God of course....we can't hide anything from Him! I have no doubt he is up there laughing at me...lol! This was a fun post!

  8. I love how you wrote this...finding the perfect partner makes the music so much sweeter!

    I loved to dance, I still do at weddings (about the only occasion I have to dance these days), but I'm afraid my moves are a bit outdated! lol!

    Lovely post. So sorry I have been out of the loop. Hope to visit more often!

    Jane xx

    1. Hi Jane,

      Thanks for stopping by. When we're young, almost everything seems perfect, doesn't it? I'd say my husband and I have danced a few more tangos than waltzes, mainly due to cultural differences, but every new 'step' that is learned, is part of the ongoing dance of life.


  9. Such a layered and lyrical poem. Lovely.
    ( I was a Flashdance fanatic too:)

  10. I was a dancer! It was such a lovely free feeling ~ exactly how you described and then wove it into a tale of true love! Fabulous!

  11. Never stop dancing I say. We don't stop dancing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop dancing,

  12. So sweet, dear Poppy. I'm glad you found your perfect dance partner! I love to dance or just move to music. It's so freeing and energizing. Wonderful post.

  13. What an incredibly beautiful and graceful, eloquent post!! xx

  14. This is a beautiful post and I like the idea of dance being a metaphor for life!

  15. Beautiful dancing post!!! And even much better to dance a duet than solo.

  16. I like to dance, even my own. In love with your photos... Kisses Christina :)

  17. Of course she resembles you, Poppy. The essence of a young woman's being remains the same throughout each stage of her life. And how many things would we not have had the courage to dare without that false bravado in the younger self?

    Your last picture on this post is the dance that always makes me hold my breath when watching, full of beauty and two bodies in perfect synchronization, yes, but each challenging the other, seeming to dare each other, occasionally the partners turning away from each other but always passionately returning to embrace.

    You have shown in your words and these pictures of movement the great mystery of a man and a woman together. As the writer of Proverbs said, There are three things too wonderful to me. And one of the three was, "The way of a man with a maid."

    As you said, all part of the Dance of Life.

    Lovely, Poppy.

  18. You and your posts are always so lovely and creative :) Thank you, dear Poppy, for blessing my heart.

    Love and hugs!

  19. Dance on dear lady, dance on.... The ability to interpret your own dance is liberating, but swaying to the music with the one you love is the most wonderful feeling one could ever hope to have. Bravo for capturing this feeling in words and art.

  20. aaand..... poppy's back!
    i can easily imagine one who can sing as you do ... has the spirit for the dance. the TRUE dance.
    the dance untrained and amazing. and. always. straight from the heart.
    and ... also as always... the pictures here...
    are inspirational and beautiful!

  21. Hello Poppy

    Beautifully said. May your dance card always be full


  22. Poppy Dear,
    Reading this brought back such lovely memories of how I enjoyed, loved and craved to dance as a very young woman! I do not think I was especially graceful, but I loved the beat of the music and the energy within and around me.
    I enjoyed this lovely art work, your beautiful words and the symbolism of your life. Indeed you have danced a beautiful, enchanted, creative, caring and loving life both in the singular and plural forms!
    Wishing you a lovely day!

  23. Dance has been my whole life but now that I really can' participate anymore, I do have those wonderful memories.

  24. What a beautiful post...

  25. I'm a dancer - even if it's all alone in the house - drives John crazy LOL
    I've been known ( in my younger days ) to get on the table at Kojax ( a Greek fast food restaurant so there you go Poppy ) to get on the table and dance until everyone in the restaurant was doing the same thing - including the owner LOL
    LOVE this post !

  26. Such a lovely post with your lyrical words. Turn up the music and shake it baby!!! :) xoxo

  27. I'm a "woman of a certain age" who still loves to sashay and twirl around the room. My husband smiles from ear to ear whenever I do. And sometimes when the mood is right he joins in. Oh, how I love that! Thanks for this enchanting post, Poppy. Dance away!

  28. Good for you, Poppy. I have never had the confidence to dance much, but my daughter loves to dance and seems to have no inhibition at all, so I'm trying to encourage it in her. I think it can only be good for a young girl to have the freedom to express herself and enjoy being in her own skin.

  29. I'm not a good dancer, but I love to watch dancing. Wish you would post a video of you dancing. '-)
    We visited Argentina some years ago and purchased a painting of a couple dancing the tango. Your painting made me think of the one we bought on our trip.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I am NOT a dancer, I only THOUGHT I was!;)) Again, those moves were made by a tiny teen, long ago, with an evolving ego, alone in her living room. Sometimes my mom would very nonchalantly peek through the kitchen...in case I crashed on a lamp! Don't think I'd want pictures of such a performance! LOL!!


  30. I never missed a chance to go dancing. Loved to swing dance to all the big bands. I had a friend who was an excellent dancer and we sure use to cut a rug. I still have the rhythm, but the body has a hard
    time moving, I love seeing everyone else dance. this is a terrific post.

  31. You are so talented Poppy. I can imagine you as a graceful and confident dancer.
    Have a good week dear.

  32. Beautiful! As a young person, I took ballet and then as a teen, I danced my heart away many times. I promised myself to not marry anyone who could not dance. I did so anyway and so other than our 9th anniversary when we danced to a special song, and now going on 45 year anniversary, I dance alone. I LOVE to dance and so when no one is around, I turn up the music and dance my heart away all over again ~

  33. Poppy, I always wanted to be a ballerina too. I wonder if most little girls don't dream that dream. I would don my crinoline and dance around on my tippy toes pretending I was the Sugar Plum Fairy. Yes, the dreams of little girls are so sweet! My little granddaughter is in ballet and she really does wear a pink tutu. However, I only get to see her dance in videos as she lives on the opposite side of the country. When my hubby came along we used to dance up a storm and oftentimes the kids around us would clear the floor for us. Oh, those were the days! Today, I'm just happy to have him at my side to enjoy this dance we call life! Thanks for the memories, my friend, and enjoy your weekend.


  34. What a beautiful post. And stunning images too...xxx

  35. oh Poppy such a wonderful post i too would dance and twirl those days are gone for some reason I cannot find that girl anymore - :)

  36. The first few years I was divorced I'd turn the music up loud in the evening and dance my heart out for hours. It seemed to release all those pent up feelings and it's hard to feel sad when you are moving to the music. You have certainly taken some flight risks and it makes life ever so much more interesting to have done so.

  37. Very beautifully composed. I am no good as a dancer but I still love dancing. I leave no chance to tap my feet and sway my body :)



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