Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mood Lighting

our little hamlet in the hills
 seems quite susceptible to
 the moods of Mother Nature,
as terracotta topped houses
 huddle together, while
a ghostly fog floats by.

 On an unusually 
gloomy day,
strokes of sunshine
beam on the greenery
bordering the church -
 the leafy street lights
of pastoral scenes.

Minutes before their shift,
black capped bulbs on
 lanky lampposts stand by,
as the late, afternoon light
lingers, quietly leaving
just before dusk.

 the soft glow 
of candlelight
sweetly greets
the night, 
and the day fades
into darkness. 

 Thanks for visiting and
have a lovely weekend.


  1. Beautiful pictures again Poppy!
    I especially like the one of the church.
    It's been quite dull here in Loutraki for the last few days, it does change the appearance of things.

  2. danke für die schönen bilder und inspirationen!!! liebe grüße und einen schönen tag wünscht angie aus deutschland

  3. I love that time of day, the late afternoon, no matter where I am. At this time of year here it's truly precious. The golden light of the sun going down glinting through the autumn trees, the sudden coolness of the air, the birds singing their last songs of the day and grabbing a few seeds from the feeders before perching for the night. Your long views are stunning Poppy.

    Happy weekend to you also - we are expecting a northern blast to hit the southeast tomorrow - I think today we'll be preparing the hearth to light our first fire of the season over the weekend!

    Hugs - Mary

  4. What a lovely view! Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!

  5. Poppy, que postagem delicada, repleta de poesia!

    Linda vela iluminando!

    beijinhos, tenha um dia bem bonito!

    Lígia e =^.^=

  6. You and your blog are full of grace and beauty, my dear Poppy :) I always enjoy my visits here. Hugs!

  7. It's just so beautiful there. I love the colors!

  8. very lovely Poppy...I do love a moody sky. Some of the most gorgeous photos come from a sky that can't quite make up it's mind :) Have a lovely day!

  9. Late afternoon light slants in at such a lovely angle. Your photos of a quieter Crete show another side of beauty.

  10. Such lovely photos and writing. xoxo

  11. Ok, maybe it's my demented mind at work, but that church reminds me of two big boobies! And the lamp light does too!

    But that first picture is lovely ;)

  12. Ha, I was not thinking two big boobies, ;) in my world, the church roof top reminded me of Hoot Owl, looking out over your beautiful world. Happy Weekend beautiful one~

  13. I love moody lighting! I immediately grab my camera. Love your pics.


  14. You've again captured the magic, Poppy! Makes me wistful and warm all at the same time! Happy weekend to you~ hugs, Jackie

  15. Your "hamlet in the hills" would make a great name for a novel or even better a slim book of your poetry, Poppy--hint, hint!

    I have to agree with one of your above commenters that the church indeed looks like a big owl, with very wise eyes. And those lampposts, oh, how I would love lampposts up my street. I've always been in love with the lamplighters of the past.

    Dusk, one of my very favorite words, and time of day. Being outside a moment in it, perhaps to feed the cat, then going inside to your room with the curtains draped at the window, one poppy red candle lit, your pomegranates glowing, and that stunning vase holding clippings of autumn's last gleanings.

    Is that vase a local product? It looks handmade. Lovely post, Poppy.

  16. dusk is one of my favorite times...
    enough light to not be dark... but just right for candlelight and old fashioned lamp posts to glow.
    sometimes i marvel at the fact that i have a friend that looks out upon the valley of beauty there in crete. an amazingly wonderful world to be small for me in that way. love to you my poppy. xo
    and happy weekend too! ♥

  17. What a lovely and moody post from you...I left Crete in september and I longing to go there every day. Now it´s so grey and dull here, I dint like november so much!
    Have a happy weekend and take care,

  18. I love that last picture: your room looks so cosy by candlelight.

  19. cozy up! We are hopefully going to get some snow this weekend here in Texas...getting in the mood to put my Fall decor away and start getting my Christmas out...definitely chilly here.

  20. I love the beauty of your town and the beautiful photo's you have taken. It's so magical with the fog and sunlight.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  21. Lovely post. I liked the shot with the lamppost and the one of the church.

  22. It has been very grey and dull here today, typical English November weather, but it has been brightened up by stopping by to see you! I like your new header! xx

  23. How beautiful, when light lingers.
    Always so inspiring to visit with you, Poppy.

  24. Dear Poppy,

    The little village where you live is beautiful and love all the terracotta rooftops.
    How wonderful all the different mood lights are.
    Happy Sunday

  25. Wonderfull village terracota, nice post Poppy, greeting from Belgium

  26. What a beautiful picture you paint for us each week in words and photos! Thanks for taking the time to link up with the Art of Home-Making Mondays and share them! :)

  27. Dear Poppy, no matter what the weather is, your island is lovely. Your home looks very cozy and inviting.

  28. I think Christa is right, it's a beautiful place to live in all lights.

  29. Light is undeniably a mood setter. And the lack of it can really bring me down. Your post is lovely, Poppy. Terracotta roofs and street lamps like the ones in your photo are charming. And there's nothing more romantic than candlelight. Thank you for sharing these images. xxx ~ Nancy

  30. I think we are all susceptible to lighting and moods. It was rainy here today and it was nice to have extra lights on to cheer things up. Love your photos sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  31. Beautiful pictures as's bitter cold here with no sun...I'm wishing for fog instead!. I love the terracotta roofs none here in Il. Your street lamps are awful pretty too!

  32. I love late afternoon light too and I am so in love with your last photo ... Hugs and kisses!

  33. You have a beautiful way with words, Poppy. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.

  34. Mother Nature sure is moody but thank God for it because with her mood swings come the wonderful twists of weather that are the most enjoyable. Who doesn't love the first ray of light on a gloomy day and a shower of rain on a hot and humid one.



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