Sunday, July 13, 2014

Grapevine Green and Mosaic Aquamarine

Sitting directly under the maple in the front garden
this morning, its leaves dangerously dry from wicked
wind storms and an absence of rain, it still looked 
pretty, shining radiantly in the clear blue sky.

It got me thinking about all the greenery 
that we've planted on our property, 

and how I've neglected to give that necessary 
nod of appreciation to all the members of its clan,


which continuously keep us cool and calm, protecting 
us in freshness and shade, when the sun gets miffed and

 moody, and in its madness, melts mere mortals
 in minutes, who dare to stare it in the face!

 Right outside our walls, lies a hilly
 field of olive groves, to the north,

and a gorgeous grapevine to the east,

that is presently growing the roundest,
 most robust, little juicy jewels you can imagine!

Now, twisting through a trecherous trail 
of tall, spiky, grass skewers 

will eventually lead you to the coast,
 (albeit, with scratchy, red knees).
Pomegranates take centre stage in the fall.

Or, you could leave the tricky leg work for
 another day, to admire the sea from afar,

and instead, dip your dainty toes into ripples
 of cool that are right at your fingertips!

Thanks for visiting everyone,
and have a wonderful week!

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  1. wow what a view, love all the trees and the plants and the water, I could just sit back with a glass of wine and let the world go by...loved the flowers on the fence so cool

  2. Poppy, you do have a lovely view with all the trees, plants and the coast. The grapes look delicious..The pool is nice too. Wonderful series of photos, enjoy your week!

  3. These are awesome photos, Poppy. The grapes will be delicious!

  4. Oh this post was so cool and refreshing and green!...:) The green of the trees and the blues of the sky and water....what a great combination!!! Great post Poppy!!!

  5. What a wonder walk you took us on. Love the grapes, I would love to pick some. The water looks so tempting right now to me.

  6. Such beauty around you and wonderful shades of green!

  7. Wow, look at those grapes. Your place is so inviting and lovely! Have a wonderful week.

  8. I adore the composition of that first shot!

  9. Such beautiful shades of green!!
    XO Kris

  10. We leave for 10 days in Kauai on Saturday, but your photos make me want to visit you!

  11. Hello, I am new to your blog, but just wanted to say how beautiful your photos are! What wonderful scenery around you. I look forward to reading more! xx

  12. Hi Poppy, Your place is gorgeous. It must be a pleasure to wake up to this scenery every morning.
    Have a wonderful week!

  13. Masz piękne otoczenie wokół siebie Poppy, chciałabym kiedyś zobaczyć gaj oliwny, bo u nas nie ma oliwek. Dużo u Ciebie zieleni, która tworzy piękny klimat:)

  14. Hi Poppy, such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing this wonderful place and the table setting is gorgeous. Love the photos, so full of color and inviting.

  15. There are so many beautiful plants in your corner of the world. Those grapes look translucent and gorgeous. I'd enjoy a dip in the pool followed by tea at that table.

  16. i planted a grapevine last year, knowing not to expect anything for a few years but I think that I should take your lovely photo out to my grapevine and tell it "SEE? Do it JUST LIKE THIS! " :) :)

  17. I love the combination of blue and green, in fact I have loads of blues and greens in my house, but you can't beat the real thing.
    Beautiful pictures and prose Poppy, I'm still dreaming of my own Mediterranean view one day.
    It doesn't hurt to dream !

  18. Olive groves and grapevines - looks like paradise! Thank you for touring us around. I love the vivid blue of the sky with the emerald green trees. Happy July, L

  19. You seemed to have done it once again, with your beautiful words and images that go along so smoothly with those words. You have placed me right at that pool of blue water, after walking the path and enjoying the variety of trees and for some reason, I could not feel that water upon my toes after all. You took me there, and yet here I adventure always Poppy~

  20. Love all this greenery Poppy! I wish I had a grapevine, so pretty with the fruits hanging off it

  21. I so love your property - all looks so inviting especially a pool to cool off in and the ocean not far away. If you need help stomping the grapes, let me know!

    Mary x

  22. Not only are your photos bright and beautiful, but they are composed so perfectly Poppy! You seamlessly take us along for a tour of your lovely surroundings with your words and pictures, and although we can't be there, we feel like we've gotten a little but of a vacation just by visiting your blog.

    Have a wonderful week!


  23. These are the best photos of your property yet! I would gladly send you some of our endless rain. It seems to be more like August than July weather here and some evenings I have to close the windows to keep the chill out. You know that just isn't normal for Ontario. It's raining as I write and will be too wet in my clay soil to garden tomorrow so the weeds will get to grow some more!

  24. The different views from your property are so beautiful. And the greens which give you shade when the sun is too hot, a great place to live.

  25. Oh...what lovely images, my friend! You surely never run out of beautiful things to photograph! I couldn't choose my favorite one...all of them divine! Well....maybe the grapes!! A wonderful post, Poppy! Have a blessed week!

  26. So many beautiful photos!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Have a great week,

  27. First, Poppy, I love your title today, I've repeated it 3 times just because I love saying it!

    So glad you payed homage to the greens in Poppy View's sight! Too often they simply become the backdrop for colorful blooms and yet as you showed in your magnificent photos they are stars themselves. What are the beautiful conifers behind the iron railing? The greens must have a cooling effect in that "miffed" Mediterranean sun.

    I love your little table for two, is that pomegranates I see? Already? Lovely views everywhere. I'd want to sit under a big shady hat and dip my toes in that lovely pool but I bet most of your time spent in it is doing industrious laps.

    1. Hello my friend,

      The pomegranate pic is from last October, from a guest post I did at Savvy Southern Style and which I plan to post here this fall. I added the caption, as your comment made me think that it was rather confusing for those who know their harvests, and I specifically wanted to use it since it is a long shot of the same spot of the seaside close up before it!

      Thanks for taking such a close look at my pics!:))


    2. Forgot to answer your first question: the trees that border the property are Leyland cypresses and Goldcrest cedars, the latter has a most refreshing woodsy/citrus scent and a greenish/gold colour - it truly shines!


  28. How inviting is your property Poppy, and that pool is screaming for you to jump in. How refreshing and invigorating looking at every corner of your surroundings. I bet those grapes are juicy and sweet, glistened by Cretan sun. Hope you are having a good week dear friend.


  29. You've again captured the most grand beauty in the simpliest of living things! A beautiful post, Poppy.

  30. Such a lush green garden! A lot of love and care must have gone into it. Worth it all. And those grapes look so healthy, I am sure they taste just as good. These pictures are such a pleasure for the eyes and soul.


  31. Mmm, so beautiful. I would be in that pool all the time!

  32. What a beautiful place! It was like taking a little vacation to "walk" around with you through your camera. And your words read so smooth and graceful - as if they were flowing right from a gorgeous book. Thank you for sharing.

  33. not to mention all the oxygen that lush green gives you!
    i would dip my toes in your crystal clear blue pool any day. your villa is simply breath~taking poppy.
    everything karen ... above ... says is true. and said far better than i could say!
    loving coming here. xoxo

  34. Poppy, thanks for the guided tour of your beautiful garden/woods! I feel like I was just there and would love to be there. Thanks for sharing it at Kathy's party.

  35. You have a lovely house, a beautiful garden and a gorgeous view !!
    How happy you must be!!!
    By the way, my house is also situated between a large vineyard and olive groves!!!! (but the sea is hidden behing a small hill !)
    I wish you a nice weekend, dear Poppy!

  36. Your water views are stunning, Poppy....both near and far! A friend is in Greece now and sending pictures of the beach via Facebook. The touristy visions she sends are such a stark contrast to your beautiful yard. They are lovely, but we forget that there is so much more to a country than just the travel destinations.

  37. Wow, so much greenery! That pool looks so nice, I wish it were warm enough here to be able to go swimming.

  38. Gorgeous images, Poppy! I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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