Thursday, July 3, 2014

Flower Power

These pretty petals are called Portulaca,
 also known as Moss Rose, Pigweed, and Purslane.

Notice anything strange about them? No?
 Okay, let's get a closer look.

How about now?

 That's right! They have two different kinds of leaves!
What used to reside in here was another variety.

Remember these?

I wonder...will the succulent leaved Purslane, above, 
push its way through the already blooming Portulaca, 
and if it does, can you imagine? 


These flower boxes will morph into jewellery boxes,
overflowing with a variety of multiplying, glowing gems!

Each one, a pretty, precious piece
   of soft and silky luxury.

 Adorning the skies with clusters of colour,
like a sparkly brooch, the landscape, they cover.

 Thanks for visiting!

Happy 4th of July to 

all my American friends!

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  1. Your picturs are so refreshing! And what a breathtaking view from your balcony!

  2. I love the moss rose flowers. They look so good in your flower boxes and they will really fill out.
    Your view is stunning to look out at all the beautiful hills. WOW I would be out on your patio having my morning coffee taking in that stunning view. Hope you are enjoying your summer. Was very humid here yesterday. Normally we have low humidity, but with the storms around us - it creeps in. Thought I would melt while I was doing my tablescape. Will be doing in door chores today. LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. You are an amazing writer - I love the colourful way you describe things. It is such a pleasure and treat to visit your blog, Poppy. Hugs.

  4. Hello Poppy,

    Your containers are bursting with colour. What a cheerful and uplifting sight they make. All these accidents of planting usually work out much better than those we plan. Nature does it best!

  5. Your balcony has a unique view Poppy and those plants seem so happy to be there! Your photos are eye-catching as usual and yes, you have the power of writing, Michele is right!

  6. I love Portaluca because it can tolerate the heat and sun so well. I need to go get some to replace some flowers that have already died since spring.

  7. I remember that saying from the 70's...FLOWER POWER!!! I have always loved Moss Rose..they remind me of my sweet mom..she always had them growing in her garden. These pics are SO beautiful and that view is stunning!!

  8. Oh Poppy! What a beautiful sight you have from the balcony!
    We are blessed with the ocean (sandwiched betwixt two chains of mountains) on the island at 84 ft elevation and a mountain cabin nestled amongst the trees at 4200 ft on a glacier (facing also the mountains). We now come to a time in our life where we must make a decision...where to live permanently...It is hard!

  9. Oh, the Moss Rose is beautiful. My Mother filled her flowerbeds with these in Missouri, they were so hot weather tolerant.
    But the views from your veranda are just breath taking, Poppy. What a delight to gaze upon all that beauty each day. You are truly blessed, my friend!

  10. Portulaca are beautiful flowers for hot climates. My mother used to plant them when we lived in a semi-arid locale. Who will win out - the purslane or the portulaca? You'll have to keep us posted. Have a wonderful day.

  11. We love portulaca and purslane. We have them on our patio because it's super hot there. Your pictures are lovely. :)

  12. Awe..Portulaca one of my very favorites, and it looks amazing on your balcony.

  13. Love portulaca!! They are hardy and drought resistant... Love your description too!!
    Hope you are well...xo.

  14. I did notice the purslane leaves at once, in your second photo!!! However, I thought it was the edible purslane - glystrida or andrakla in Greek- of which I have plenty in my garden!!
    Then I rememberedI also had a hanging basket of purslane two years ago, but it did not live for long. Portulaca or Purslane, they are both beautiful, but the view from your house is stunning!!!!
    Enjoy your summer, dear Poppy!!!!!

  15. Hello Poppy, your flowers are just lovely.. You must have the green thumb! The flower containers look beautiful as does the scenic view in the background.. Have a happy weekend!

  16. Moss Ross is one of my favorites because it always reminds me of my sweet mother-in-law whom I loved. Your pictures and view are gorgeous. I'm glad I stopped by. :)

  17. Such pretty flowers ... I love your pictures :)

  18. So nice to see that portulaca reminds many readers of their mothers/mothers-in-law. I just bought some portulaca on Canada Day (what better way to celebrate the day than at the gardening store!). Why did I buy them? Because they reminded me of my mother too :) Now I didn't know that they enjoyed a hot climate ... I put them in a very sunny spot and hope they soon look as full and as pretty as yours Poppy. Beautiful shot of the flowers with the mountains behind. Enjoy your weekend! Wendy

  19. Dear Poppy, everytime I visit your blog is like I going a walk in a colorful garden. Thank you so much for such nice pictures. Have a happy weekend :)

  20. Very colourful, very attractive, vigorous and prolific, I love portulaca too. But what I love best is the the most spectacular view overlooking your window. When we need to unwind, all we have to do is head to your website, everything we see eases our weary mind.
    Thank you dear for sharing your piece of paradise. Hope you have a good weekend.

  21. so much vibrant color here! i love it! and i love how your container hangs over your balcony.

  22. Oh Poppy, your moss rose is beautiful in your hanging basket! I've grow both purslane and portulca and they do look like jewels and do well in Texas.
    Thank you for your visit, sweet friend.

  23. The view from your balcony is so beautiful..... And then all those little jewels in the front hanging over your balcony. I also have something with Portulaca's and have grown them several times from seed.
    I will be your new follower.

  24. Hi Poppy,

    What a gorgeous vantage point you have!! The flowers are lovely - a wonderful blend of color and I'm convinced the sun is always shining brilliantly there... :-) Enjoy your little slice of paradise!!

    Lory at Designthusiasm

  25. Wow, what a view you have! I could spend hours out on your terrace.
    Thanks for the wishes. ;-)

  26. Oh, Poppy...what a stunning view! You are so blessed. The flower boxes are pretty, too.

    Linking from Rose Vignettes,
    Ricki Jill

  27. I love moss roses! I have a pretty red enamelware dishpan that I inherited from my mamma that I grow them in. I sprinkle the seed back into the pan as they go to seed each year. They over winter in the pan through our cold winters covered with snow & ice then the seeds sprout in the spring & bloom beautifully all summer through until frost in the fall. They are one of my favorites!

  28. Hi Poppy, what pretty flowers you have growing around your house. I just love how pretty it is in Crete! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  29. Hi Poppy,

    Your flowers are really beautiful and look gorgeous growing around your gorgeous home - what a lovely view from your deck - and such beautiful blue sky. I remember my Mother used to grow these flowers. Wishing you a happy weekend

  30. These are absolutely beautiful! Love the pretty back drop too.

  31. Hello, nice to meet you, Poppy♪♪♪
    Beautiful flower containers, I admire your effort; I kind of enjoy the beauties of flowers and have no green thumb p;)
    So sorry for my belated comment, Wishing you will have a wonderful weekend♡♡♡

    Sending you Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*

  32. My grandmother always grew some portulaca :)

  33. How beautiful, I love the colorful and fun colors of these little beauties. Must be a joy to see them. I used to have these when I lived in Asia.

    My Zinnias are pretty much the only type of flower that are thriving in the heat. I bought the seeds from the company that sells wildflowers seeds. I haven't done anything with them except watering once a day. Fingers crossed they make it til the end of the summer.

  34. I am always a sucker for flower boxes! :) Yours backed up with that view..... over the top girl! :) Thanks for sharing with Fresh-Cut Friday!

  35. Great flower boxes! Beautiful view! I love how they came up on their own! They'll be beautiful together! I have a plant in the living room now that spent the winter in the garage with no water. Thought it was dead! a couple weeks ago we saw some green. Cowboy brought it in we water it and now its thriving! And it was a cutting I dug from between sidewalk sections!
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful view!
    Have a wonderful weekend. And thanks for coming by!

  36. I love moss roses, too.

  37. What a lovely post, Poppy. You've turned that flower blox into a work of art both in reality and the blogosphere! (We are still waiting, btw, hopefully more news later this week!)

  38. Beautiful colours. I am only reading blogs once/twice a week now and I'm (trying) to be more laid back in posting as my 2 year old doesn't give me much peace! Hence I'm late in reading your lovely post! : ) xx

  39. The Island is so dry in the summer that portulacca is a good choice in the garden, and I have it in many spots. I love your description of your window box as a 'jewel box' - so apt!

  40. I was enjoying seeing the beautiful planter of blooms overflowing the side, thinking how pretty the two varieties would be, and then you had to go and distract me with the incredible view you have, Poppy. How do you leave that spot and get anything done in the day, I wonder. Wow.

    Have a gorgeous week.


  41. I have a succulent around my pond and I just love it, but it's not nearly as vibrant as your gorgeous plants, and how amazing to have two different types of leaves.

  42. Poppy, what a gorgeous view!! I don't think I've seen it from your balcony before! Just breath-taking! And I love the colorful moss rose with its succulent leaves.

  43. Beautiful flowers Poppy! Thank you for linking with Home Sweet Home!

  44. Your moss rose looks gorgeous. I almost bought some this year because my grandmother grew it and I always think of her when I see it. The last time I grew it, it self seeded everywhere. Not that I really minded, but I didn't want it in the grass. :) Love the way yours trails over the edge of the pot.

  45. Oh my goodness - your beautiful jewels have a lovely view! Stunning...xo Karen

  46. Lovely, Poppy!! Thank you bunches for linking up and partying with us this week!

  47. Your 'jewel box' is stunning with the mountain in the background!! Gorgeous!

  48. Hi Poppy, Your flowers are very pretty and I always love to see the amazing views.

  49. So pretty! You have such a lovely view! Thanks for sharing on Worthwhile Wednesdays! I hope to see you again tomorrow!


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