Thursday, July 31, 2014

Summer Sizzle

Potted petals, leaves dry and brittle,
line up patiently for their daily drizzle.


A sprinkle of H2O and plenty of TLC,
they are spared a sunburnt tragedy.


 A war of hide and seek 
with the fiery foe in the sky,

they dodge its burning bullets,
  blocked by marble allies.


Even those, who worship
the rays of its force,


 do not brave the watery oasis,
but choose, to change course.

 Only the fierce and the flying 
dare to socialize, 
taking a dip and a dive
before jetting back to their hives,

 now refuelled,
 and on the runway, 
ready for takeoff.

Thanks for visiting
and have a fun weekend!



  1. Poppy, Greetings from Cambodia (I am visiting and traveling with my parents). This is a very sweet and creative post (as always!). Christa

  2. It was a super long winter here...and I am a summer girl, so I am entranced by your hot post! Besides, there's always air conditioning, right? Of course, not for the plants, but certainly for me! ;)

  3. wow!!! I'd love a dose of that heat right now...oh well this weekend calls for some:) thanks Poppy and for your visits to me as well!

  4. I can feel the sizzle from your photos, Poppy!

  5. Yes, I can feel the sizzle from your photos, too! Beautiful post!

  6. Hi Poppy, Having just been in Greece to experience the sun's intensity, I can understand the flowers' wilt. We wilted quite often ourselves under its intensity. Loved the zinnia (as we call them) closeup. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Jackie

  7. Ooohh...such lovely blooms! And that pool look so very must have been for the bee! My favorite is the lovely reflective one at the end! Have a great Thursday!

  8. Have a beautiful summer and a fun weekend, as well! All the best! Alexa T

  9. Your photos ALWAYS make me smile!

  10. as always your pictures are beautiful and inviting - have a wonderful day , rest of the week and weekend!

  11. have a fantastic summer. all pics are enchanting.
    Trout Lures Australia

  12. It does look hot there! I love the bright flowers against the white railing, it looks very Mediterranean to me (which makes sense, since it is!) :)

  13. Oh I missed Greek summer!AriadnefromGreece!

  14. I am so happy to have found you. Of all the places in the world that I would ever want to visit, Greece would be the top of the list. I'll be back! :)

  15. Love the poetry on this one and that last shot is wonderful! ( They all are but that's my favorite :)

  16. good lord.
    i don't know what your dear husband does for a living...
    but he has given you a veritable paradise!!!
    you must feel like a queen!
    no wonder you named the kitty prince richard. LOLOL. xo♥

    1. Hello Ms. Tam,

      I've talked about my husband's profession in previous posts. Yeah, he's a contractor, built the place I designed, but wanted nothing to do with it until then, leaving all the planning to me, since, he said, (and I quote): he is 'sick of seeing so many houses every day at work!'. So, when the time came to build our own, he did, in silence, for he was too busy banging nails into beams, and of course, biting his tongue!;)


  17. I love all your pretty red flowers, they look lovely on the patio with the white and blue skies.. Your pool looks very refreshing, great for dip a hot summer day. Enjoy your weekend, Poppy!

  18. I enjoyed them all, but omg that last photo is drop dead gorgeous!!

  19. Your flowers seem none the worse for all that sizzling sunshine! The last photo is just beautiful, Poppy!

  20. Your photos are just amazing!
    You flowers are so pretty.

  21. Good morning from Kentucky Poppy, and what a sweet one it is. I have been checking in on my blog world friends and I am being reminded over and over again, how blessed I am to know these precious people from around the world and touch into their lives just enough to feel love a sweet connection that seems so profound, I feel as though I could walk out the front door and there these scenes and you would be...just wonderful the way you share. Whew...ha ha just realized that was one long sentence ;)

  22. This chilly, rainy summer in Ontario means very little chance of flowers burning up. Your poetic walk through the garden and pool area is a welcome relief from thunderstorms!

  23. Lovely post, dear Poppy!!!!!
    I wish you a happy month of August!!!!!!!

  24. One can almost feel the heat bouncing off the patio after reading your great words and seeing the gorgeous photos. Thank heavens you have a pool to take a dip in !

  25. Poppy, you're so clever! thank you for the fun poem and beautiful pictures.

  26. Though the rays of sun seem blinding, the blooms in your garden are still captivating. And that is one daredevil bee, bravely taking a dip in a deep blue sea. How wonderful to see your happy abode and everything that surrounds it. Have a good weekend dear friend.


  27. Every July our Pacific Northwest island begins to look like a Greek isle! Like you, I am watering when I can, and staying out of the sun as much as possible. I do, however, soak up enough of that vitamin D to last me through our rainy winter!

  28. When I think of how warm and dry it is in Crete, I can't help but wonder about the Herculean effort it must take to keep your flowers looking so lovely and 'refreshed' all the time.

    Beautiful photos Poppy, and I especially love the last one!

  29. Wow how gorgeous your outdoor property is with the pretty flowers! The pool must be so nice too. Have a nice week Poppy and thanks for sharing with us all.

  30. Such a clever and cute post ~ thanks for sharing your lovely potted plants in such a poetic way (it made my day)... Couldn't resist the rhyme this time... Have a wonderful week ~ JES :)

  31. Poppy, I always feel so much better after a visit to your blog. Thanks for the lovely prose and the pics. Beautiful.

  32. Very fun and clever Poppy! I love the last photo of the pool reflection~

  33. Such gorgeous bloom! Most of the flowers there are so new to me that I have not even seen them in pictures :) Everything in these pictures is so perfect- the garden, water, sky, sunlight and your house!!


  34. Oh what pretty captures. I know what you mean about the heat. In Texas we get into triple digits.
    My Cowboy was so proud of himself the other afternoon. I made a comment one of my plants was looking droopy. I just thought it was past it's prime. He said maybe it was too close to the wall. I thought about it and realized he was right. Duh. He was so proud of himself! Thanks for sharing your beautys. I always enjoy my visit.
    Have a great week.

  35. I feel like I have been on vacation! What a beautiful place in which you live. Found you through the Tuesday Garden Party linkup. Now I have to look around some more! Ciao, Suzanne


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